Jeffrey Herlings Biography 2024 - Three-Time MX2 Championship Winner

Jeffrey Herlings Biography - Three-Time MX2 Championship Winner

Jeffrey Herlings is a Dutch professional motocross rider who has competed in the Motocross World Championships since 2010. Image Source: Jeffrey Herlings Instagram.

Many athletes believe that their sport is the most physically demanding and difficult to perform. However, motocross riders are rarely considered tough and challenging, but they should be. Motocross is a tremendously emotionally and physically demanding off-road motorcycle sport raced on natural terrain with artificial obstacles.

Likewise, today's article revolves around the biography of a young professional motocross rider, Jeffrey Herlings, hailing from the Netherlands. He has been competing in the Motocross World Championships since 2010. 

Despite being one of the more well-known riders in motorcycle racing, not many people may be familiar with the Dutch racer. Therefore, if you want to discover more about him, you should read this biography all the way through since it contains essential information about Jeffrey Herlings' personal and professional lives.

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Has Supportive Family Background 

Jeffrey is blessed with a supportive family, as many professional athlete have. Jeffrey Herlings' father, Peter Herlings, and his mother, Alice Herlings, welcomed him into this world. Having supportive parents was an added advantage for the racer to follow his dreams. Moreover, the motocross racer was born on 12 September 1994 in Geldrop, Netherlands.

Furthermore, he started racing ever since he was a child. Jeffrey hasn't said a lot about his early life and hasn't been too forthcoming about his life before he began his racing career. But, he did reveal his father was a motocross rider who was pretty good in their home country. Also, the athlete grew up alongside his brother, Danny Herlings

Jeffrey Herlings Early Life

Jeffrey Herlings was into racing ever since he was a child. Image Source: Jeffrey Herlings Instagram.

Besides, the racer has not revealed anything regarding his educational background. Hopefully, in the coming days, he will be more transparent about his early life, including his parents and education. 

Recognized as 'The Bullet' For A Reason

Jeffrey Herlings, who has won the FIM Motocross World Championship five times, has been on a winning streak since he won the 2002 Dutch Amateur 65cc Championship at just eight years old.

Having competed in the Motocross World Championships since the early 2010s, Herlings has over a dozen moto wins. However, he is renowned for winning 2012, 2013, and 2016 MX2 Championships and the 2018 and 2021 MXGP Championships. Moreover, Jeffrey is regarded as the greatest MX2 racer of all time and goes by the nickname 'The Bullet.'

Herlings, who was already drawing attention from an early age, advanced through the age groups fast, garnering several fans with his incredible raw speed on sand tracks and the world and European titles along the way. That is how he came up with the nickname by which he is still known today, 'The Bullet.'

Alongside establishing an incredible career, the 2021 world champ must have also amassed a substantial fortune. With all that being said, now aren't you all more excited to unfold about Jeffrey Herlings' net worth and career? 

Jeffrey Herlings Net Worth And Career 

In 2009, he moved up to the MX2 class when he was 14 and finished in an excellent second place in the European Championship and third at the Dutch Open Championship. Later, in 2010, the athlete stepped to the MX2 World Championship and won his first GP on home soil at the Dutch Grand. 

Herlings finished second in the 2011 MX2 season and won another five Grands Prix. Jeffrey dominated the 2012 MX2 season to win his first world championship title in grand style, two total races before the season's end. Even though he missed two entire races due to injury, he went on to win the 2013 World Championship by more than 130 points.

Furthermore, the talented racer's next MX2 world championship victory came in 2016. Later, in 2018, Jeffrey took his speed to the next level and outperformed the finest competitors in the sport to win his maiden MXGP world championship by more than 150 points over Tony Cairoli.

Sadly for Jeffrey, the following 2019 and 2020 seasons were wrecked by a series of significant career-threatening injuries. However, displaying the unwavering commitment to being the best motocross racer in the world that has characterized his career thus far, Herlings returned in 2021 as a more complete and determined rider. And in a thrilling final moto showdown in Mantova, Italy, he finally won his long-awaited second MXGP title.

Now, let's look at the sportsman's MXGP career stats from 2017 to 2021. 

Best GP result 1st
GP wins 38 (57.6%)
Race wins 89 (51.1%)
Podiums 51 (77.3%)
Points 2,748 pts
Average points per GP 42 pts
Total Grand Prix 66 GPs
Years 2017-2021

Table Source: mxgp 

As a result of his thriving racing career, the Geldrop native has amassed a sizable amount of wealth. Moreover, in 2020, he signed a contract with the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team that will remain until the end of the 2023 MXGP season. Similarly, Herlings also mentioned in an interview that he earned 4 to 5 million before tax when he became MXGP world champion in 2018. Hence, considering his career wins and contracts, we can estimate that Jeffrey Herlings' net worth must be immense.

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Is Jeffrey Herlings In A Relationship?

There is no denying that Jeffrey has been in the public eye since his several outstanding performances in the Motocross World Championships, so fans are naturally curious about his personal life, notably his love life. Thus, 'Who is Jeffrey Herlings' girlfriend?' is one of the most often asked questions regarding the prolific rider. 

On the other hand, Jeffrey prefers to maintain his dating life discrete. Still, according to several sites, he was previously in a relationship with Cynthia Tonus. Jeffrey Herlings' then-girlfriend is the sister of former motocross racer Arnaud Tonus. In addition, she is currently dating racer Hunter Lawrence.

So, what about the Dutchman, has he also found another partner? Sadly, his dating life remains a mystery as of now. Also, going through his Instagram posts, we can see that he is focused on winning more championships and his posts are primarily about his profession. 

Jeffrey Herlings Girlfriend

Jeffrey Herlings seems focused on winning more motocross championships as of now. Image Source: Jeffrey Herlings Instagram.

The Geldrop native was spotted with a beautiful girl during a red carpet event in 2018. But, whether she is Jeffrey Herlings' girlfriend or not hasn't been disclosed yet. Nonetheless, for the time being, the motocross racer appears to be too preoccupied with his work.

Furthermore, it's also possible that Jeffrey doesn't want the world to know about his personal life and is keeping it secret. If so, Herlings has done a great job of keeping his relationships undercover.

All in all, with a thriving career of over 18 years of racing, Herlings has established his identity in the international arena. He is currently focused on winning more championships in the coming years, and we don't see anything stopping him. Overall, we wish Jeffrey abundant success and happiness in the days ahead. 

Trivia And Facts 

  • Jeffrey has a massive following of 549K on his Instagram account. 
  • During the pre-season training in 2022, he had to sit out after suffering a foot injury.
  • He is 6 feet tall.
  • Herlings' bike is KTM 450 SX-F.
  • As per one of his IG posts, he bought his 58th house in February 2022.

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