Anastacia Biography 2024 - Singer And Songwriter

Anastacia Biography - Singer And Songwriter

Anastacia is an American singer songwriter, producer and former dancer who has sold over 52 million records worldwide. Image Source: Anastacia's Instagram.

Known for her multi-platinum global blockbuster "I'm Outta Love," Anastacia is a singer, producer, and former dancer as well. Ever since beginning her career as a dancer for Club MTV in 1983, Anastacia has achieved a wide range of success, most notably with her singing.

So why delay reading about the American singer who was awarded as 'World's Best-Selling New Female Pop Artist' in 2001.

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Anastacia Had A Difficult Childhood

Anastacia Lyn Newkirk was born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 17, 1968, but she is best known by her stage name, Anastacia.

The singer was born to her parents, Robert Newkirk and Diane Hurley. Her father was a club singer, whereas her mother worked in a musical theatre. Moreover, the pop star belongs to mixed ethnicity as her dad is German and mom is Irish.

Anastacia Family

Anastacia's father Robert Newkirk, was a singer and mother Diane Hurley, worked as an actress on musical theatre on Broadway. Image Source: Anastacia's Instagram.

The American singer is the middle child of her parents. Though not much is there to know about Anastacia's siblings, according to some of the reports, her sister's name is Shawna Newkirk, and her brother is Brian Newkirk.

The talented singer was only five years old when her father left the family. And, the mother-daughter duo moved from Chicago to New York. The gorgeous singer enrolled at Manhattan's Professional Children's School.

On being asked if her father's abandonment affected her, then Anastacia gracefully says, all the things that happened to her in her early years made her the strong woman that she is today. 

In addition, the Evolution singer also denied having any kind of relationship with her late father. The American singer added that neither did she miss him nor did she consider him to be her father since he abandoned them.

Well, her father's separation was not the only thing that Anastacia Lyn Newkirk had to endure as she also has a severe illness. At the age of thirteen, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

Later at the age of 34, Anastacia was diagnosed with breast cancer. The brave singer was also suffering from a heart condition supraventricular tachycardia, which she found out when she turned 39. Anastacia was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in 2013 and had surgery.

Hence, we can see from time to time she had been battling numerous health diseases throughout her life.

Anastacia Net Worth & Career

Anastacia worked in restaurants and hair salons after graduating while also pursuing a career in the music industry. She continued to pursue her goals for the next decade despite her health concerns, as been mentioned earlier. The singer-songwriter began her career as a hired dancer in 1983.

The Chicago-born singer's first professional music career was as a background vocalist, which she started in 1990. After a decade Not That Kind, her first full-length studio album, was released. I'm Outta Love, the album's debut single, went on to become successful in the United States, as well as Australia and Europe.

The lady with the unique voice went on to have even more success since she released six more studio albums. Followed by the fame which drove her into the superstar position we're talking about. In fact, over 30 million albums of her have been sold to date.

Moving further, the online pricing of Anastacia's albums are as follows.

Releasing Year Albums MP3 Audio CD Vinyl
2000 Not That Kind $9.99 $13.25 $33.99
2001 Freak Of Nature $9.99 $5.98 -
2004 Anastacia $5.98 - -
2008 Heavy Rotation $10.49 $8.03 -
2012 It's A Man's World - - -
2014 Resurrection $9.49 $12.25 -
2017 Evolution $9.49 $16.06 -

Following the albums' release, Anastacia appeared on various television shows, commercials. Moreover, she also flaunted the covers of numerous renowned magazines. Hence, without a doubt, all these initiatives contribute to Anastacia's net worth of $40 million.

Earnings Through Tours & Concerts

Throughout Resurrection singer's musical career, she has had numerous successful tours. In fact, in 2004, she wrapped up the most successful European tour by a solo artist.

Anastacia Net Worth

Anastacia launched the most successful European tour by a solo artist in 2004. Image Source: Anastacia's Instagram.

Having said that, till now Anastacia has held 93 concerts. Starting from conducting one concert in the year 2000 to having maximum concerts of around 24 in 2009 followed by 18 in 2015, the singer-songwriter has seen it all. Thus we assume the singer who is known for her powerful mezzo-soprano voice must have accumulated quite an enormously high wealth.

It is worth mentioning that Anastacia will organize her I'm Outta Lockdown Tour in 2022. Moreover, you can find all the details regarding the tour and concert on her website or social media profile.

Earnings From Other Business Ventures

In addition to a singing career, the American singer has also demonstrated her work as a fashion designer. Moreover, she helps design all her concert clothes.

Anastacia and s. Oliver, a German clothing manufacturer, collaborated on the "Anastacia by s. Oliver" clothing line in late 2006. In addition, a limited-edition fashion collection named "Limited Luxury" was introduced, which was created in collaboration with Swarovski. Anastacia launched her cooperation with Tat2 Designs, a jewelry brand, in 2015.

Moreover, in 2016, Anastacia and Blumarine joined hands together to create an eyewear collection. The Blumarine Eyewear by Anastacia capsule collection includes three styles of sunglasses and two optical frames, both available in two colors and with unique characteristics.

In one of the interviews, Anastacia admitted that working with Blumarine and De Rigo was like a dream come true to her. And hence we can see, how she eventually turned her passionate dream into one of her earning sources.

Moreover, the inspirational singer also has her own online store. Here is the list of different products with their mentioned prices.

Merchandise Price(Pounds) Price(USD)
Ultimate Collection CD Album £11.99 $16.22
Ladies White T-Shirt £30.00 $40.59
Icon Shopper Bag £12.00 $16.24
Men's White T-Shirt £30.00 $40.59
Ladies Glass T-Shirt £30.00 $40.59
Resurrection Laminate £25.00 $33.83
Resurrection Necklaces £30.00 $40.59

Looking at Anastacia's net worth and source of earnings, no doubt she is a self-made lady.

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Got Married To Her Bodyguard

Even from an early age, the pop singer was battling for her life. But ever since the fashion enthusiast hired Wayne Newton as her bodyguard, things didn't remain the same between the two. Anastacia told that the couple started out as best friends, however even they didn't know that there will be such a turn of events.

On April 21, 2007, Anastacia married her bodyguard Wayne in Huatulco, Mexico. He had two children from a previous relationship, and Anastacia became their stepmother.

The in-love couple married in front of their 80 close ones. Furthermore, the pair had their honeymoon in Mauritius.

However, as they say, you don't know what there has been written in your stars. And even with the kind of love and enthusiasm, the duo got married breaking all the stereotypes, it couldn't withstand the differences they both had to witness.

Hence it was given that the news of their separation came with a huge shock. The couple had filed for divorce in April 2010. Anastacia claims irreconcilable differences to be the cause of their divorce.

According to the records, the pair did have a pre-nuptial agreement.  Moreover, since the divorce, Anastacia's ex-husband has stayed away from the spotlight. It is also not clear if the pop star has also found love again.

Anastacia has numerous tattoos on her body. The singer's third tattoo has letters A&W that stand for her marriage to Wayne Newton. Despite the fact that the couple is now separated, Anastacia has stated that she does not regret the tattoo.

Has Made A Firm Decision To Not To Have A Child

The I'm Outta Love singer had once been asked in an interview regarding her not having any babies yet. The singer answered despite being physically capable of carrying a child, she has decided to focus on her career rather than starting a family after beating breast cancer in 2013.

Anastacia Children

Anastacia, the renowned pop singer has made a decision to not to have children. Image Source: Anastacia's Instagram.

The US star also revealed that, despite the fact that she is in her 50s, the renowned songwriter-producer has made the decision not to have children since it is "a genuine choice" that is unaffected by her biological clock.

The pop diva also stated that she doesn't think of herself any less of a woman because of not having a child. Instead being empowered to do what is good for her has made the ideal singer feel more like a woman.


  • In an interview, Anastacia told that What have You Done For Me Lately by Janet Jackson is the first single that she bought.
  • She is also known as "the little lady with the big voice."

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