Rayna Tyson Biography 2022 - Mike Tyson's Daughter

Rayna Tyson Biography - Mike Tyson's Daughter

Rayna Tyson is one of the children of former boxing champion Mike Tyson. Photo Source: Social Media.

Rayna Tyson is not a new name in the celebrity circle. She is the daughter of the famous boxing champion Mike Tyson who was a sensation during his prime. Rayna's father was known for his aggression and brutality in the ring as well as outside. Mike Tyson's soaring popularity has also brought his family into the limelight. Despite wanting to remain lowkey, his daughter Rayna Tyson hasn't been able to evade the media.

Mike Tyson had an incredible start in his career and won the heavyweight championship at 20. He also won three respective titles from WBC, WBA, and IBF consecutively in 1986 and 1987. Since then, the career of the athlete has been through many ups and downs. Alongside the sports career, Mike Tyson's relationships have also garnered attention from the public. Mike has married multiple times and also had several side affairs, and has children from his relationships.

So, in this bio, we will get to know about Mike Tyson's daughter Rayna Tyson.

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Early Life And Family

Rayna Tyson was born on February 14, 1996, in the U.S.A. She is the daughter of Mike Tyson and his second wife, Monica Turner. Rayna Tyson's mother was a pediatrician. However, the relationship between her parents was full of misunderstandings and alleged betrayals. Mike's kid Rayna Tyson was born a year before his marriage to Monica Turner. She is also Tyson's second child among all his children.

As for now, Rayna Tyson is also a stepdaughter to Mike's current wife, Lakiha Spicer.

Rayna Tyson has been living a quiet life with her family in Maryland since her childhood. She might have attended schools and completed her education there. She was also passionate about movies from an early age. She may have studied film and television production at university. Mike Tyson's daughter Rayna has also worked in the film industry. She is trying to build her career on her own without the backing of her father, and Mike also seems to be supportive of her choice.

Rayna Tyson's Siblings

The gorgeous celebrity has a biological brother named Amir Tysonwho is younger than her by a year. Mike Tyson's son Amir has made his name in the business world. Rayna's brother launched his fashion brand called the Debonair Attire at a young age. Looking at his posts on the Instagram account, Amir seems to have made a good fortune through his business. Unlike his sister Rayna Tyson, the handsome businessman is active in the media and frequently posts his daily life on social media.

Rayna Tyson's Siblings

Rayna Tyson and her brother Amir Tyson have maintained good relationship with their father Mike Tyson. Photo Source: Amir Tyson's Instagram.

Alongside the children from his second marriage, Mike Tyson is also a parent to five children from his other relationships. Rayna Tyson is a half-sibling to Mikey Lorna Tyson, Miguel Leon Tyson, Morocco Tyson, Milan Tyson, and late Exodus Tyson. Rayna has a good relationship with all of her siblings.

Rayna Tyson Net Worth

The beautiful Rayna is currently pursuing her career in the entertainment industry. She was a crew member in several films. Unfortunately, she has not disclosed her earnings to the public. Still, we can assume Rayna Tyson's net worth is massive and mainly comprises the amount she has earned from her career.

At one point, her father, Mike Tyson, aka Iron Mike, was the highest-paid fighter of his time and had career earnings of over $600 million. Besides that, Tyson also made earnings from his work in movies and television shows.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rayna's father, Mike Tyson, has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Mike had his hard days where he went bankrupt and drowned in debts. He was also cheated of his hard-earned money by his promoter. Besides that, Mike Tyson was involved in many scandals and was penalized heavily. Despite all of this, the boxer has been able to uplift himself and support his family. Tyson had also paid finely for divorce settlement with his ex-wife Monica Turner. Considering all of these facts, Rayna Tyson might have been able to enjoy a comfortable life.

Earnings From Acting

As mentioned before, Tyson has shown her enthusiasm for acting and production from a young age. So, it is no surprise that she worked as a crew member of the movie Joker. The thriller was a massive hit on both domestic and international levels. It had a box office collection of $1.07 billion worldwide. Mike Tyson's kid Rayna Tyson is also credited for her work in the documentary The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson. 

Rayna Tyson Net Worth

Rayna Tyson is working hard to establish herself in the entertainment industry. Photo Source: Mike Tyson's Instagram.

Rayna Tyson has mostly worked on the production side of the movie. She was an additional staff on both of the aforementioned films. Keeping the account of commercial success, Rayna Tyson might have had her fair share of income from both movies. The young woman is still an amateur in the film industry, but she has a great chance of becoming successful in the future.

Lifestyle And Rayna's Boyfriend

Rayna Tyson is currently living a comfortable life with her family. She tends to stay away from the cameras and enjoy her life in private. Rayna has proven to be independent and determined to work herself to the top without the influence of her father, Mike Tyson. She is a beloved sister of Amir Tyson and other Tyson siblings.

Rayna Tyson's Lifestyle

Rayna Tyson doesn't like to appear in media unlike her brother Amir Tyson. Photo Source: Amir Tyson's Instagram.

Despite her parents' separation, Rayna Tyson has a good relationship with her father, Mike Tyson. However, unlike her half-brother Miguel, Rayna has not shown much interest in boxing. But back in 2012, MikeTyson posted a picture of Rayna on his Instagram account where she was donning a boxer outfit for Halloween. Rayna has also made very few appearances with her father in public compared to her other siblings. Nevertheless, she is proud of her father's legendary career and cheers for his success.

Rayna, alongside her brother Amir Tyson must have shown their support towards Mike Tyson's decision to make a comeback in the ring after his retirement.

The well-known celebrity child is possibly single at present. There has been no news of Rayna Tyson's boyfriend and her past affairs in the media. Rayna Tyson used to have an Instagram account in the past, but it seems like she has left the site. The reason behind her sudden disappearance from social media is unknown. Mike Tyson's child Rayna Tyson seems to be hardworking and courageous, just like him. With continuous struggle and hardships, we can see Rayna Tyson being a wealthy person in the future.


  • Rayna Tyson also has a stepfather from her mother's second marriage.
  • Rayna's brother Amir Tyson often posts pictures of her on his Instagram account.
  • She is gorgeous, just like her mother, Monica Turner.

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