Martin Gould Biography 2023 - English Snooker Player

Martin Gould Biography - English Snooker Player

Martin Gould is a English snooker player who in 2019, won the championship league for the second time. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Needless to mention, England and snooker have a long history. Given that England is a home country of billiard sport, it makes sense why there are many English snooker players dominating the scene. And, one such player we are going to talk about is Martin Gould.

Martin is a professional snooker player who is ranked 19 as of December 2021. However, from February - March 2012, he held the 11th ranking, which is his highest up until now. Martin also won the German Masters championship in 2016.

So let's learn about Martin Gould in more detail.

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Martin Had To Go Through His Mother's Loss

Martin Gould was born on 14 September 1981 in Pinner, London. As previously mentioned, he is an English professional snooker player. In addition, the former German Masters' winner is also known by his nickname, the Pinner Potter. Martin's parents' names are Michael Gould and Shirley Gould. He grew up alongside his sister Sue Gould.

Due to his terminally ill mother, the snooker player dropped off the Main Tour after one season in the 2003 World Snooker Championship. Here, we witnessed Martin's love for his mother.

Unfortunately, he lost his mom to cancer. The English amateur champion was just 22 years old when he suffered the grief of her death. And, he laments that he lost his dear mother just after he began his professional career.

Well, after that, he scarcely played for the next four years.

Martin Gould Family

Martin Gould has a very tight relation with his father, MIchael. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Soon after his mum's demise, Martin's dad had to move away for a while. And, as stated by the snooker player, that phase took a toll on him. At that time, it was only him and his sister. However, as time passed, everything became normal. Martin grew closer to his dad and now feels like he can open up to his dad about anything.

Martin Gould Net Worth And Career

In 2000, Martin began his professional career on the Challenge Tour, which was the second-level professional tour at the time. The newbie player won the English Amateur Championship for the first time in 2002, defeating Craig Taylor in the final.

Gould had a strong run in the 2003 World Snooker Championship qualification, winning eight matches and defeating Alain Robidoux and Stephen Maguire. Martin's campaign came to an end when he was defeated by Patrick Wallace. In his initial years of playing snooker, we could see that he got a very good start. And, he must have amassed a sizeable amount of wealth in the process.

Martin Gould Net Worth

Martin Gould is an English snooker player, who has quite a good amount of net worth. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The English player has also won many qualifying matches for the UK Championship and the World Championship, although he did not qualify for either event. He was placed in the top 64 at the end of the season. In a similar manner, he went on to play in many more tournaments, making a name for himself.

"Pinner Potter," most recently in 2019, won the Championship league for the second time. Hence, in addition to the 2013 Snooker Shoot-Out, 2013 Championship League, and 2016 German Masters, he then had another victorious title to add to his record.

No doubt, his win in ranking and non-ranking finals would sure have given him access to the high fortune. Thus, we assume Martin Gould's net worth to be high enough.

Earnings Via Championships' Prize Money

Sportspersons also make wealth every year from the prize money they get from their different tournaments seasons.

Here is the list of prize money won by the English player in some of the 2020-2021 season tournaments.

Tournament Prize money (GBP) Prize Money (USD)
2021 World Championship 20,000 $26,656
2021 Players Championship 10,000 $13,328
2021 Welsh Open 4,000 $5,331
2020 World Grand Prix


2020 Northern Ireland Open  7,500 $9,996
2020 Europan Masters 35,000 $46,649
2020 Championship League 6,000 $7,997

Martin Gould's wealth is also regulated by the prize money he gets from different tournaments.

Likewise, from the earlier game of the 2017- 2018 season, Martin won the prize worth $133K. Mr. Pinner Potter had also received $155K In the 2015-2016 season. Similarly in the tournament season of 2012-2013, he collected the amount up to $139K. Hence, it is safe to say, Martin Gould's net worth has been witnessing a rise in a steady manner.

Heartbreak From Past Relationship

Alongside London-based player's professional career, many of his fans must be curious to know about his love life. Hence, on one such occasion during his interview with Desmond Kane, Martin opened up about his past relationship. Though the player didn't reveal the name, he opened about the aftermath of a nasty breakup he faced.

Moreover, the former championship league winner indicated that he suffered for six years post his heartbreak. Moreover, Martin Gould added he found it difficult to come out with his feelings and felt ashamed and pathetic at times.

Well, apart from this information, Martin doesn't seem to be involved with anyone. And if he is seeing anyone, then we definitely understand his perspective of taking a little more time before announcing it to the world. Moreover, we would be more than happy to know about Martin Gould's girlfriend in the future.

How Social Media Abuse Affected Martin

Given that sportspeople have to go through so much pressure, sometimes even they must have felt like giving up. Martin Gould stated that because of all the threats and abuse he was getting from social media, there were times he didn't feel like doing what he does anymore. He was, in fact, ready to quit the championship if it were not for his father and close friends who looked after him.

Snooker pro, Ronnie O'Sullivan once revealed he had to depend on anti-depressants. There were speculations if Martin's situation has also reached the same.

Snooker is a game that may be both psychologically and physically demanding. According to Pinner's player medical records, he has had numerous back and neck problems. Martin further added, lockdown essentially helped him rediscover his desire to play snooker. He thanks his family and friends who helped him refocus and prepare.

Sportspersons being country representatives have enough responsibilities and pressures to deal with. On the top, if people keep cyberbullying them, then simultaneously it will affect their self-esteem. Hence we as responsible citizens should hold ourselves accountable for our misleading deeds. And, if possible, should empathize with them because they already have many more things to face with. 

Nevertheless, now that the snooker player is all fit as a fiddle, we wish him all the very best in his upcoming tournaments.


  • Martin shared that during the last moments he had with his mother, he tried to make it as memorable and peaceful as it can get. 
  • Martin Gould stated that Dumb and Dumber is his favorite movie. 

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