Atila Altaunbay Biography 2022 - Grace Jones's Ex-Husband And Bodyguard

Atila Altaunbay Biography - Grace Jones's Ex-Husband And Bodyguard

Atila Altaunbay is the former bodyguard and ex-husband of model, singer, and actress Grace Jones. Photo Source: Social Media.

When you are famous, you have to worry about being harassed by the mob constantly. Likewise, celebs also face reporters and paparazzis' frequent pursual while stepping in public. So, it's no wonder to see them hiring bodyguards to protect them.

We have also seen several cases of stars dating their guards. However, some take their affairs to the next level and tie marital knots with their guards. And one such case was with Grace Jones, who married her then-bodyguard, Atila Altaunbay.

The ex-pair created a buzz right from the beginning of their relationship. It received much attention considering the Jamaican model was twenty-one years older than her then-husband, Atila.

But what is Grace Jones' former husband and bodyguard, Atila doing these days; let's find out in this biography.

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Atila Altaunbay Is From Turkey

Unlike his ex-wife, Grace, the bodyguard doesn't have much media presence. He seems to be a man of secrecy and hasn't shared many background details. Nonetheless, from what we know, Altaunbay is a native of Turkey.

Similarly, the media personality hasn't revealed his birthdate to the public. But as per several sources, he was born in 1976 and raised in a Muslim household.

Atila Altaunbay Family

Grace Jones' ex-husband and former bodyguard, Atila Altaunbay is a Muslim guy from Turkey. Photo Source: Grace Jones' Instagram.

Besides that, Atila hasn't opened up much about his family. It might be to protect them from the unnecessary media attention that celebrity families often face in the media. So, Atila Altaunbay's parents have never made any public appearance. He also hasn't mentioned whether he is a single child or has any siblings.

Talking about his educational background, Grace Jones's ex-husband must have completed his formal education in his hometown. Considering his security profession, he must have also trained in CPR, AED, fight, etc.

Atila Altaunbay Net Worth And Career

The media personality gained attention after working for the model, Jones. Alongside recognition, he must have also earned a substantial income from his job. So, Atila Altaunbay's net worth must have comprised his earnings from his job as a bodyguard in earlier days.

Before being hired as Grace Jones' bodyguard, what Atlia did is still a mystery to the media. Still, some sources claim he initially served as a pizza delivery boy in Belgium. But, there isn't much credibility for the information.

Atila's former client, Grace, is a famous fashion icon, singer, and actress. Considering her popularity, she must have only hired professionals for her protection. So, it's likely, the former guard might have had some experience in security before.

Altaunbay's salary must have also been a hefty amount from his job. As states, the U.S. bodyguard's average salary to $66,746; his earnings must have been around or more than the given range.

Hence, Atila Altaunbay's net worth must have been a notable amount from his profession. It will likely increase with his new career ventures in the upcoming days.

Atila Altaunbay Net Worth

As a bodyguard of Grace Jones, Atila Altaunbay's salary must have been a considerable amount. Photo Source: Grace Jones' Instagram.

Speaking of Atila's ex-partner and client, Grace Jones began her career as a model before transitioning to singing and acting. As a model, she has appeared in the covers of Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Stern, etc., and worked for well-renowned brands.

Likewise, Jones has released many albums, namely, Portfolio, Fame, Slave to the Rhythm, Hurricane, Nightclubbing, etcHer songs have topped many music charts and made great sales. In addition, her movies Conan the Destroyer, Boomerang, A View to a Kill, Vamp, etc., were blockbusters.

Thus, Atila Altaunbay's ex-wife, Grace Jones' net worth amounts to $7 million.

Atila Altaunbay's Relationship With Grace Jones

Atila's then-wife, Grace Jones, has been recognized for her excellent fashion sense, melodious voice, and realistic acting. She is also known for enjoying a vibrant and exciting life. So, her relationship with her then-bodyguard, Atila, became a sensation right after the revelation.

The ex-couple had attended traditional carnival parades in Rio De Janeiro a week before their wedding. However, both only seemed to share a professional relationship then, so their sudden marriage announcement later shocked many people.

The ex-pair married in a small ceremony with fifty guests in February 1996. The event was officiated by a Presbyterian minister in a private house. Moreover, after the ritual, the ex-couple went to the gym to work out. Both also had a plan of going on a honeymoon to New York.

Atila Altaunbay's then-spouse, Grace, was forty-two years old, and he was twenty-one during their wedding. Despite their significant age difference, the then-duo enjoyed a happy union for eight years. Sadly, they divorced in 2004.

Atila Altaunbay Ex-Wife Grace Jones

Atila Altaunbay's ex-wife, Grace Jones, was twenty-one years older than him, during their marriage. Photo Source: Grace Jones' Instagram.

The ex-partners haven't shared details of why they separated. But, as per Jones, the former guard didn't want to divorce her. Nonetheless, both have moved on from each other.

The Turk didn't have any children with his former partner, Jones. But Grace Jones's ex-husband was a stepfather to her son, Paulo GoudeGrace welcomed her son from her past relationship with Jean-Paul Goude.

Since separating from the model, Atila has led a quiet life away from the media. He hasn't made any public appearance and likely prefers a private lifestyle. Nevertheless, we wish him a happy and successful life ahead.

Trivia And Facts

  • Atila isn't present on any social media platforms.
  • His ex-wife, Grace Jones, claims he was her first husband and denies marrying Chris Stanley before him.

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