Francis Greco Biography 2023 - Lauren Holly's Ex-Husband And Businessman

Francis Greco Biography - Lauren Holly's Ex-Husband And Businessman

Francis Greco is a businessman and most commonly known as Hollywood actress Lauren Holly's ex husband. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Francis Greco is an investment banker and businessman from Canada. In October 2013, he became a Managing Director at Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas.

Aside from his profession, he is known because of his marital relationship with well-known classic actress Lauren Holly. So let's know a few more details about Lauren Holly's ex-husband.

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Francis Greco's Family And Education

Francis Greco was born in Canada, in 1968 and belongs to a family with the pure ethics of an Italian Catholic family. He is the son of a prosperous businessman; on the top, Francis Greco's mother is a chartered accountant. Thus, growing up with parents having a solid background in banking and chartered accounting, he too must have started dreaming of his career in the finance field.

Moreover, Greco is a Yale University graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science. In addition, he was awarded a gold medal in Economics. He went to York University two years later and received an MBA in Accounting and Finance.

Francis Greco Net Worth And Career

A steady rise can be seen in Francis Greco's career. At first, he worked as a financial advisor and later got appointed as the Managing Director of Sagent Advisors. He served there for two years.

After six months of leaving his previous place, Francis joined Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas, as the Managing Director. Ever since then, he has been in that role. Working in such a reputable position that too in one of the leading private companies In America, Francis Greco's net worth is likely to be immeasurable.

Rise to Fame

Even though he tried to stay away from the limelight, thanks to his wedding to a top celebrity bride, Greco couldn't help it.

Hence post his meeting with Lauren Holly, Francis was inevitably exposed to the glamour industry. This was because Holly had just came out of her failed marriage with Hollywood actor Jim Carrey in 1997.

On top of that, the Picket Fences actress had also tied the knot with Mexican-Italian actor Danny Quinn earlier in 1991. They remained husband and wife for only two years. For the record, Danny Quinn is the son of Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Quinn.

At the time they were still together, Lauren and Francis were considered to be a power couple. Moreover, Lauren Holly's net worth is estimated to be around $14 million. At the time she met Francis, she was already an established actress. Hence we can predict that Francis Greco's net worth combined together with Lauen's must have been quite enormous.

How Did Francis Greco And Lauren Holly Meet?

According to the sources, Francis Greco and Lauren Holly met on a blind date in 1999. Initially, he was not much interested in the blind date; however, little did he know, she would be his wife.

The couple established a good rapport despite their five-year age difference, with Francis being Holly's junior. But age was never an obstacle for them to exchange the beautiful vows to be with each other on March 10, 2001.

Parents Of Adopted children

As per People, Francis Greco's ex-wife Lauren always wanted to adopt children, even from an early age. The fact that someone out there would have no family always saddened Holly. Hence, this answers why she took the major step of adopting kids. Moreover, her former husband Francis always supported her.

Francis Greco's Children With Lauren Holly

Francis Greco adopted three kids with his ex-wife Lauren Holly. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Francis and Holly adopted three kids Henry Greco, George Greco, and Alexander Joseph Greco. That led to the couple becoming a happy family of five.

What Led The Happy Family To Grow Apart?

No matter how much well-known of a personality you are, you will most probably try to avoid every little matter of upbringing of your children from coming out to the public.

So was the case with Francis and his ex-wife, Lauren, as they wanted to provide peaceful surroundings to their kids, away from any kind of glamorous nuisance. Thus, the Greco family moved to Toronto in 2008. Simultaneously, Lauren took her Canadian citizenship. 

Everything was going perfectly in Francis and Lauren's life. The couple had the understanding to the extent that the Yale graduate gladly accepted the talented actress' wish of naming their oldest son after her brother, who was killed in an accident. So what exactly happened, leading the couple to take a bold step to part ways?

Lauren Holly took a break from the industry as she wanted to solely enjoy her motherhood after the wedding. However, after moving to Canada, she planned to continue her acting. As a result, Lauren started getting busy with her acting projects, and Francis also focussed mainly on his career.

Though Lauren and Francis never came up with any public statement regarding their divorce, the couple's busy lives and their massive professional difference might be one of the reasons for their separation.

After their divorce, the actress continued to dazzle in the limelight. But on the other hand, Lauren Holly's ex-husband has opted to stay away from the entertainment world and live his life in privacy.

What Are Their Children Doing Now?

Seeing parents' separation is one of the toughest things to endure for a kid. That too, when once you were all giggly and living under the same roof with both your father and mother. However, we all cope with the situation and time heals everything.

Francis Greco's children also had to go through with the same. Their parents Francis and Lauren, finalized their divorce in 2014. Post their separation the kids started living with their mother. However, that doesn't imply they are no longer in touch with their father. In fact, they might even catch up with their dad from time to time.

And for the answer to the question about what their children are doing, well, Francis's eldest son Alexander opted for the same career as his mother. He started appearing in projects as a child artist and made his debut in the 2009 movie Too Late To Say Goodbye. In addition, he goes by his other name Azer Greco.

There are not many details about Francis's other children Henry and George. Except for the fact that they are doing well with their mother Lauren, what the youngest Greco siblings are interested in is a mystery.

Furthermore, there is no transparent news about Francis going ahead and marrying someone else. Nonetheless, we hope that Greco is happy in his life.


  • Francis is the second child of his parents.
  • Francis Greco's ex-wife, Lauren spoke out about her encounter with Harvey Weinstein.

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