Meltem Demirors Biography - Bitcoin Investor

Meltem Demirors Biography 2021 - Bitcoin Investor

There is no denying that digital cryptocurrency is taking over the world these days. Despite its controversial nature, cryptocurrency has garnered a vast network, and people are gravitating towards it because of how simple and efficient it has become to trade digital assets. While some individuals regard cryptocurrencies as nothing more than a chance to earn extra bucks, others use the platform to make a living.

Among them, Meltem Demirors is one such individual who is renowned for being a Bitcoin investor and cryptocurrency lawyer. Demirors has distinguished herself from the crowd ever since entering the cryptocurrency world with her knowledge and expertise on the subject. She is, at present, the Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares.

With her popularity on the rise, many are interested in getting to know the bitcoin investor. Hence, let us find out everything about Meltem Demirors through her biography.

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Meltem Demirors Had A Wonderful Childhood

Meltem Demirors was born in 1987 to Turkish immigrant parents. She and her brother Elm Demirors were born and raised in the Netherlands and were both mischievous. And although Meltem's family was not wealthy, they still managed to remain hopeful about life and were pleased with what they had.

Meltem Demirors's parents were both born and raised in the same rural village in southern Turkey, where they lived in poverty with no power or running water. As a result, they did everything they could to ensure that their children got the childhood and life that they had once envisioned for themselves.

Meltem Demirors' Parents.

Meltem Demirors has a strong bond with her parents, who did everything in their power to ensure she had a joyful childhood. Image Source: Meltem Demirors' Medium.

In an attempt to make a better livelihood, the Demirors' family moved to Michigan in 1996 when she was only 10. The investor enjoyed reading and playing the piano as a child. But, unsurprisingly, even back then, she was already thinking of ways to get money at the time, whether it was mowing lawns, teaching piano, or baking cookies for her neighbors.

However, her interests were different back then than they are today since she grew up wanting to be a doctor. Still, when she visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology while still in high school, she decided that he would never go to MIT.

Consequently, she went to a small school in Houston named Rice University and studied mathematical economics there. Nonetheless, later she earned her MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Meltem was brilliant as a child, and as she grew older, she continued to increase her knowledge and become an overachiever. Demirors' parents and family members must be proud of her accomplishments. 

Meltem Demirors Net Worth and Career

The Netherland native tried her hand at many things before becoming a full-time bitcoin investor. Ever since entering the cryptocurrency world, she has not looked back. So unsurprisingly, the earnings as a bitcoin investor account for most of Meltem Demirors' net worth.

As per her LinkedIn, Meltem began her career as an analyst for Dow Chemical, where she worked for no more than five months. She then went on to work for Tradax Energy as an analyst. She afterward moved on to Deloitte Consulting as a strategy consultant, where she worked from July 2009 to May 2013.

Meltem Demirors' Net Worth

Meltem Demirors tried her hand at a lot of things before getting into Bitcoin, therefore she must have earned a fortune over the years. Image Source: Meltem Demirors' Website.

At this time, Demirors started researching more about bitcoin and soon after got involved in the industry. Still, Demirors must have made a handsome income while working in different sectors over the years.

Demirors' Involvement In Bitcoin

Meltem got her first taste in bitcoin investment when she met Barry Silbert, the CEO and founder of Digital Currency Group. She joined the company as Director of Development in 2015 and later rose through the corporation's ranks to become the Vice President. 

Digital Currency Group is the world's largest asset manager for digital currency. As of January 2021, one of DCG's five cryptocurrencies focussed company, Grayscale, was managing more than $20.2 billion of assets.

Similarly, Barry Silbert's net worth amounts to a jaw-dropping $1.6 billion. So, it can be concluded that as the Vice President, Meltem Demirors' net worth must have gone up significantly during her tenure.

Moreover, the businesswoman has also made several appearances in talk shows, conferences, and TV shows where she shares her insight about how the bitcoin industry works.

Since 2018, Meltem has been working at Coinshare as the Chief Strategy Officer. As per her website, she manages assets worth $4 billion worth of assets in the firm. Working for one of the world's largest digital asset investment companies, Demirors must be making millions of dollars.

Earnings From Other Ventures

Since January 2018, Demirors has been working as a course designer and lecturer at Oxford University. In addition, she also hosts a monthly podcast called What Grinds My Gears alongside Jill Carlson.

Similarly, she also serves as a founding member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain of the World Economic Forum. Additionally, she also teaches at Skillshare. Furthermore, according to Meltem's Instagram, she is also the founder of Athenacapital. 

Demirors has made a considerable name for herself as a cryptocurrency investor and advocate even at such a young age. Yet, she shows no sign of stopping at just cryptocurrency.

So who knows, one day, she might even get involved in other activities such as the stock market and end up becoming one of the richest stock market traders in the world.

For now, we wish Meltem Demirors the best and hope that her professional life keeps on flourishing.

Meltem Demirors Got Married For Health Insurance

Meltem Demirors had never seen herself getting married in a traditional setting or even getting married. So, it's safe to presume that when she walked down the aisle to officially tie the knot with her long-term boyfriend in a breathtaking white gown in June of 2019, admirers were taken aback.

However, Meltem, in her own words, had already legally become a "domestic partner" with her now-husband before she got involved in the custom. The shocking part of her "partnership" is that she and her then-boyfriend agreed to become domestic partners so Demirors could acquire her health insurance and be done with it.

Meltem Demirors' Husband

Meltem Demirors married in City Hall in January 2018 to obtain health insurance, but also got married in a traditional ceremony. Image Source: Meltem Demirors' Twitter.

Nonetheless, when Meltem Demirors' husband wanted to marry conventionally with a large celebration, the businesswoman began to believe that a traditional marriage would not be as terrible as she had imagined. She soon realized that this marriage, or as Meltem likes to call it, this partnership was not just about her and gave in to her lover's request despite despising weddings. 

Unlike her professional life, the investor has kept her lips sealed about the details of her married life, going so far as to keep her husband's identity a secret. Still, Meltem, in one of her tweets, revealed that her lover works at Barstool Sports and is not into cryptocurrency. Similarly, Demirors' other half seems to be a man of privacy who has opted to stay away from the limelight.

So, we might have to wait for a long time to find out who Meltem Demirors' husband is. Regardless, we wish the lovesick pair all the best and hope that their relationship will stand the test of time.

Trivia and Facts

  • Meltem is a fan of sci-fi books. 
  • Fortune magazine mentioned Meltem Demirors under The Ledger 40 Under 40 in 2018. 
  • Demirors, like any other great individual, is subjected to a great deal of criticism, which she does not allow to go to her head.

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