Cyril Abiteboul Biography 2022 - French Engineer

Cyril Abiteboul Biography - French Engineer

Cyril Abiteboul is a race car Engineer And Former Team Principal Of Renault F1 Team. Image Source: Flickr.

Cyril Abiteboul is a French motor racing manager and an engineer. Cyril has been a team principal and has managed multiple formula one teams throughout his career and has had great success in it. The experienced professional in the racing world is most known for his position as the Renault formula one Racing Team managing director. The Frenchman has had quite a successful career spanning more than fifteen years. During that time, Cyril has been a hardworking and strongly motivated individual contributing to the team's success.

Cyril Abiteboul has been part of the Formula One racing world for a long time. During this time, Cyril has worked with the utmost dedication, discipline, and drive for his team's progress. He has been an influential and charismatic member of each of the teams in Formula One that he's had the privilege to work with. This in-change has resulted in quite a success for the Frenchman in his career.

Early Life, Family, And Education

Cyril Francois Roger Abiteboul was brought into this world on the 14th of October of 1977. The French-born and raised motorsport engineer was born in Paris, France, to a couple of French parents. Due to the private nature of Abiteboul, not much is known about the Formula One engineer's early life. Additionally, the former Team Principal for the Caterham Formula One Racing has decided not to disclose his parents' identity or any information on his siblings.

Cyril Abiteboul Childhood

Cyril Abiteboul was F1 fan since his childhood. Image Source: Flickr.

Cyril attended the Lycee Carnot and Lycee Chaptal high school in Paris. Furthermore, Cyril Abiteboul was passionate about racing sports ever since his childhood. He was fascinated with the mechanism behind the designing, construction, and manufacturing of these powerful racing cars. This love and fascination led Abiteboul towards multidisciplinary engineering in The École Nationale Supérieure d'Électrochimie et d'Électrométallurgie de Grenoble or ENSEEG. Cyril has been using his engineering knowledge and his managerial experience to design the best-performing race car for his team.

The same path he took in his education led Cyril Abiteboul's career into what it has known to become.

Cyril Abiteboul Net Worth, Career, And Formula One

Cyril Abiteboul completed his engineering from ENSEEG in 2001. In the same year, Abiteboul joined the Renault automobile company at Boulogne-Billancourt. This move was his initial step towards the Renault Formula One Racing team. As he rose through the corporate ladder at Renault, Cyril was appointed as the Business Development Manager for their Formula One racing team in 2007. 

Abiteboul's dedication to the team and the company resulted in him moving on to become the Renault Sport Formula One executive director in 2010.

His steady rise in Renault made Cyril Abiteboul known to many another formula one team. As a result, Cyril was signed by the Caterham F1 team in the September of 2012, after a tenure of more than ten years at Renault. His excellent management skills and his work portfolio from his days at Renault landed Cyril Abiteboul a position as the team principal of Caterham. On the 8th of November of 2012, Cyril Abiteboul replaced the standing team principal of Caterham F1, Tony Fernandes, and assumed the role for himself.

In the July of 2014, Cyril Abiteboul's career at Caterham came to an end. The French engineer had a two-year run with them and accomplished a lot during those years. Further on, Abiteboul rejoined the team, where he accomplished it all after he departed from Caterham. After a few months from his departure, Renault announced Cyril Abiteboul's return to their Formula One team. Abiteboul assumed the position of managing director during his second tenure at Renault F1 team. Since 2001, Cyril Abiteboul has assumed the following roles in Formula One:

Years Team Position
2001 to 2006 Renault Engineer
2007 to 2010 Renault Business Development Manager
2010 to 2011 Renault Executive Director
2011 to 2012 Renault Deputy Managing Director
2012 to 2014 Caterham CEO
2013 to 2014 Caterham Team Principal
2014 to 2021 Renault Managing Director

Cyril worked at Renault until it rebranded in 2021. Furthermore, all these endeavors that Cyril has been a part of would surely make up a large amount as Cyril Abiteboul's net worth.

Cyril Abiteboul net worth

Cyril Abiteboul was once the managing director for Renault. Image Source: Flickr.

The average salary for an up-and-coming engineering graduate in the racing line starts at $42K to $50K, as per Business Insider; these engineers quickly progress to junior engineering roles earning greater than $67K with a few years experience. Depending upon their dedication and experience in the racing world, a high-level engineer can make $84K to $152K and mostly leads to large figure salaries.

Cyril Abiteboul has worked as an engineer for various top tiers racing groups for more, including working in his own team. All these works must've contributed a large amount to Cyril Abiteboul's net worth. Along with this, Abiteboul has also been team principal, managing directors for multiple teams he has worked with, and being the CEO of Caterham in the past would also add a lot to his fortune.

All these fortunes that Cyril Abiteboul has accumulated throughout his career would surely allow him to have lived a lavish life.

Racing Mates And Rivalries

During the 2020 F1 season, a popular bet between Cyril Abiteboul and Daniel Ricciardo had been made. The bet was about whether Ricciardo would secure a podium in the 2020 season of F1. The loser of the bet had to get a tattoo chosen by the winner.

As we know, Ricciardo won the bet, securing a podium at the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix. After almost a year after Daniel secured the win, Cyril finally fulfilled the promise. The F1 driver had chosen the design and documented the process for his YouTube channel.

Here is the video of Cyril finally getting the tattoo.

As seen in the video, Cyril got a Honey Badger tattooed on his calf. But before getting inked for the first time Abiteboul called his wife to explain that he was about to get a tattoo. He even quipped that talking about it with her was harder than negotiating a driver's contract.

While the process came almost a year later, it seems like Cyril Aiteboul is true to his words.

Similar to Cyril's bet with Ricciardo, Cyril's racing rivalry with Christian Horner is also infamous among racing fans. Though Abiteboul's rivalry with the team principal of the Red Bull Racing team is of a friendly nature, they do tend to get quite competitive from time to time.

Despite all the friends Cyril has in his racing life, he would surely enjoy a joyous personal life.

Relationships And Love Life

Just as previously mentioned, the French engineer is not open to media about his personal life. Following what he lets on about his life, Cyril does not have a wife as he has not been married yet. Additionally, Abiteboul has also not mentioned a girlfriend or a partner and his dating life in public.

As one would aspect, due to the fact that Cyril is not involved with someone or has not been married yet, he does not have any kids of his own. Despite the fact, Cyril Abiteboul would surely want to be involved in a relationship or get married and have a family of his own. We hope the Frenchman gets that joy and also hopes for success in whatever he decides to do.

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Trivia And Fun Facts

  • Cyril Abiteboul does not have an official Instagram and Twitter account.
  • Cyril has yet to get the tattoo from his lost bet.
  • Cyril Abiteboul has a natural brunette hair color.

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