Quentin Henry Biography 2024 - Renowned BKFC Fighter

Quentin Henry Biography - Renowned BKFC Fighter

Quentin Henry has won many Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Image Source: Quentin Henry's Instagram.

There are many MMA fighting style which includes boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and many more. Among them, bare-knuckle fighting has gained massive fame and popularity. Although competing is forbidden in some nations, it is legal in the USA, and many people are interested in it. Likewise, Quentin Henry is a pro-bare-knuckle fighter who has won many events and tournaments. 

There are many interesting facts about him that people are still unaware of, so in this brief biography, we'll try to give the necessary information about his personal and professional career. Scroll till the end of the page to learn more about the pro fighter. 

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Started Training In MMA From The Age Of Three

The mixed martial artist was born on November 5, 1989, in West Monroe, Louisiana, USA. Henry's parents are Judy Henry and Joe Henry. It is known that Quentin's dad was in the Navy, and he learned boxing there. Moreover, the former was three years old when he joined his papa's martial arts training. 

Also, Henry's old man used to run a gym where he started fighting. His father, Joe, was and still is his coach. In one of the interviews, he mentioned that he was his father's practice dummy. Furthermore, Quentin Henry's parents are very supportive of his career and often go to cheer him up in different tournaments. 

Quentin Henry Family

Quentin Henry's mother and grandmother attending his tournament. Image Source: Judy Henry's Instagram.

Additionally, Henry grew up alongside two siblings, Tommy Joe Henry and Ian Henry. Speaking of his education, he hasn't yet disclosed which school he attended. He was a student at the University of Louisiana Monroe. But as he has become one of the best fighters, he must have always wanted to choose this profession.

How Did Henry Get Famous?

Well, there always comes a turning point in a fighter's life that helps them gain the public's attention. It is a similar case with Quentin too. Even though he was in the MMA world for a long time, people started noticing him when MTV "Caged" launched him. When MTV came to his town, he already had a ton of experience.

Likewise, in the most dramatic scene of the episode, he knocked out Daniel Payne, one of the main characters of the show, and made him unconscious. Additionally, the MMA fighter said that MTV picked up the show because of that knockout. Besides this, there is more to Henry that people are still unaware of, so let's talk more about his career and earnings.

Quentin Henry Net Worth And Career 

As mentioned earlier, the BKFC athlete started showing interest in fighting at a very young age. Since then, he has established himself in the MMA world by winning different tournaments. Well, his pay is primarily based on his earnings as a fighter. Likewise, Quentin Henry's net worth must be immense, considering his exceptional career and wins. 

In addition, looking at his LinkedIn profile, it is known that he owns several businesses and works for different companies. For instance, he launched Hero Fitness Academy in 2019. It provides Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training for kids and adults. Likewise, Quentin has been serving as a project manager since January 2022 for Armed Forces Roofing & Construction. Moreover, he was also the owner of Gracie Barra Calhoun till June 2022.

Well talking about his career, the sports personality has a record of 1-0 in boxing and 12-6 in MMA. He first competed in bare-knuckle fighting in 2019. So, now let's take a look at Quentin Henry's BKFC fight record: 

Event Opponent Result
BKFC Fight Night Belcher vs Tate Sawyer Depee Win
BKFC JACKSON Chris Saroo Win
BKFC 20 Bedford vs. Barnett Jr Jason Fish Win
BKFC 15 O'Bannon vs. Shewmaker Jason Fann Win
BKFC 7: Alers vs. Garcia Brandon Malbrough Win

Table Source: BKFC Official Website 

The sports personality's BKFC record is 5-1-0 as of August 2022. Henry must have been paid well because he had won so many competitions. As of 2020, a fighter had an average salary of $2,500 for a low-end BKFC match, according to sportskeeda. However, many of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship's well-known competitors claim to be paid significantly more. Hence, Quentin Henry's net worth must be immense. 

Is Happily Married

Not only Quentin is prospering in his professional career, he is also successful and happy in his personal life. As bare-knuckle fighting is very dangerous, people competing in it get seriously injured. A similar case is for Henry however, his spouse's support and encouragement make his struggles and hardships much easier.

The good-looking personality is happily married to his partner, Courtney Cousans Henry. Quentin Henry's wife is a nurse and is the clinical manager at Serenity Homecare. The couple has been together for a long time and is utterly in love. Although the pair have kept their information private, their bond and chemistry are strong, as evidenced by their adorable Instagram posts. Since his spouse is a nurse, she must treat him while he is injured and takes care of him.

By this, we can tell Quentin and Courtney are made for each other and are enjoying marital bliss.

Is A Proud Father Of Three 

Well, Quentin is not just dedicated to his professional career; he is also a devoted and loving father. With his partner, Henry has welcomed three children, Aubrey Dee Henry, Mason Paul Henry, and Thomas Hawkins Henry. The pair showers their kids with immense love and care. Futhermore, both of Quentin Henry's sons joined kindergarten and Pre-K, respectively, in 2022. 

Quentin Henry kids

Quentin Henry is blessed with three children. Image Source: Quentin Henry's Instagram.

Also, Quentin Henry's daughter, Aubrey, was seen getting trained by her grandfather. As Quentin has also been involved in the MMA world for a long time, have his children gained interest in boxing or fighting? If they wish to follow this career path, the fighter and his father will surely help them achieve their dream. Likewise, Quentin Henry's children must be having a blast growing up together. 

Nonetheless, the BKFC personality seems to be living a happy and comfortable life. Let's hope he keeps on winning matches in the coming days. We wish Quentin a healthy and prosperous life. 

Trivia And Facts 

  • Quentin has 24K followers on his Instagram. 
  • Henry's nickname is The Hero
  • He is set to face Lorenzo Hunt at BFKC 30. 
  • Quentin is ranked No.2 in the cruiserweight class as of now.
  • He was also a firefighter.

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