Chico Bean Biography- American Comedian

Chico Bean Biography 2021- American Comedian

Chico Bean has been a well-known name in the comedy scene since his appearance in the fifth season of “Wild ‘N Out.” He is a comedian, singer, writer, rapper, actor, and producer who is one of the founding members of the traveling comedy show called “Freestyle Funny Comedy Show.”

The multi-talented comedian comes from very humble roots and works hard to make his own name in the fast-paced industry. Here’s all that one needs to know about Chico Bean.

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Early life and Family

Born on February 20, 1987, Chico Bean had a rough childhood in Washington DC. His mother brought up the comedian after his father was killed in the streets. The comedian had a difficult childhood as his mother, Tawanda Bean, struggled to raise him alone.

Chico Bean Family

Chico Bean had a rough upbringing after his father was killed. Image Source: Chico's Instagram.

Young Anthony Jamal Bean always dreamed of impacting the world and leaving his name behind for future generations to remember. This dream was born after seeing his uncles live on the streets and leaving behind nothing but memories. The rapper was given the nickname “Chico” by one of his uncles. He later adopted the name as his stage name while pursuing comedy.

Chico Bean grew up in a culture where he was exposed to rap. Therefore, from a young age, the comedian would sing and rap. Bean stated that he can now perform improv comedy really well due to the culture he grew up around, as both rapping and comedy require fast thinking and witty lines.

Anthony has been very vocal against gun violence as, sadly, gun violence has directly affected his personal life. He lost six family members due to gun violence. This has led Bean to become an advocate against gun violence.

Chico Bean Net Worth And Career

Chico Bean has done a lot of things in life. He has gotten into acting, rapping, and writing, but his primary source of income is comedy. Over the course of his career, the comedian is said to have amassed a lot, and Chico Bean's net worth is undoubtedly massive. However, no official reports are confirming to the claims of the rumors.

As mentioned above, Chico Bean has become a part of multiple lines of work. Here is a brief look into the stand-up comedian Chico Bean’s career & earnings.

Earnings As A Comedian

Anthony Jamal Bean always had a great sense of humor. That was why he started to participate in stand-up comedy shows in North Carolina in 2007. The comedian was outstanding, and so he slowly began to rise to popularity. 

In 2009 he founded the Freestyle Funny Comedy Show, a traveling comedy group with comedians B-Daht and Darren Brand. The group was later joined by Demar Rankin Sr. (OsamaBinDrankin). The four would perform improvs, sketches, and stand-up shows at clubs, bars, and universities in North Carolina. Apart from the four of them, they invite special guests too to their performance.

Chico Bean Net Worth

Chico Bean founded Freestyle Funny Comedy Show with B-Daht and Darren Brand. Image Source: FFCS's Facebook.

Nick Cannon, a well-known American rapper, actor, and comedian, heard about the Chico Bean and wanted to see him perform. So, Nick flew Chico out to perform in his stand-up show, Fresh Faces of Comedy, in 2011.

However, specific rules in the show had to be followed, which led to the comedian having to improvise and write a skit just before his performance. After learning the Chico Bean had to re-write his skit just moments prior to his performance, Nick Cannon was very impressed with him. He encouraged Chico to go on improving and to keep pushing as his humor was extremely gifted.

Anthony found out about the improv comedy show “Wild ‘N Out” that aired on MTV via Twitter not long after and decided that he wanted to try and land a role on the show. He had to go through 3 stages of auditions to be selected, once with Nick Cannon, then with the executives of the MTV show, and a final group audition. Chico Bean has been a part of the show since its 5th season, even though he was initially hired for just 3 episodes.

According to Distractify, all the “Wild ‘N Out” cast members are paid different amounts of money per episode. One of the cast members, Katt Williams, was making around $50,000 per episode, while another cast member, Spanky Hayes, was paid approximately $27,000 per episode in the first season. Chico Bean must have pocketed quite the paycheck considering his appearance in over 120 episodes of the show.

Income From Musical Career And Other Ventures

The comedian is not just great with improv comedy but with music as well. Chico Bean has released two albums, Crack Smoke In Your Body and The Black Wall Street Comedy Special Live In Tulsa. His audience has received the songs on the album pretty well. And Chico must have earned from his comedy album sales as well.

Apart from music and comedy, Chico Bean has written and produced shows as well. He co-wrote and produced the 2020 BET Hip-Hop Awards, an annual ceremony to honor the achievements of the hip-hop community. The rapper has also starred in the TV Movie Wild ‘N Out: Wildest Moments.

Merchandise, or simply merch, is one of the ways how influencers make money these days. Even Chico Bean has a merch store. However, he is currently selling only two items on his merch store, a hoodie, and a full-face beanie. The simple hoodie with an intricate embroidery goes for $60, and the beanie with the same embroidery goes for $40.

While there are no other products in his merch store now, Chico Bean's net worth must have benefited from the sales of the two items. He also earned a fortune through his comedy album sales.

Relationships and Children

The Wild ‘N Out comedian has never been outspoken about his personal life. It is highly speculated that Chico Bean is single as he has never sported any woman since the beginning of his career. Even though not much is known about Chico Bean's girlfriend or wife, we know that he has a daughter named Pierce Chanel. The father-daughter duo is very close to one another. Anthony posts photos of himself and his daughter a lot on his Instagram.

Chico Bean Relationship and Children

Chico Bean has a close bond with his daughter Pierce Chanel. Image source: Chico's Instagram.

Despite him constantly sharing photos of his daughter, no one knows who Chico Bean's baby mama is. One may assume that Chico Bean has an estranged relationship with his ex-partner.

Nevertheless, Chico Bean has expressed his desire to get married one day. The rapper is currently focused on his career and has many years of success ahead of him. We certainly hope that there is a woman out there, lucky enough to become Chico Bean's wife. Until then, we wish him the best in his personal as well as professional life.


  • Chico Bean has 347.2K followers on Twitter and over 2 million on Instagram.
  • The comedian opened for comedian Chris Wiles at the beginning of his career.
  • The rapper has a podcast called 85 South Show with DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Leonard Ouzts

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