Nina Lu Biography 2022 - Bunk'd Star

Nina Lu Biography - Bunk'd Star

Disney actress Nina Lu has been interested in acting since a young age. Photo Source: Nina's Instagram.

Disney child star Nina Lu has been a household name since her appearance in the show Bunk'd. The actress is known and loved for playing the cute and quirky Asian girl Tiffany Chen. In addition to her many acting roles, the Monstober star also has a varied interest in different art forms.

The Chinese-American actress has been quite secretive about her personal life throughout her career. However, here is what we know about Disney star Nina Lu.

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Early Life And Family

Born in an Asian American household in Los Angeles, the actress had a comfortable life surrounded by her family. Nina Lu's parents are highly supportive of her acting career and have always pushed her to become better at what she does. She has lived with her parents and older sister Macy Lu for her entire life. As a result, the Sunnyside Up star has a close bond with her family.

The young woman, having Chinese heritage, has been very vocal about the hatred against Asian people worldwide. Moreover, she is proud of her lineage and still connects to her traditions despite living miles away from her home country. Therefore, Nina Lu has been utilizing her platform to speak against the hate crimes people of Asian descent face.

Nina Lu sibling

Nina Lu is very close to her elder sister Macy Lu. Photo Source: Nina's Instagram.

After noticing a knack for acting within Nina, her parents opted to enroll her in Barbizon Modelling and Acting School in Hollywood. This was certainly a gamble for her parents as she was taken out of public school to attend acting school. Fortunately, the aspiring actress certainly did learn a lot while at the academy that boosted her career.

Nina Lu Net Worth And Career

Aforementioned, Nina Lu caught the acting bug at a very young age and attended Barbizon Modelling and Acting Studio. Learning acting there certainly helped the youthful talent gain confidence and tips on acting in front of a camera.

However, despite her time performing in front of the camera, the actress still felt nervous and scared when the camera started rolling. However, she has continued to act on movies and shows and earns a considerable sum. Therefore, Nina Lu's net worth mostly comprises her earnings as an actress.

Nina Lu's Time At Disney

While still attending acting school, the young star was picked up by AEF Talent Agency. The agency helped launch her professional acting career as she was selected to play Tiffany Chen in Disney's Monstober. Although she appeared in only two episodes of the show, the executives were impressed by her performance.

Then the Monstober star was cast as Tiffany Chen in Bunk'd, a spinoff of Disney's series, JessieNina Lu played an overly studious and stereotypical Asian girl in the series. The child actress worked alongside Karan Brar, Skai Jackson, and Raini Rodriguez. Although the audience loved her, Disney decided to drop her along with co-stars Nathan Arenas and Kevin Quinn for the 3rd season.

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Despite her time on the show lasting only two seasons, the young talent might have made a considerable amount of money from the show. Former Disney star Miley Cyrus reportedly earned around $15,000 per episode while working on Hannah Montana. Considering this, Nina Lu's salary might have also been in a similar range for her appearance on Bunk'd.

After Disney

After being removed from Disney, Nina did not give up and kept on pursuing acting. The actress played leading roles in the series Sunnyside Up and Baby Doll Records. Her fans loved the shows.

In addition to giving continuity to her acting career, the Asian star also started a YouTube channel. Nina Lu posts videos about her life and her experiences on the channel. The Baby Doll Records actress also posts videos of her singing songs in her melodious voice. Although the channel is small, it is bound to grow in the upcoming days.

The young talent also has a Cameo account where a person can receive a video of her for $30. In addition, Nina does personalized content requested by her followers. However, it is not sure how much the starlet has earned from her contribution on the site.

With so many income sources, the talented actress might have earned a considerable sum. And with her career reaching new heights, Nina Lu's net worth is also increasing significantly.

Nina Lu Relationship Status

With immense fame and recognition comes fans, and Disney child actress Nina Lu has no shortage of following. However, living under a spotlight is hard, especially if you are in a relationship. The scrutiny of the public can take a toll on any relationship. Maybe this is why the Asian-American actress, Nina, has always preferred to have a quieter private life separated from her public image.

Although the actress often shares snippets of her life on her social media, there is no mention of any partner anywhere. This is why the public has speculated that Nina Lu is single. But it is still unsure if the child star is really single or prefers to keep her partner away from the public's scrutiny.

Nina Lu Relationship

Nina Lu went to her senior prom with a guy named Ethan Alex Lee. Image Source: Nina's Instagram.

Nina Lu did attend her senior prom with Ethan Alex Lee. But, it seems that the couple attended as friends and not as a romantic couple. 

However, in a YouTube video, the Bunk'd star revealed that she had a boyfriend after joining a public school. Details about Nina Lu's boyfriend, including his name was not disclosed, but the actress stated that she was in the fourth grade when they dated. The entire Lu family apparently knew of her boyfriend but did not mind the boy. Unfortunately, the child actress did not open up about when they broke up and why.

The young star is working hard to focus on her education and going to college. Nina Lu was accepted by multiple universities like Chapman University, Pepperdine University, UC Davis, UC San Diego, and her dream university USC. The actress confirmed that she would attend USC, studying arts under a screenwriter major. 

Nina Lu is on her way to becoming a screenwriter someday, and she is working hard to achieve her dreams. We wish the best for her future and hope to see her become a great screenwriter.


  • Nina Lu is not a big fan of former US President Donald Trump.
  • Actress Nina Lu is an animal lover and owns a betta fish, two goldfish, three underwater snails, and four chickens. 
  • She also has a pet cat named Oswin.

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