Vicky Nguyen Biography 2024 - Investigative Journalist

Vicky Nguyen Biography - Investigative Journalist

NBC News reporter and journalist Vicky Nguyen has collected acclaim from fans and colleagues alike as one of the most influential personalities in the industry. Photo Source: Vicky's Instagram.

In this era of technology, everyone has on-hand access to the latest news and reports from around the globe. However, whether these informations are credible or not highly depends upon news reporters.

News reporters are tasked with collecting information and analyzing it to provide accurate and timely news to the audience. Thus, journalists play a vital role in the modern world, where the exchange of news and information has become so convenient.

NBC anchor Vicky Nguyen is one of those trustworthy reporters who has been working tirelessly to bring live news to American citizens. For over two decades, she has been actively engaged in educating and improving the news reporting scene.

Today, let's take a look at Vicky Nyugen's biography and explore how she went from being a Vietnamese refugee to one of the most prominent TV personalities in the US.

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Refugee Child Turned Valedictorian

Vietnamese-American journalist Vicky Nguyen was born in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, Vietnam. Shortly after her birth, the Sino-Vietnamese War, a border war between China and Vietnam, broke out in early 1979.

Following the assault of Chinese forces in the south, the invasion soon reached the border of Saigon. As a result, Vicky's parents and many other residents were forced to flee the city.

Vicky's First Years In Refugee Camp

Young Vicky, along with her parents, escaped Vietnam and sailed towards Pulau Bidong, Malaysia. Finally, after two days, two nights, and a Thai pirate attack on the open sea, their boat landed on the coast.

Here, the Nguyen family sought shelter at the Malaysian refugee camp. At the time, the journalist was only a toddler, and she learned to walk on the beach. Furthermore, being refugees, her parents were in an economic crisis and had to earn every piece of bread.

Vicky Nguyen Parents

Despite living as a refugee in a Malaysian camp, Vicky Nguyen's parents worked tirelessly to provide her with a proper upbringing. Photo Source: Vicky's Instagram.

Nevertheless, Vicky Nguyen's parents endured and survived adverse conditions to provide her with a proper upbringing. Eventually, after 14 dreadful months, a family in Eugene, Oregon, sponsored the Nguyen household. Thus, at the tender age of two, little Vicky arrived in the United States.

Accomplishments In Education

During Nguyen's early years, she was compelled to move around frequently due to her parents' occupational problems. Consequently, she split most of her childhood between San Jose and Santa Rosa.

Following her high school graduation, Vicky attended the University of San Francisco on an academic scholarship. Moreover, Nguyen turned out to be an excellent scholar as she graduated from the university as the valedictorian of her class. Well, she majored in communications and earned a minor degree in biology.

Vicky Nguyen's Prosperous Career

After graduating from college, Vicky landed her first job as a journalist with Central Florida News 13 in Orlando, Florida. Subsequently, she moved a couple of thousand miles away from her family to start her career.

During those days, Vicky acted as a one-person crew and used to shoot her own videos. Hence, she had to carry a 20-pound DVC Pro camera and a 15-pound tripod on her own wherever she went. Afterward, she relocated to Reno, Nevada, where she worked for ABC affiliate KOLO as a nightshade reporter and fill-in anchor.

Later on, Vicky moved to Phoneix, Arizona, to work for KSAZ. Here, she was responsible for covering national stories. There she interviewed prominent figures like Alex TrebekTyra BanksShaquille O'Neal, who is one of the richest NBA players in the world, and John McCain.

Journey To NBC, A Major Broadcast Network

In January 2007, Nguyen returned to Northern California and began working as a freelance reporter for NBC Bay Area. Shortly after, she was employed full-time as a special assignment reporter for KNTV.

Nguyen's hard work and struggle finally came to fruition when she was appointed as an investigative and consumer correspondent for NBC News. So naturally, she relocated from California to New York in April 2019 to take up her new position.

Vicky Nguyen Career

American news reporter Vicky Nguyen got a breakthrough in her career when she was appointed as the Investigative and Consumer correspondent for NBC News in 2019. Photo Source: Vicky's Instagram.

Since joining NBC News, she has appeared on numerous prestigious news programs, like The Today Show3rd Hour TodayNightly News with Lester HoltNBC News Now, and MSNBC

Vicky Nguyen Net Worth And Earnings

Over the last couple of decades, Vicky Nguyen has made her name heard far and wide in the television industry. Although the journalist started as a one-woman crew, she soon climbed the ranks, establishing herself as a significant TV personality.

Consequently, people can't help but wonder about all the fortune she has amassed through her career.

Earnings As A News Reporter

Vicky Nguyen's net worth primarily consists of her income as a TV journalist. Additionally, she has worked with numerous big broadcasting companies throughout her career, like NBC, ABC, KSAZ, etc. As such, the dark-haired reporter must have collected a hefty sum of cash as compensation.

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for NBC News employees is around $87,000. Considering Vicky's accomplishments and recognition in the industry, her wages must be around the same range or even more.

Vicky Nguyen Net Worth And Earnings

As one of the prominent news reporters and journalists in the United States, Vicky Nguyen collects a large sum of cash for her work. Photo Source: Vicky's Instagram.

Moreover, in 2015, Nguyen had to fight for an astronomical raise in her salary. While she did not receive the payment she asked for upfront, Vicky and the leadership made a deal that allowed her to receive the amount over time. Therefore, her monetary value must have increased at a rapid rate in recent years.

As of now, Vicky has not disclosed details about her wealth. However, judging by her experience and dominance in the field, we can safely assume she has amassed a fortune and owns assets worth thousands of dollars.

Is Vicky Nguyen Married?

Well, given her charming persona and lovely smile, it is expected that Vicky would gain a lot of attention from her admirers. However, not many people are aware of her love life endeavors and intimate relationships.

So, come along as we provide a closer look into this NBC reporter's romantic engagements and personal life.

Married To Her High School Sweetheart

The Vietnamese-American TV personality, Vicky Nguyen, is a married woman and has been in a happy relationship with her husband for more than a decade. Nonetheless, she is adamant about keeping her spouse away from the limelight and rarely speaks about her family.

During her years at high school, Nguyen used to be a part of a cheerleading squad. It was at this time that she met her future life partner and companion. As per her website, Vicky Nguyen's husband used to be a basketball player, and she used to cheer him on.

Although Vicky has not spoken about her love life, it is likely that the couple were close friends before starting an affair. Unfortunately, the duo had to be in a long-distance relationship as Vicky changed states to pursue further studies.

Yet, the distance didn't break their bond, as the pair eventually got together and tied the knot.

Proud Mother Of Three Daughters

A quick glimpse at her online accounts, and anyone can see the doting motherhood side of Vicky. The dark-haired journalist has three daughters, with whom she often spends a lot of fun time.

Vicky Nguyen With Her Husband And Family

Whenever she is not reporting, Vicky Nguyen spends quality time with her three daughters and husband. Photo Source: Vicky's Instagram.

Vicky Nguyen's three daughters are EmersonOdessa, and Renley. The journalist uses her time to have quality sessions with her daughters and husband, visiting new restaurants and places whenever she is not reporting.

We wish Vicky's family long-lasting prosperity and hope to get a deeper insight into their lives soon enough.

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Fun Facts And Trivia

  • Vicky was rejected from Stanford University.
  • Nguyen is an avid Instagram user, with over 12.2K followers.
  • She received her US citizenship at the age of nine.

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