Robert Paxton Biography 2024 - Winner of 2011 Scottish International Open

Robert Paxton Biography - Winner of 2011 Scottish International Open

English bowls player Robert Paxton is one of the most decorated athletes in the game. Photo Source: Robert's Twitter.

Although initially played in England during the 13th century, lawn bowls did not get much attention till the mid-19th century. Even then, the game did not see a massive influx of athletes, partly because it was seen as an older people's game.

However, come the 21st century, bowls is getting increasingly popular globally, attracting young and adult generations alike. And, with many top athletes like Robert Paxton amassing wealth and fame, the sport appears to be more rewarding than ever.

In his more than decade-long odyssey, Robert has become one of the most prominent names in the bowling world. And with multiple accolades to his name, it is hard to ignore the success he has had over the years. So today, we will unravel Robert Paxton's biography and get to the nitty-gritty of his personal life.

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Robert Paxton's Early Life

English bowls player Robert was born on June 11, 1978. He spent most of his childhood in Exeter, a city in Devon county. However, despite his growing fame in the bowling world, his family background is concealed.

Robert Paxton Early Life

Devon native Robert Paxton has not revealed his parents' names. Photo Source: Social Media.

Over the years, the athlete has successfully kept details about his past family members hidden. As such, the names of Robert Paxton's parents are unknown. Similarly, he has not commented on whether he grew up as a single child or has siblings.

However, considering all the success Paxton has gathered, we are confident that his parents supported him when he decided to turn pro. Moreover, little Robert must have picked up the fundamentals of bowls from someone in his family members.

Robert Paxton Succeeded In Both Indoor And Lawns Bowls

As he grew older, Paxton prospered in both indoor bowls and lawn bowls. Soon, he became part of the Exonia Club Indoors and the Crediton Bowling Club. Since then, he has been competing professionally for both clubs.

Robert first made his mark on the professional scene after winning the 2011 Scottish International Open. He simultaneously reached a career-high world indoor ranking of 2 in the same year.

Since then, the Devon native has never looked back. Winning multiple accolades across many prestigious bowling events, Robert took the professional indoor bowling scene by storm. The titles he has clinched in the World Indoor Bowls Championship are listed below:

Year Medal Category
2015 Gold Men's pairs
2016 Silver Men's singles
2018 Silver Men's singles
2019 Gold Mixed pairs
2020 Gold Men's singles

However, Paxton's run in the 2021 Indoor Bowls Championship ended with disappointment. Compatriot athlete Jack Bird defeated the defending champion in the round of 32. Shortly after, Robert also pulled out of the Birmingham 2022 squad due to family reasons.

In World Outdoor Championships, Robert Paxton's win over Australia in the men's triples is the most celebrated one. He partnered up with Jamie Walker and Andy Knapper to bring home the championship title for the first time since 1980.

Robert Paxton Net Worth And Earnings

With over a decade of experience in the professional bowling scene, the English bowls player must have made fortunes to his name. Expectedly, Robert Paxton's net worth primarily consists of all his earnings as a pro bowls athlete. Even though he has yet to comment on his income, Robert has likely made considerable earnings from his endeavors.

As claimed by the BBC, the World Indoor Bowls winner is awarded a cash prize worth $73,000 (£55,000), with the total fund being approximately $193,000 (£145,000). The Exeter native has secured four gold and two silvers in the world indoor bowls championships so far. Thus, Robert Paxton's fortune must have increased significantly with the prize money alone.

Robert Paxton Net Worth

Earnings as a pro bowls athlete heavily influence Robert Paxton's net worth. Photo Source: Social Media.

Furthermore, Paxton also works as a sales manager for Bond Bowls. An average sales manager pockets around $69,000 annually, according to ZipRecruiter. As such, Paxton's paycheck must be in around the same range, if not more. Thus, besides his professional bowling career, his earnings as a sales manager also contribute to Robert Paxton's net worth.

Similar to Paxton, other bowls players like Stewart Anderson, Nick Brett, and many more have also made a hefty sum of money from their profession. And with many more years to come, Robert Paxton's riches will only rise to greater heights.

Who is Robert Paxton's Wife?

Being one of the most decorated athletes of the game, Robert has mesmerized professionals as well as fans. Consequently, people are curious to get a deeper insight into his personal life. But, unfortunately, the English bowls player leads a shy life and is not fond of sharing any information about his intimate connections.

In his decade-long journey, Paxton has not revealed anything that might edge us towards the romantic side of his life. Likewise, he has yet to comment on his significant other. However, we do know that Robert Paxton's wife has given birth to a beautiful baby boy, Caleb Paxton.

Robert Paxton's Son, Caleb Paxton

Robert Paxton used the hashtag #youngestsportsmanever to share a photo of his son, Caleb Paxton. Photo Source: Robert's Twitter.

A quick inspection of Paxton's Twitter handle helps us paint a beautiful bond of the father-son duo. Additionally, the former indoor bowls champion is quick to make a sweet remark about his child. In one of his posts, Robert Paxton's son is seen trying his luck in bowls. It looks like the junior Paxton is well on his way to surpassing his father's fame.

Nevertheless, much of Robert Paxton's love life remains to be uncovered. We wish the Paxton family long-term prosperity and hope the English athlete will introduce us to his spouse in the near future.

Fun Facts And Trivia

  • Robert has 687 followers on his Twitter account.
  • He is 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

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