Flagged Falcons DL Grady Jarrett Kicked By Tom Brady; NFL Fined $11,139

Flagged Falcons DL Grady Jarrett Kicked By Tom Brady; NFL Fined $11,139

 Falcons DL Grady Flagged for roughing the passerby and Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Tom Brady fined for kicking in response. Image Source: Social Media

NFL fined Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady $11,139 on Friday for kicking Atlanta Falcons DL Grady Jarrett, while Jarrett was flagged for roughing the passerby, as reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter.

After an NFL review, Tom Brady was notified today, October 14, 2022, about the fine, a week after the game of Bucs' 21-15 victory over the Falcons.

There is a controversy on the decision of both Jarrett being flagged and Brady being fined. Let's find out more!

Grady Jarrett Flagged as Roughing the Passer

On Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Atlanta Falcons scored nothing for three-quarters of the game. With Tampa Bay having a 21-0 lead, Atlanta started performing and scored twice in the fourth quarter. When third and four were faced by Tampa Bay at midfield, Grady Jarrett came in low from the right side, and his sack for Tom Brady was flagged as roughing the passerby penalty. Jarrett's slinging Brady to the ground was considered unnecessary roughness.

And after being held down by Grady, Tom Brady, while on the ground, kicked his foot up to hit him.

Have a look at the video in the tweet below:

Brady's response of kicking to Jarrett’s sack went unnoticed as Jarrett received the penalty which eventually ended any chance of the Falcons to try to win the game.

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Jarrett Flagged and Brady Fined Both Controversial

When Jarrett got flagged, there was a lot of backlash in response as everyone could see DL Grady did what he was supposed to do, and it didn't look rough. People started giving their views that Brady complained to the referee, and Brady got his favor. Have a look at the video 

Jarrett expressed after the game that he was left confused on what happened. Grady doesn't think he did any wrong to recieve the penalty. In his Instagram, he shares in his post "Eyes forward Men..Our Greater is Coming"

Similarly, after looking closely at the video, one can know that the quarterback's foot did not appear to have hit or made any physical contact with Grady either though it looked intentional. In any case, was Brady supposed to be fined and Jarrett flagged? This is the question that is wandering in people's minds.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers next game against the Pittsburgh Steelers is scheduled to be on Sunday.

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