Andrew Weatherall Biography 2022 - Musician, DJ, And Remixer

Andrew Weatherall Biography - Musician, DJ, And Remixer

Andrew Weatherall was a celebrated DJ, musician, mixer, and producer from England. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

English musician, DJ, and mixer Andrew Weatherall was best known for his production work on the record Screamadelica by Primal Scream. He was involved in the music business from the late 1980s till 2017 and is considered one of the most influential people in the EDM genre.

Weatherall first found fame as a DJ in the music scene in London but has since become a well-known musician around the world. Even after his untimely death, the English DJ's influence can be heard in today's music. So, let's get to know more about Andrew Weatherall, including his career, love life, and his cause of death.

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Early Life, Family, And Education

Andrew Weatherall was born Andrew James Weatherall on April 6, 1963. He grew up in Windsor, Berkshire, alongside his brother, Ian Weatherall, who is also involved in the music industry. Andrew Weatherall's father, Robert Weatherall, a businessman, and his mother, Carol Weatherall, was a big influence in the DJ's musical journey. They were big fans of Donna Summer's Love To Love You Baby, which helped grow an interest for music in little Andrew.

Andrew Weatherall Family.

Andrew Weatherall was raised alongside his brother, Ian Weatherall, by his parents, Robert and Carol Weatherall. Image Source: Social Media.

Weatherall attended Windsor grammar school and spent his teen years going to disco clubs and soul weekenders. He was only fourteen when the punk scene in London began to take off. He completed his schooling and first found jobs as a construction worker. However, he moved to London in 1987, which was the start of his successful musical career.

Andrew Weatherall Career And Net Worth

Andrew Weatherall's career in music started as a DJ at parties and nightclubs. His encyclopedic musical knowledge and massive record collection made him a go-to DJ at the time, and he was hired by Nicky Holloway, owner of Trip Club, to play there. English DJ Danny Rampling then recruited him to play at his club Shoom.

At Shoom, Weatherall and Rambling became regular DJs and also hosted their own parties. He was also DJing at several other clubs and events like Paul Oakenfold's Future/Spectrum and Trip. Then, Andrew started his own label, Boy's Own Productions, through London Records.

Andrew Weatherall Net Worth.

Andrew Weatherall was a regular DJ at various clubs in London in the 1980s. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The talented DJ started producing music and albums for several artists, many of which were popular among the people. However, his most significant production work was for Primal Scream's third studio album, Screamadelica. Andrew's addition of sample loops creating a mix of hard rock, house, and rave helped the album become one of the most celebrated records of the 1990s. It also won the first-ever Mercury Music Prize in 1992. As a significant part of the project, he must have earned a considerable sum through the album, which in turn helped increase Andrew Weatherall's net worth.

Andrew Weatherall left his company, Boy's Own, and formed a record label and the electronic music trio under the name, The Sabres of Paradise. With the group, he released three albums between 1993-1995. Along with his own music, the mixer also produced for artists like Primal Scream, One Dove, and Beth Orton. He also remixed works of the Future Sound of London, My Bloody Valentine, James, among others.

After working with numerous bands and artists for years, Andrew Weatherall released his debut solo EP in 2006. His EP, The Bullet Catcher's Apprentice, was followed by the solo album, A Pox on the Pioneers in 2009. He then continued to put out several other studios, compilations albums as well as EPs. Some of these projects and their respective prices as per Amazon are listed below:

Albums Prices
A Pox on the Pioneers $60.00 (Audio CD)
Masterpiece $58.46 (Audio CD)
From the Bunker $58.44 (Audio CD)
Convenanza $7.99 (MP3)
Fabric 19 $9.49 (MP3)
Consolamentum $27.98 (Audio CD)
Qualia $66.13 (Vinyl)

Many of the abovementioned albums and EPs were loved by fans and sold thousands, if not millions, of copies. Through the music sales, Andrew Weatherall's net worth must have seen a steady rise throughout his career.

Also, many of Andrew's music is now available on streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, and several others. Weatherall's Spotify has more than 77K monthly listeners, and his songs have been streamed millions of times. While Andrew is no more, his estate must earn an enormous sum from these sites.

Besides making, producing, and mixing music, Weatherall also worked as a freelance music journalist. He collaborated with Terry Farley, Steve Mayes, and Cymon Eckel to form Boy's Own, a publication to comment on music, fashion, sports, and other issues. While the fanzine might not have earned them a massive sum, Andrew Weatherall's fortune was undoubtedly influenced by it.

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Relationship And Children

While the DJ's career trajectory is well documented, his love life was a different story. He rarely opened up about his life and managed to keep his romantic life away from the spotlight. Also, he did not have any children. It wasn't until his death that it was revealed that the producer was in a relationship.

Andrew Weatherall Partner.

Andrew Weatherall was very secretive about his romantic life. Image Source: Social Media.

Andrew Weatherall's partner, Elizabeth Walker, just like him, is a woman full of mystery. It is unclear when the duo first met and started dating. Nevertheless, Walker must have been a great support during Andrew's final days. We hope all the best for Andrew's partner in her life.

Cause Of Death

Andrew Weatherall was one of the most influential men in the British music scene. So, his death came as a shock to many of his fans as well as other musicians. He died on February 17, 2020, at Whipps Cross University Hospital in London. He was only 56, and the news of his untimely death broke people's hearts around the world.

Andrew Weatherall's management announced his passing through a statement and revealed that the cause of death was a pulmonary embolism. It was also revealed that he was being treated at the hospital, but the blood clot reached his heart. His death was reportedly swift and peaceful.

The English DJ, producer, and musician is survived by his father, Robert, brother, Ian, and his partner, Elizabeth Walker. 

Trivia And Facts

  • Andrew Weatherall used the pseudonym Audrey Witherspoon while working as a freelance music journalist.
  • He is regarded as the key figure in the acid house movement in the 1980s.
  • He starred in the 1996 movie Hard Men as Buddha.

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