Braden Aftergood Biography - Producer

Braden Aftergood Biography 2021 - Producer

American movie producer Braden Aftergood is a well-known personality in the Hollywood movie industry. Although the producer had humble beginnings in the industry as an assistant on sets, he has come a long way. Moreover, his creative vision and willingness have brought in a lot of success to the projects Braden has taken on.

In the competitive world of movies, it is not an easy feat to gain all successes. However, despite the many films that did not perform so well with the audience, the movie producer has never let that deter him from his path.

Here is a short biography on the Hollywood producer Braden Aftergood.

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Early Life And Family

Braden Aftergood is a man of privacy. The executive producer has managed to stay off of all forms of social media even in this modern-day and age. So, naturally, it is not easy to come across bits from his personal life online. Moreover, the Hollywood executive has refrained from going to many interviews and giving away details about himself to the public.

However, the former assistant did reveal some small bits of information about himself in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The filmmaker was named a member of the next generation of Hollywood executives who will help keep the industry alive and well.

In the interview, it was revealed that Braden was born in the Malibu Canyon, California. Malibu Canyon is an affluent and luxurious neighborhood. Thus, we assume that Braden Aftergood's parents are living comfortably. He certainly must have had a good upbringing within the affluent household. Unfortunately, the exec's parents' identities are still under wraps. 

Is Married And A Proud Father To His Kids

Hollywood's newer generation executive is reportedly a husband and father. Braden Aftergood's wife Tracy Aftergood is also a player in the entertainment industry. Tracy was formerly the vice president at Canvas Media Studios, which has produced movies like Keep Hope Alive (2020). The New Yorker then became the creative producer at 42nd & Vine, Inc.

In addition, she is also an actress who has played minor roles in movies like The Lady from Sockholm and has worked on multiple documentaries.

A house full of creative executives and filmmakers must be entertaining. The husband and wife duo might certainly bounce ideas off of one another or talk about projects. Braden Aftergood indeed found his soulmate in Tracy Aftergood as they are so well suited for one another.

Braden Aftergood wife, Tracy Aftergood

Braden Aftergood is married to the gorgeous and insightful Tracy Aftergood. Photo Source: Tracy's Facebook.

Movies and making movies are not the only things much loved in the Aftergood household; the couple also has a lovely little daughter whom they adore and love more than anything. Braden Aftergood's daughter Olivia Dylan Aftergood was born on May 25, 2015.

Olivia's parents love her, and coincidentally, she was born on the first day of the shoot of a movie produced by her father, Hell or High Water

Braden Aftergood Net Worth And Career

The talented filmmaker seems to have had an interest in movie making ever since he was young. Before he was a producer, Hollywood's new generation executive started as an assistant on set. Therefore, Braden Aftergood's net worth includes his earnings from his career in the film industry.

Aftergood was a part of the sports TV drama series Friday Night Live. Even though the filmmaker did not work on sets as an assistant for long, he must have learned a great deal about the makings of movies and TV series. The experience as an assistant could have helped him become a better movie producer than he could have been.

It is a known fact that an assistant does not earn much money. Despite the lack of a good salary, Aftergood may have enjoyed the experience to gain some insight.

Braden Aftergood's first role as an executive producer was on the 2012 movie Battleship. Starring Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, and Liam Neeson, the movie was a fan favorite. Although it did not go well with critics, the film has been able to gain love from the audience.

Movie making is never an upward streak. It is a gamble, and no one can predict how a movie is received by the audience beforehand. Even if not many people have confidence in them, some films will perform great at the box office. At the same time, some with a star-studded cast and significant production will flop. Similar is the case of Braden Aftergood. 

A few of the movies produced by him have not been received well by critics and the audience. His movies like Siberia and Close were heavily critiqued and tanked in the box office collection. However, that did not stop him, and Braden Aftergood went on to work harder to produce a better movie that would be well-received by the audience.

The 2021 movie Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk received a lot of good reviews. Scoring an 84 in the Tomatometer, it became one of the highest-scoring movies produced by the Malibu native. 

The box-office collection of some of the movies Braden Aftergood has produced, as per Rotten Tomatoes, has been listed below.

Year Name  Box-Office
2012 Battleship $65.2 million
2013 Lone Survivor $125.1 million
2017 Wind River $33.8 million
2018 City of Lies $565.7K
2021 Nobody $27.2 million

The success achieved by the movies must have made a great deal of positive impact on Braden Aftergood's net worth. Not only that, as an executive producer, he could be excellent at managing his personal financial decisions. Aftergood is reportedly living in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. The trio is said to enjoy a happy life together.

With several movies and a TV series that have either been announced or are in post-production, Braden Aftergood's fortune will undoubtedly grow in the future. His creative vision and hardworking capability are sure to help him gain immense success in his life. Although movie making is a gamble and comes in with many risks, we are certain to see Braden shine.

We hope to recognize him as one of the greatest producers in Hollywood someday. 


  • Braden Aftergood joked about naming his daughter Jeff Bridges.
  • The mogul is a huge fan of actor and director John Carpenter.

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