Miguel Leon Tyson Biography 2022 - Mike Tyson's Son

Miguel Leon Tyson Biography - Mike Tyson's Son

Miguel Leon Tyson takes his father Mike Tyson as his idol. Photo Source: YouTube Channel Fight Hub TV

Miguel Leon Tyson is mostly known for being the son of former American Professional boxer Mike Tyson who became the heavyweight champion at the age of 20. The boxer is best known for his fighting skills and aggression presented in the match. As a child of legendary boxer Miguel Leon Tyson has risen to fame from an early age.

The boxing champion Mike Tyson was crowned as undisputed heavyweight champion after winning WBC, WBA, and IBF titles consecutively. The former champion is considered one of the best boxers in the sports industry. His popularity soared high after he became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. Alongside the boxing journey, Mike Tyson’s fans are also curious about his relationships. Here in this bio, we will cover the details of Mike Tyson’s son Miguel Leon Tyson.

Early Life and Family

Miguel Leon Tyson was born on April 18, 2002, in the U.S.A. He was born out of wedlock to his parents Mike Tyson and Sol Xochitl. The American boxer Mike Tyson has several children with different women. Miguel Leon Tyson is his second son and fourth child among Mike's children.

Miguel Leon Tyson is a famous celebrity child of Mike Tyson

Miguel Tyson loves his father Mike Tyson and supports his career. Photo Source: YouTube channel Maximo TV.

In addition to the boxing career, Mike Tyson is also notorious for his relationships which had always made headlines. However, Mike Tyson’s ex-girlfriend Sol Xochitl has led a private life from the beginning of their relationship till now. Miguel's mother possibly doesn't have any social media account. In contrast to the other affairs of Mike Tyson, very little information about the relationship of ex-couple is known. Mike Tyson’s son Miguel Leon Tyson was also kept away from the limelight since his childhood and rarely made appearances with his father.

Miguel Tyson’s Siblings

The teenager had a younger sister named Exodus Tyson. In 2009, Miguel’s four-year-old sister was found under the treadmill’s console with a cable wrapped around her neck. She was rushed to the hospital but passed away the following day. According to The Guardian, it was a seven-year-old Miguel himself who found her in such a state. Miguel must have been severely traumatized after witnessing such a tragic sight. Still, he has grown up to be a strong adult and misses his late sister to this day.

Miguel Tyson is also a half-sibling of Rayna Tyson, Amir Tyson, Mikey Lorna Tyson, Milan Tyson, and Morocco Tyson. They all are the children of Mike Tyson from his past and present relationship. He also has a stepmother Lakiha Spicer who is the third wife of his father. Miguel has maintained a good relationship with them.

Miguel Leon Tyson Net Worth And Earnings

At present, there is no mention of Miguel Leon Tyson’s net worth; nevertheless, we can assume his earnings mostly comes from whatever aim he's pursuing. His father, Mike Tyson, has been the legendary fighter in the history of boxing and has amassed a fortune from his successful career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Miguel Leon Tyson's dad Mike Tyson has a net worth of $10 million. 

Miguel Tyson's father Mike Tyson is a successful boxing champion

Miguel Tyson's father Mike Tyson has amassed a fortune from his career. Photo Source: YouTube channel Maximo TV.

During the active period of his career, Mike Tyson was considered one of the highest-paid sports athletes in the world. He earned $400 million in the ring. Unfortunately, the financial status of the former champion suffered several ups and downs. He was involved in controversies and penalized for many issues. Tyson was also used to squander his money on luxuries and expensive items. Due to his reckless spending, Mike Tyson was in debt of $23 million and filed for bankruptcy in 2003. Later on, Miguel's father was gradually able to overcome his debts. In the end, Mike Tyson’s total career earnings amount to $685 million, according to Forbes.

Looking at the earnings of Miguel Leon Tyson’s father, Mike Tyson, we can assume Miguel to have had a comfortable childhood. 

Miguel Leon Tyson’s Career

The celebrity child Miguel Leon Tyson has been interested in music from a young age. He is also reported to be good at playing drums, guitar, and piano. Miguel had also showcased his skills during his school days. Despite this, the talented kid has not revealed whether he will pursue his career in the music industry.

Furthermore, Miguel Tyson seems to be interested in learning and practicing new skills. He loves to work out alongside his father. He has also shown interest in boxing. Miguel Leon Tyson’s father, Mike Tyson, posted a video on his Instagram account where the father and son were practicing boxing together. Miguel’s boxing skills are remarkable, just like his father's. 

Still, whether Miguel Tyson will follow the footsteps of his father Mike Tyson is yet to be revealed. But he has a great chance to build a successful career like his father. If he does so, then in the future, we might see him be a great boxer.


Miguel Leon Tyson is currently enjoying a comfortable life with his family. He also has a love for boxing and practices it often for fun. His relationship with his mother is not disclosed to the public. But we can assume Miguel to be a loving son who takes care of his mother. Miguel also has a love for nature and earth and has previously supported campaigns regarding them.

The tall teen is also the beloved son of his father, Mike Tyson, and has made public appearances with him on the red carpet. Miguel Tyson supports the career of his father and also considers Mike Tyson as his role model. The father-son pair also often travel and go on vacations together. They have a strong bond with each other. Miguel also has a good relationship with his stepmother, Lakiha Spicer. He has appeared in several events alongside his father, stepmother, and younger half-siblings.

Miguel Leon Tyson lives in harmony with his family.

Miguel Leon Tyson has developed a good relationship with his half siblings. Photo Source: YouTube Channel Maximo TV.

At present, Miguel Leon Tyson is considerably single since no news of him being in any relationship has surfaced yet. Miguel himself has also not confessed about his personal affairs. In the past, Miguel used to post about his hobbies and daily life stories on his social media. But recently, Tyson has deactivated his Instagram account for unknown reasons. Still, we can see his interaction with his family on his father, Mike Tyson's Instagram account.


  • Miguel Leon Tyson is taller than his father, Mike Tyson.
  • He came into the limelight for the second time at the age of 15 while practicing boxing with his father.
  • At present, Miguel is absent from social media.

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