Alix Klineman Biography 2024 - Beach and Indoor Volleyball Player

Alix Klineman Biography - Beach and Indoor Volleyball Player

Alix Klineman is one of the players on the US national volleyball team to compete in 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Photo Source: Alix's Instagram.

Volleyball was invented in 1895 and was included in the list of games at the Olympics in 1996. This is because so many great players have come and gone leaving their mark on the court in the years it has been played. One of those players is former indoor volleyball and beach volleyball player Alix Klineman.

Alix started playing volleyball when she was in school and was the star of indoor volleyball in her high school. With a promising career in the sport, she was drafted onto the national team in 2008. With many gold medals won in international games, one can say that she is among the greatest volleyball player out there. 

So, let's have a look at the life of the Olympian beach volley player, Alix Klineman.

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Early Life, Family, And Education

Alexandra Rose Klineman was born in Torrance, California, on the 30th of December 1989. The athlete's parents, Mike Klineman and Kathie Klineman, raised her in Manhatten Beach, California.

The Klineman family spent a comfortable life at the beach, and the children would often play in the sea. Alexandra Klineman's life near the sea may have encouraged her to develop an affinity for the sport, as many people play volleyball at the beach.

Alix Klineman mother

Athlete Alix Klineman is a lookalike of her mother, Kathie and the mother-daughter duo have a close bond with one another. Photo Source: Alix's Instagram.

The Team USA athlete grew up alongside her siblings, brother Max Klineman and sister Maddy Klineman. Although the current nature of the relationship between the siblings is not explicit, they certainly had a wonderful childhood together.

Moreover, the volley player has stated that she loves her family, which must mean that she holds her siblings dear.

The star athlete started to play volleyball at the age of 8. Moreover, she was one of the best volleyball players at her school. Her unmatched skills at her high school, Mira Costa High School, must have led her to pick the sport to become her career choice. 

Alix Klineman Net Worth And Career

With years of experience under her belt, there is no doubt that Alix Klineman's net worth may have been amassed to a colossal amount. Playing for the national team is sure to have paid her a good paycheck every month.

No one can become a player in the Olympics overnight. It takes a lot of practice and determination for one to get selected for the games. There is no doubt that Alix Klineman, too, had to prove her worth to the scouts to get into the national team for the prestigious title.

Let us look at the Volley player's journey to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.

Alix Klineman net worth

Alix Klineman has won multiple games in the beach volleyball tournaments alongside her partner April Ross. Image Source: Alix's Instagram.

Alix Klineman was one of the greatest indoor volleyball players in her high school. She has been named the coveted Gatorade State Player of the Year twice in 2005 and 2006 and the Gatorade National Player of the Year in 2006. Moreover, she was the State Championship's most valuable player as well.

All these achievements while still in high school are a matter of pride for anyone.

The athlete's outstanding performance during high school encouraged her to take college volleyball as well. The competition got tough at Stanford University, but she pushed on and became the Volleyball Magazine Player in 2010 during her senior year.

While still in college, Alix Klineman had been scouted for the USA's National Team.

Although she was a training player on the national volleyball team, in the beginning, she did go on to win a bronze in the 2011 Pan American Games. Before becoming an official member, Alix Klineman won the gold medal in the 2004 NORCECA Girls' Youth Continental Championship as a part of the US Girls' Youth Team. However, the athlete left the national team in 2015.

The athlete used to play both indoor and beach volleyball during the course of her career. However, in 2017, Alix Klineman retired from indoor volleyball to focus more on her beach volleyball career. The decision then turned out to be great for her as she and her partner, April Ross, went on to win many championships together. Some of the titles the duo won are listed below.

Year Championship
January 2018 FIVB Dela Beach Open
October 2018 FIVB Dela Beach Open
2019 New York City Open AVP Tour
2020 AVP Monster Hydro Cup
2020 AVP Champions Cup

The duo has been great with one another and continues to thrive. They have been named the AVP team of the year in 2018. Alix Klineman has also been honored as the Best Blocker, and the Most Improved Player awards that same year.

After almost two decades of hard work, it must have been a great relief for Alix Klineman when she got selected for the 2020 Olympics. The Olympian has been excited and has constantly shared about it on her social media. Moreover, she must be excited to play in the games alongside her partner, April Ross.

Comfortable Lifestyle

Speaking of Alix's life, she enjoys her time with her fiance. 

Moreover, the Olympian's fiance earned about $4.5 million a year while still playing professionally. Thus, it may be safe to say that Alexandra, too, could make a considerable sum of money with her contributions to her country's team.

The couple lives in a luxurious home. The house was featured on the coveted Architectural Digest magazine, and from the looks, it is nothing but extravagant. According to AD, the contemporary house belongs to Purcell, but Alix moved in in 2020 after redecorating it with the help of famed interior designers Lori Teacher and Monique Blum.

Again, from the looks of it, the home is perfect for the two athletes. 

Now, let's learn about her love life and relationship.

Soon To Be Married

Alix Klineman is about to get married to Teddy Purcell aka Edward Purcell. The couple got engaged in June 2021 and have not made any announcements regarding their wedding. However, the pair will certainly have a happy life as they are very much in love with each other.

Alix Klineman Husband-to-be, Teddy Purcell

Alix Klineman got engaged to her fiancé, Teddy Purcell in June 2021. He is a former ice hockey player. Image Source: Alix's Instagram.

Alix Klineman's husband-to-be is also an athlete. He used to play ice hockey for Canada but has since retired from the sport and now lives a quiet life with his fiancee. Teddy was not drafted by any NHL team. However, he was signed as a free agent by Los Angeles Kings and went on to play for Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers, and Edmonton Oilers.

No matter when the power couple decide to marry, it is inevitable that it will be a beautiful ceremony filled with love and affection. We are eagerly looking forward to that day and wish the duo the best for their life together.

Trivia And Fun Facts:

  • Alix Klineman is taller than her husband-to-be, Teddy Purcell, as she stands 6 feet 5 inches tall. 
  • The athlete and her fiancee have a pet dog named Vedder.
  • Alexandra Klineman's brother is a volleyball player.

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