Aubrey Edwards Biography 2022 - Female Referee

Aubrey Edwards Biography - Female Referee

Aubrey Edwards is the first female referee to officiate a professional wrestling match on a pay per view platform. Photo Source: Aubrey's Instagram.

Wrestling has been seen as a masculine sport for decades now. Not many women are involved in the sport, and it is even rarer to find a professional female referee involved. Even people who love wrestling do not know many women referees. However, fighting the patriarchy and making her name in the world of wrestling, we have Aubrey Edwards.

There may not be many female referees actively participating in any professional setting today. However, many women have worked hard to qualify as professional referees, and the male-dominated field has slowly subsided.

Similarly, Aubrey Edwards became the first professional woman referee to officiate a pay-per-view match in 2019. Since then, she has garnered many following and has become a trailblazer for many young women. 

Here is a short biography of one of the most successful female referees, Aubrey Edwards.

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Aubrey Edwards: A Ballerina And Video Game Developer

Born Brittany Aubert on March 9, 1987, the referee has refrained from sharing private details of her family. It is natural for people who have garnered fame to prefer their loved ones stay away from the limelight. Subsequently, little to nothing is known about Aubrey Edwards' parents and siblings. 

Before she got into wrestling in any way, Aubrey was a ballerina. For twenty-one long years, Aubrey Edwards practiced classical ballet. The former ballerina was highly talented in art and was the lead in many productions. In addition to ballet, she was an avid contemporary dancer who poured a lot of soul and passion into her work.

Aubrey Edwards ballet

Aubrey Edwards practiced classical ballet for 21 years along with contemporary dance. Photo Source: Aubrey's Instagram.

Sadly, Aubrey announced to the world that she would retire as a performer in 2017. Many fans were saddened by her departure but were very happy that the ballerina was moving on and finding things she loved in her life.

Furthermore, it may not seem like it, but Aubrey Edwards has a degree in software engineering. The retired dancer is somewhat of a tech nerd and has worked hard to graduate with an engineering degree from DigiPen Institute of Technology. There, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, which she has in fact put to some use in the past.

With her tech degree, Aubrey Edwards had once aimed to work as a videogame developer. And she did! In the early 2000s, the referee helped create some video games and aspired to become a producer someday.

The coolest part about being a referee with a BSCS degree is, undoubtedly, to be able to combine your education with your line of work. "How," you ask? Aubrey Edwards is on the development team as the project coordinator for AEW's video game. The referee has been working hard to develop the video game with her professional insight in both wrestling and coding.

If that isn't attractive, we don't know what is!

Aubrey Edwards Net Worth And Career

With her long career as a professional referee, it has been estimated that Aubrey Edwards' net worth is of a substantial amount. A female referee for WWE earns an average salary of $50,000 to $100,000 annually with an additional $500 to $4,000 per match.

Considering the fact that AEW has been rated higher than the WWE since its inception in 2019, the referees too must earn a good amount of money. On the other hand, WWE wrestlers, John Cena, Drew McIntyre, and many others have earned a fortune from their career in wrestling and are multimillionaires.

Aubrey Edwards Net Worth

Aubrey Edwards is a great referee who, in spite of being a woman, has been able to make her own name in the industry. Photo Source: Aubrey's Instagram.

Moreover, after she retired from dance, Brittany joined wrestling as an athlete. She was one of the wrestlers in the All Elite Wrestling during its first year of run. Aubrey worked under the name Gearl Hebner and managed to gain some fame. However, Aubrey Edwards was unable to win any matches during her play. 

Although she does not work as a wrestler anymore, Aubrey continues to work in the field of wrestling. In September of 2019, she became the first full-time female referee of the series. She has been a valuable member of the series and is one of the best referees in the game. Moreover, the wrestler was able to become the first female referee in a pay-per-view game. 

Aubrey Edwards has been working hard to develop AEW Games with her expertise in wrestling and game development. We hope to see the game hit the market soon and become a fan favorite.

And in addition to showcasing her skills as a game developer, we hope Aubrey Edwards' net worth too increases with the release of the AEW game.

Did You Know Aubrey Edwards Is Married?!

Scrolling through Aubrey Edwards' Instagram, one might easily assume that she is a single lady who is hyper-focused on her career and is not looking for love. However, that assumption is so wrong! The former ballerina has apparently been married for over a decade, and not many people knew. Brittany Aubert is married to a handsome man named Stephen Chiavelli.

Aubrey Edwards' husband, Stephen is also a software engineer. Stephen who also goes by Steve also attended DigiPen Institute of Technology, and that could be where the couple met each other and fell for one another. The software engineer popped the question at Game Developers Choice Awards in 2007, where his team won an award for their video game named Toblo. 

Aubrey Edwards Husband Stephen Chiavelli

Aubrey Edwards married her long time boyfriend Steve Chiavelli but refrains from sharing pictures of them together on her social media. Photo Source: Aubrey's Instagram.

When and where the couple got married has been kept under wraps from the public. However, in a Twitter post from 2019, Aubrey stated that she had been married for ten years. Therefore, the couple must have tied the knot in 2009. It certainly must have been a blissful wedding ceremony.

Unfortunately, the referee does not share much about her marital life online. As Stephen has worked in mobile game development and as a software engineer, we can assume that Aubrey was there to give him some critics of his work. 

The married pair are yet to welcome any children to their family and are very content with one another. The lovely couple lives a blissful life, and we hope they spend their remaining days deeply in love with one another.


  • Aubrey Edwards loves make-up and often shares her looks online.
  • The professional referee is a cat lover and owns two beautiful cats.
  • Brittany loves to do yoga and unwind from her hectic life.

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