Patricia Carey Biography 2023 - Retired Opera Singer And Mariah Carey's Mother

Patricia Carey Biography - Retired Opera Singer And Mariah Carey's Mother

Patricia Carey is a former opera singer who is best known for being the mother of Mariah Carey. Photo Source: Social Media.

We are all pretty familiar with the American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey. She has achieved immense success as a musician, actress, television host, etc. Moreover, the artist has topped the Billboard chart numerous times and won many awards. For instance, she has won Grammy five times in her music career.

Aside from her music, Carey is notorious for her private affairs. Whether with her relationship with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon, or her family, Mariah's life has had many bitter moments. Furthermore, the songbird also shares a complicated relationship with her mother, Patricia Carey. The latter is an opera singer who taught her daughter singing from a young age.

So, if you are curious about Mariah Carey's mother, Patricia Carey, and the reasons behind their severed connection, keep on reading this biography.

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Patricia Carey's Mother Disliked Black Community

The musician was born Patricia Hickey on February 17, 1937, in Virgin, Washington County. She was raised in a racial supremacist family who considered the white race supreme.

Patricia Carey's father's identity isn't revealed in public. Google search claims him to be John Wesley Hickey, and Geni identifies him as William Hickey. But from what we know, he died while Patricia's mom was pregnant with her.

Patricia Carey Family

Patricia Carey's father passed away before she was born. Photo Source: Social Media.

After her father's death, Patricia Carey's mother, Elizabeth Hickey, an Irish Catholic, raised her all by herself. She was very proud of her Irish lineage and abhorred anyone of other races.

Patricia also addressed as Pat, was also considered dark for not having blonde hair and blue eyes like her siblings. Despite growing up in a racist environment, she rejected their standards and rebelled against them.

Patricia Carey Net Worth And Career

Patricia Carey's daughter, Mariah Carey, has led a successful music career with over 200 million albums sales worldwide. She ranks second behind Madonna as the best-selling artist as per Guinness World Records.

Likewise, the R&B singer's earnings amount to millions from her other ventures. For instance, she received $18 million for appearing on a single season of American Idol.

Thus, Maria Carey's net worth stands at a gigantic $320 million. Considering her fortune, many might also wonder about her mom, Patricia Carey's net worth.

Patricia was interested in singing mainly classic songs from a young age. She must have participated in several music competitions in school in her hometown. But the singer had a greater ambition and moved to New York City to search for more opportunities. Eventually, Mariah Carey's mother won a scholarship at the well-renowned The Juilliard School.

Patricia Carey Net Worth

Mariah Carey's mother, Patricia Carey learned opera at The Julliard School after relocating to New York. Photo Source: Mariah Carey's Instagram.

Afterward, the vocalist made her debut at the Lincoln Center alongside the New York City Opera. She also released an album titled, To Start Again, featuring thirteen tracks in 1977. In addition, she has collaborated with her daughter, Mariah, on O Come All Ye Faithful.

Aside from that, the musician also worked as a vocal coach for other young artists. She must have also earned substantial income from her singing and coaching career.

Hence, Patricia Carey's net worth must be a notable figure from her opera singing career. And another artist who has earned a fortune from her singing career is Bebe Rexha.

Patricia Carey Was Married To Alfred Roy Carey

Aforementioned, the vocal coach's family disliked other communities except for their Irish heritage. However, she didn't share the same feelings and dated a diverse cast of men before marrying a person from the black community.

Patricia Carey's ex-husband, Alfred Roy Careywas of Afro-American and Afro-Venezuelan ethnicity who worked as an aeronautical engineer. However, he did not appear much in the limelight.

The ex-pair met in 1960 and immediately developed a romantic attraction. They got married against the objections of Patricia's mom, Elizabeth, who later disowned her.

Patricia Carey Ex-Husband Alfred Roy Carey

Patricia Carey's ex-husband, Alfred Roy Carey, was of Afro-American lineage who was an aeronautical engineer. Photo Source: Mariah Carey's Instagram.

The ex-duo also suffered many judgments and rejections for being a biracial couple in society throughout their relationship. Eventually, Patricia and Alfred's marriage could not survive the test of time and they divorced in 1973.

From her former marriage, Patricia is a mother of three children. However, her son, Morgan Carey, and daughter, Alison Carey, have been estranged from Mariah.

Patricia And Mariah's Complicated Relationship

The mother-daughter duo won the hearts of many people with their fantastic Christmas collaboration in 2010. Both looked to be on good terms with each other at that time.

However, Mariah and her mom, Patricia, had many issues lurking beneath their happy facade. According to the former's memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, she felt neglected by her mother from childhood.

After her divorce, Patricia gave up her music career to raise her children. She also encouraged Mariah to pursue a singing career. However, the All I Want for Christmas Is You singer stated that her mother later became jealous of her success. In addition, Pat is also accused of embarrassing the songwriter occasionally in public events.

Patricia Carey Daughter Mariah Carey

Patricia Carey has a strained relationship with her youngest daughter, Mariah Carey. Photo Source: Social Media.

The former Opera singer hasn't commented on her youngest daughter's accusations. According to New York Post, she is currently living in an upscale senior living home in West Palm Beach, Florida.

We don't know whether Patricia reconciled with her daughter, Mariah, before being admitted to the assisted living facility. Nonetheless, we wish for both mother-daughter to solve their issues and live happily in the future.

Trivia And Facts

  • Patricia has appeared in The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Patricia reportedly called the cops on Mariah when the singer was promoting the 2001 movie, Glitter. And after this the mother-daughter duo's relationship became strained.

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