Are The Adorable MMA Couple Dan Hardy And Veronica Macedo Married To Each Other?

Are The Adorable MMA Couple Dan Hardy And Veronica Macedo Married To Each Other?

Daniel Mark Hardy And Veronica Macedo share an enduring and thriving relationship. Image Source: Dan Hardy Instagram.

To love, and to be loved, are two beautiful things in life that everyone wishes to do and feel. However, it takes a lot to be in a relationship; they just don't come easy. For any romantic relationship to succeed, it requires patience, effort, belief, and some compromises. Similarly, in today's article, we will talk about yet another power couple, Daniel Mark Hardy and Veronica Macedo, who are in a beautiful relationship and are head over heels in love with one another.

The duo has many things in common, one being their professional careers, as both of them are former mixed martial artists. They both are successful fighting figures and are extremely hardworking and dedicated personalities. Fighters in the ring and lovers at heart, the pair have been together for some time now and have a long way to go. Now, let's learn more about this beautiful couple and their relationship timeline. 

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The Early Days 

Daniel Mark Hardy, also known as Dan Hardy, made his relationship public with Veronica in 2018. According to sources, Macedo found Hardy after making her UFC debut in 2016. They fell in love afterward, which marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship. However, the two only started being more public about their dating life on social media handles in the early 2020s.

Before being in a relationship, the two led quite different lives. Veronica Macedo's boyfriend was previously married to Lacey Ann Hardy in October 2014. Dan Hardy's ex-wife, Lacey, is a certified senior spiritual yoga teacher and promoter of intertwining medicines. She is also into Ayahuasca and mindfulness retreats, aside from yoga.

Lacey's social media pages are flooded with images of various yoga stances in stunning settings. Although Lacey shares the same punk influences as her ex-partner, she is gradually becoming a more interesting person. 

Besides, even though the former pair appeared to be headed toward a successful marriage, things didn't turn out as everyone had anticipated. While divorces are unpleasant, the ex-lovebirds seemed content with their separate living situation. Dan seems content with Veronica as his new partner. On the other hand, while doing what she loves, Lacey has been thriving in Peru.

Few Years Down The Line, And Are Still Going Strong 

Daniel and Veronica's relationship is beautiful, strong, and passionate. This is why many people when they found out that they were together, got jealous and started passing hate remarks on their age difference; Dan is thirteen years older than his partner. Still, there is a saying that 'Love sees no gender, age and race,' which has been beautifully portrayed by this power couple. 

The MMA pair have been together for several years after making their relationship public to the world, and they leave no chance to express their love for each other on social media handles. They travel to many places and are each other's significant support system. However, there has been no news regarding the love doves' marriage plans. Maybe they are waiting for the right time.

Daniel Mark Hardy And Veronica Macedo Love Life

Daniel Mark Hardy And Veronica Macedo are head over heels in love and never leave any chance to pamper one another. Image Source: Dan Hardy Instagram.

In addition, Dan Hardy's girlfriend, Veronica, fully supports his clothing brand Full Reptile and is often seen promoting it. Now, wouldn't it be interesting to learn more about their professional lives as well? If so, dig into the following subheading, as we will cover the couple's fighting career and much more.

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Sharing Hearts And Same Professional Background 

By now, you must have a brief idea of the love and respect the couple share for each other, but what's more interesting is that their dreams and goals align completely. Dan and Veronica have established their name in the MMA field and still are working hard to contribute to that sector.

Hardy began his professional MMA career in 2004 and has fought in multiple promotions, such as Cage Warriors and Cage Force, before signing a contract in 2008 with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He competed against Georges St-Pierre in 2010 for the UFC Welterweight Championship; however, he was defeated by decision.

Although Veronica Macedo's partner was doing great in the ring, he had to take a break because of his health conditions. Dan was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. During the gap, Hardy worked as a commentator for UFC Fight Pass events and as a sports analyst for Fox Sports. Furthermore, he also worked for UFC as a commentator.

Sadly, Dan announced that he had been released from his UFC fight contract in May 2021. Similarly, Dan Hardy's girlfriend, Veronica, began her professional MMA career in 2016. Talking about her fights, on September 3, 2016, Macedo faced Ashlee Evans-Smith at UFC Fight Night 93. In round three, she was defeated by a technical knockout.

Before signing with UFC, Macedo amassed a record of 5-0. She secured a 1-4 record in the promotion and formerly fought in the women's bantamweight division. She hasn't competed in any bout since 2020. At present, the lady fighter is an ARES Commentator. Overall, she and her partner seem to be thriving as analysts. 

Nonetheless, the power couple shares the same love and passion for sparring, and they are leading a content life altogether. They have a long way to go, and we hope their relationship will grow stronger in the coming days. We also look forward to the happy news of their marriage. Our best wishes follow Daniel and Veronica. 

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