Jason Trucco Biography 2022 - Director And Mare Winningham's Ex-Husband

Jason Trucco Biography - Director And Mare Winningham's Ex-Husband

Mare Winningham's ex-husband, Jason Trucco is an award-winning director and artist. Image Source: Social Media.

With the attention on filmmaking relatively increasing each year, people must be familiar with one of the movie industry veterans, Mare Winningham. She is known for her top performances in movies and TV shows like Georgia, Torchwood: Miracle Day, American Horror Story, and, most recently, Dopesick. She has also been nominated for the Academy Award and has won two Primetime Emmy Awards

But, in this biography, we are going to talk about the personality who has had a relationship with the actress and made some movies of his own. Despite being a part of the entertainment industry for a long time, many still have a lot to figure out about the director and how he supported Winningham.

So, let's discuss more about Mare Winningham's ex-husband, Jason Trucco, who has a couple of movies on his resume. 

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Is He Known For His Career Or His Relationships? 

Jason Trucco is a director, artist, senior executive, and multimedia designer. In 2006, he started utilizing modern technological techniques. Since then, Mare Winningham's ex-spouse has invented brand-new interactive storytelling techniques.

In addition, he is considered the industry's top director, having created and helmed the first 360-degree interactive music video with Macy Gray and The Deron Johnson Ensemble. With all his projects, Trucco has been able to amass a significant fortune. 

Of course, he is known for his incredible career; however, Trucco has garnered more media attention for his marriage and divorce with Mare Winningham. Their relationship created a sensation, and many people acknowledge him as her former partner. Still, let's get to know more about Jason Trucco's net worth and professional career as he has worked hard to establish his separate identity. 

Jason Trucco Net Worth And Career

In September 2006, Jason founded Social Animal, Inc. It is a company whose primary goal is to develop and produce new interactive formats for both established and cutting-edge platforms, such as iPhone and Imax™. Later he became the CEO and creative director of Social Animal, Inc in March 2008. 

Moreover, in September 2008, Trucco became one of the board of advisors at Gray Martin Studios. He is also the director at Instant. As one-half of the productive directorial team Instant with pop artist Kii Arens, Jason has produced ground-breaking music videos for artists including Devo and Glen Campbell.

Furthermore, Jason has been serving as an artist at Annie Wharton Los Angeles since September 2011. Besides, his directorial credits include Salome Learns to Dance, Billy Idol: Can't Break Me Down (2014), and Queens of the Stone Age: The Vampyre of Time and Memory (2013). Similarly, Jason was the co-producer of the TV movie, Sharing the Secret (2000).

As a director with a few hit projects under his name, Jason Trucco's net worth must be substantial. Though his exact earnings are not disclosed to the media, we can be sure that Mare Winningham's ex-husband has certainly earned thousands of dollars throughout these years.

Furthermore, the songs he directed also have millions of views on YouTube. In addition, the average salary of a person working as a director in America is $83,595 per year. Hence, Jason Trucco's salary must also be around that range. On the other hand, his ex-wife, Mare's fortune of $1.5 million is thanks to her prosperous career in the entertainment sector.

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Marriage Did Not Last Long

Every marriage goes through ups and downs. Some people choose to put up with their partner's flaws and stay with them, while others choose not to. Similar to Jason Trucco and Mare Winningham, their relationship ended after a long time for several undisclosed reasons. But everything is over and done with now. 

Although Mare Winningham's ex-partner, Jason, does not have many movies in his resume, the marriage must have changed his life immensely. The information about where they met and how they started dating has not been revealed. However, the former couple tied the knot on November 15, 2008. 

They seemed very happy together, supporting each other a lot. As the ex-pair were seen in each other's movies and shows' premieres, they looked pretty pleased, but their marital lives soon ended. 

Jason Trucco Ex-Wife Mare Winningham

Jason Trucco and Mare Winningham exchanged the wedding vows on November 15, 2008. Image Source: Social Media.

The former lovebirds officially ended their marriage in 2012. Furthermore, they didn't share any children together. Trucco was Mare Winningham's third husband following her divorce from Adolfo Larrue Martinez III and William Mapel. Mare ended her first relationship with Adolfo in 1982 after marrying just a year prior, while Mapel was a long-term partner of the actress from 1982 to 1996. 

Besides, Jason Trucco's ex-wife is currently married to her long-time friend and fellow actor Anthony Edwards; the duo had known each other for 35 years. So, what about the director, has he also remarried? Sadly, he has remained out of the spotlight. As a result, his current marital status remains a mystery. Still, let's hope Jason is enjoying a comfortable life with his family.

Is A Secretive Person 

The prolific artist was welcomed into the world by his parents on January 1, 1970, in America. Unfortunately, no information has been revealed about the director's upbringing. Jason has not been very open about his life and has kept his childhood secret. 

Due to this reason, nothing about Jason Trucco's mother and father has been disclosed. Likewise, the multimedia designer has not been upright regarding his educational background. It is unknown which schools Trucco attended and what his major was. 

Hopefully, he will be more open about his early life, including his parents and education, in the coming days. Nevertheless, he appears to be leading a healthy and happy life with his family. 

Overall, Jason seems to be doing well. Although many people know him as Mare Winningham's ex-husband, he also has his own narrative to share. Also, he is a successful director and artist himself. We wish him happiness and the strength to face his challenges wherever he may be. Our best wishes go along with him.

Trivia And Facts 

  • He is not active on social media sites. 
  • Jason's ex-wife, Mare, is a mother of five children, Riley Mapel, Patrick Mapel, Jack Mapel, Calla Louise Maple, and Happy Atticus Mapel.
  • A BET Award and a Peabody Award for Excellence in Television are among Trucco's Awards and Honors.

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