Tinker Juarez Biography 2024 - 3X NORBA Cross-Country Champion

Tinker Juarez Biography - 3X NORBA Cross-Country Champion

Tinker Juarez is a four-time winner of Masters World Championship and three-time NORBA cross-country champion. Photo Source: Tinker Juarez's Instagram.

Tinker Juarez is a well-known professional rider in the BMX world. He has been racing for more than four decades. Moreover, the legendary cyclist has won many competitions and is continuing his momentum till today. For instance, he ranked first in the 2021 Masters Mountain Bike World Championships.

The athlete began as a BMX rider and competed for nearly a decade. He then switched to mountain bike racing. Furthermore, the cyclist has also participated in ultra-endurance racing events. He has shown remarkable performances in all three sports.

So, let's get to know Tinker Juarez's family and professional information in this biography.

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How It All Started For Tinker Juarez

The mountain bike racer was born David Juarez, on March 4, 1961, in Downey, California. His parents gave him the nickname 'stinker,' which eventually became his stage name 'Tinker.' Moreover, Tinker Juarez's father worked in the district maintenance department.

Likewise, Tinker Juarez's mother, Rose Juarez, worked in aerospace. She was serving as the head of the receiving department. In addition, Juarez also has a sister named Yvonne Roblero, who was not interested in the sports Tinker loved.

Tinker Juarez Childhood

Tinker Juarez was the only member of his family interested in bike riding. Photo Source: Tinker Juarez's Instagram.

The BMX rider began riding a bike between six to eight years of age. However, he only began racing after turning thirteen. Furthermore, alongside bike riding, the young guy was a good track runner. He often participated in sports events in Norwalk High School.

After graduating, Juarez decided to continue racing with his first-team Mongoose. As such, he didn't go to college to continue his education.

Tinker Juarez Net Worth And Career

It is pretty hard to describe the athlete's riding achievements in few words. He is one of the most respected riders of all time. Moreover, the sportsman has won many world championships over the years. So, there is no doubt that Tinker Juarez's net worth is considerable.

The BMX pro's income primarily includes his prize money from his races. But, besides that, it also comprises his earnings from endorsements, sponsors, merch, etc. Thus, combining all those sources, Tinker Juarez's salary must be pretty high.

Earnings From Cycling Career

Tinker began riding as an amateur for several teams from 1974 to 1977. During that period, he became champion at the 1975 NBA Grand National Championship. In addition, he is also a winner of the 1975 Expert Winternational Championship.

Eventually, Juarez turned pro with Mongoose in 1977. Later, he also raced for JMC Racing, Bandito Racing, and ODI in his BMX career.

The racer's best result was ranking second in Pro Cruiser in the 1982 Jag World BMX Championships. In addition, he won a bronze medal a year later in Jag World BMX Super Bowl Championship.

Tinker Juarez Net Worth

Tinker Juarez won many championships before turning pro in BMX racing. Photo Source: Tinker Juarez's Instagram.

The cyclist showed some of the impossible-to-do tricks in the ramp. He was also a formidable opponent in the racecourse. As a result, the sportsperson was inducted into the ABA BMX Hall Of Fame in 1993. Additionally, he has graced the covers of many sports magazines.

The BMX expert decided to retire from BMX in 1986. Although his journey was less than a decade long, Tinker Juarez's net worth must have risen over the years.

Transitioning To Mountain Bike Racing and Ultra Endurance Racing

After retiring from BMX, the cyclist switched to Mountain Bike racing in 1986. Then, he turned pro with General Bicycles in 1989. Moreover, the former BMX rider began competing on the National Off-Road Bicycle Association (NORBA) circuit with legendary riders John Tomac and Ned Overend.

Here is a video of Tinker Juarez and John Tomac competing in a mountain bike race.

During his career, Juarez became a three-time NORBA cross-country champion. In addition, he became a National Champion in 2001. Moreover, the mountain biker won a gold medal at the 1996 Pan American Games.

Tinker is one of the first riders to participate in mountain biking in the 1996 Summer Olympics. He again represented America in the 2000 Summer Olympics.

The biker debuted in Ultra-Endurance racing in 2005. He got his first victory after covering 500 miles at Heart of the South. Moreover, since then, the racer has become a four-time National Solo 24 Hours Champion and three-time Masters World Champion. He won his third Masters' title in August 2021.

Tinker Juarez is still actively participating in races. So, his net fortune will undoubtedly benefit from his upcoming races.

Income From Endorsements And Merchandise

Cannondale has sponsored the endurance racer since 1994. As such, his bike and apparel are customized by the company. In addition, the rider is endorsed by Bliz eyewear, Kenda tires, Garneshoes, Hammer Nutrition, etc.

Tinker has teamed up with ODI to launch Dread Lock Grips. They are named F-1 Series Dread Lock V2.1 Lock-On Grips, available for $32.95. Furthermore, the athlete has collaborated with Althos to create his signature clothing line. His merch includes jerseys and cycling shorts.

Some of the clothing items and their prices are listed below:

Products Prices
Gruve MTB Jersey S/S $29.95
Split-Zero Draft Men's Cycling Jersey $29.95
Split-Zero Men's Cycling Shorts $29.95

Hence, Tinker Juarez's income also includes the amount he earns from endorsement deals and merch sales.

Tinker Juarez Was Married To Jimena Florit

The world champion has achieved enormous success in the racing industry. However, the same couldn't be said regarding his marital life. The former BMX racer was initially married to Jimena Florit. She is a South American native and a competitive mountain biker.

However, there is only a little information available regarding the ex-couple's marital life. They first met in the 1995 Pan American Games. Afterward, the ex-couple began their relationship as friends by mailing each other.

Tinker Juarez Ex-Wife Jimena Florit

Tinker Juarez's ex-wife, Jimena Florit, is a two-time Olympian mountain bike rider. Photo Source: Tinker Juarez's Instagram.

Tinker Juarez's ex-wife, Jimena Florit, eventually came to the USA to train for the race. During that time, she began dating her ex-husband and married later on.

Sadly, the ex-duo couldn't save their marriage and divorced four years later. It was finalized privately with no mention of alimony.

Moving On With New Wife

After his first marriage failed, Tinker found solace with microbiologist Terri SlifkoBoth kept their relationship lowkey in the media and rarely made public appearances.

The pair wedded on July 6, 2006, at Anse Chastanet Resort, St. Lucia. Both the bride and groom's parents and friends attended the ceremony. Moreover, Tinker Juarez's wife, Terri Slifko, was pregnant with their firstborn during her wedding. She gave birth to their baby in December 2006.

Tinker Juarez's son, Joshua Juarez, often accompanies his dad on biking trips. He is good at academics and bike riding.

At present, Juarez has separated from his second wife too. We don't know when the ex-couple divorced, but Terri was mentioned as an ex in the Press Reader article in 2019.

Tinker Juarez Son Joshua Juarez

Tinker Juarez's son with his ex-wife, Terri Slifko, Joshua Juarez, is also interested in bike riding like his father. Photo Source: Tinker Juarez's Instagram.

While he experienced two failed marriages, Tinker Juarez hasn't lost his momentum in mountain bike racing and bringing home new medals now and then. His passion for bike riding is indeed applaudable.

Trivia And Facts

  • Tinker Juarez has 16.7K Instagram followers.
  • His bike is a new Cannondale SuperSix Evo model.
  • He is also known for his signature dreadlocks.

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