Joseph Herbert Jr. Biography - Jo Koy's Son

Joseph Herbert Jr. Biography 2021 - Jo Koy's Son

It is common in the entertainment industry for parents and children to work in the same fields, whether acting or music. Following in one's parents' footsteps and maintaining their legacy is never easy. Yet, some notable kids have not only done so but have also become far more successful as a result. 

Joseph Herbert Jr. is one of several celebrity children who followed in his father's footsteps to fame. 

Although many people admire Jo Koy, one of the most well-known comedians and Joseph Herbert Jr's father, few know his son's talents. In this biography, we shall learn about Jo Koy's son.

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Early Life and Family

On April 21, 2003, Joseph Herbert Jr. was born to Joseph Glenn Herbert, also known as Jo Koy, and Angie King. Joseph Jr. was born and raised in California as a single child. He completed his sophomore year in 2017 from the catholic school, St. Mel School, Woodlands, California.

Joseph Herbert Jr's parents divorced when he was still a child. Following his parents' divorce, they chose to share joint custody of their kid. The former partners have done a fantastic job co-parenting their son up to this point.

Joseph Herbert's Early Family.

Joseph Herbert Jr. was born and raised in California by parents Jo Koy and Angie King. Image Source: Angie King Instagram.

Joseph Jr. currently resides in California with his father. The father-son duo is exceptionally close and always stands by each other in good times and bad. Joe travels to various locations with his father and even shares pictures of them on the road while applauding his father. In addition, Joseph frequently appears alongside his dad on his live shows.

Similarly, Joseph Herbert Jr.'s mother and he, too, have a close relationship and routinely compliment each other on their Instagram profiles. For example, on May 30 of 2021, the child wished his mother on her birthday with the caption, "Love u, mom. Happy bday ❤️."

Did Joseph Herbert Jr's Parent's Divorce Affect Him?

Angie and Jo Koy have been divorced for a long time. Both of Joseph Herbert Jr's parents are quiet individuals who want to keep their personal lives private; hence neither party has revealed the cause for their divorce.

When it comes to Joseph Jr., both of his parents are highly protective of him and do everything they can to provide him a comfortable living. In addition, Joseph's father revealed in an interview that he and his son's mother are excellent friends and that they are pretty easy going when it comes to their son's time with each other.

Joseph Herbert Jr's Parents.

Despite the fact that Joseph Herbert Jr.'s parents are divorced, they are excellent co-parents. Image Source: Angie King Instagram.

It's evident from their Instagrams that the family is adjusting to their living situation with ease. Joseph Herbert Jr.'s parents appear to be quite close and continually encourage one another to do better. In fact, during the 2020 pandemic, Joseph's mother even moved into the same house as her ex-husband so that both of them could equally spend time with their son. 

Joseph Herbert Jr's parents may have their disagreements regarding marriage, but it hasn't changed the way they care for their child. Even though they have been divorced for several years, they remain close friends.

Joseph Herbert Jr. Net Worth And Career

Joseph Herbert Jr. is still relatively young to have created a significant career for himself. Jo Koy's son is currently enjoying his college life and focusing on his studies rather than any other side activities.

Nevertheless, Joseph's father does share his passion with his son by taking him along to his performances. He is amazed and proud of his dad's work and achievements. Because children typically look up to their parents, there's a chance Joseph will follow in his father's footsteps in the future.

Joseph Herbert's Net Worth

Joseph Herbert appears to have a comfortable lifestyle in his California home. Image Source: Joseph Herbert Instagram.

However, Joseph's mother is also a known face in the entertainment industry. Apart from being an amazing mother, she is also a very talented artist and musician. Angie started her music career back in 2019, and Joseph has always supported his mother's career path. 

With such talented people as his parents, there is a high chance of Joseph Herbert Jr taking on and continuing either one of their legacies. However, it's also possible that Joseph chooses a different career path takes another approach to life altogether.

The young man enjoys traveling to places and has a lavish lifestyle. Cleary Joseph's parent's net worth is large enough to support such a luxurious way of living. His dad, Jo Koy has reportedly earned a fortune of $5 million. Perhaps, in the future, the child will become much more well-known than his parents and even surpass their net worth.

Does Joseph Herbert Jr. Have a Girlfriend?

Going through Joseph's Instagram, there is no indication of him being involved romantically with anyone. However, the youngster seems quite busy traveling places with his father and mother to be interested in dating.

Joseph Herbert Jr. started college as a junior in 2019; thus, it's probable that the young man is putting his education first for the time being. However, it's also possible that he hasn't yet found the right person for him.

Joseph Herbert's Girlfriend.

Joseph appears to be enjoying his single life traveling places with his father and mother. Image Source: Joseph Herbert Instagram.

It's also likely that the celebrity kid does not want the public to probe into his personal life and is keeping it hidden. If that's the case, Joseph Herbert Jr has done an excellent job of keeping his relationships hidden.

Whatever the case may be, Jo Koy's son appears to be enjoying his life, savoring his youth, and having a great time. And let's hope we won't have to wait a long time to meet, Joseph Herbert Jr.'s girlfriend.  

Trivia and Facts

  • Joseph's father reckons him as the funniest guy he knows.
  • Joseph is half Filipino and half Caucasian.
  • He already has 48K followers on his Instagram account.

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