Tyler Lepley Biography 2024 - Actor And Rapper

Tyler Lepley Biography - Actor And Rapper

Tyler Lepley is an American actor and rapper who rose to the fame after starring in The Haves and the Have Nots. Image Source: Tyler Lepley's Instagram.

Tyler Lepley is an American actor who is best known for his role in the franchise The Haves and the Have Nots. In addition, he is also a rapper and even worked as a personal trainer once. Eventually, he made his debut as a lead role in the 2012 horror movie Slumber Party Slaughter.

On top of that, he has released his three albums in 2019 and 2020. Scroll down to know more information about Tyler Lepley and his whereabouts.

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Has Been A Victim Of Racism

Lepley grew up in Philadelphia, having been born on March 24, 1987. Lepley was raised by his mother, Jennifer, and stepfather since he was six.

In addition, Lepley is of mixed ethnicity, as his biological father, was of Jamaican heritage, whereas Tyler's mother is from an Italian background. Due to the color of his skin, he has been the victim of bullying on a race basis. Nevertheless, Tyler Lepley's parents always supported and gave all their love.

Encountered A Little Trouble

After completing his high school studies at Central Bucks High School West, Tyler Lepley attended Kutztown University. Since he was very much into football, he played for the college team for several years under the name, Tyler Dinnis. However, he was suspended after attacking and breaking a man's jaw.

While this affected his playing career, Lepley did graduate with a degree in criminal justice. He then moved to LA and got a job as a personal trainer in a boxing gym in Santa Monica. 

Tyler Lepley Net Worth And Career

While Tyler was still a personal trainer in a gym, he was fortunate enough to get noticed by an independent film producer. He successfully grabbed an opportunity to feature in the film "Slumber Party Slaughter" in 2012. Since then he has starred in numerous movies and television shows and earned a considerable fortune. Moreover, Lepley has also launched his music career.

So, let's take a look at Tyler Lepley's net worth and all of his income sources.

Income From Acting

After securing a small part in Slumber Party Slaughter, Tyler caught the acting bug. He then tried his luck on both big and small screens and starred in several movies and shows. Thereafter, he got his big break from the show The Haves and the Have Nots, where he played a recurring character named Benjamin Young.

Tyler Lepley Net Worth

Tyler Lepley is an American actor, personal trainer and a rapper with quite a growing net worth. Image Source: Tyler Lepley's Instagram.

Moreover, his 2013 movie Baggage Claim had a box office collection of $22 million. Hence, being a part of a successful project such early in his career must have added a considerable sum to his fortune. Furthermore, according to IMDB, the actor has acted in 14 different projects such as Hollywood Chaos, Ringside, and Harlem, to name a few.

According to salary.com, the average salary any actor in the US makes is $58,495. It is worth mentioning that the amount doesn't remain the same every time as their performance salaries vary from time to time. Nonetheless, the Philadelphia native must have received a significant amount for his contribution to various projects.

Moreover, at times, Tyler conducts The Actor's Workshop. The workshop is a guide to the ones who want to pursue their future in the acting industry. For those interested, Lepley is set to conduct a workshop in December 2021. The cost of the ticket is set as $250 for a 4-hour long session.

To sum it up, Tyler Lepley's fortune includes the sum he has amassed through his hard work as an actor and a mentor.

Income As A Rapper

Till now, Tyler has released his three albums. His self-titled album, Tyler was released in 2019, followed by EP, 4 Your Inconvience, in 2020. The same year he released his second studio album Power of the Pynk.

Although it has not been too long since he entered the music world, he has successfully garnered his fans' attention. As a result, Lepley has 12K monthly listeners in Spotify. Hence it is safe to say he is successfully exploring the music profession, which goes hand in hand with his earning increments. 

The following table shows the price of his albums available on Amazon Music.

Album Price on Amazon Music


4 Your Inconvience (EP) $4.95
Power of the Pynk $7.92

Besides, this is no new fact that singing and rapping come with conducting different concerts. With the release of his second album, the multi-talented artist also talked about touring on his Instagram.

And if he does tour to promote his music, there is no doubt that Tyler Lepley's net worth will soon see a big rise.

Another American rapper and actor who has enjoyed a successful career is Bleu Da Vinci.

Is Tyler Lepley Dating Anyone?

The American actor once said that he wants something as pure as his mother and stepdad's relationship. Tyler Lepley's mother Jennifer, and her husband have been together for more than 25 years now. Hence we assume, he too is looking for the same kind of long-lasting relationship.

Although it has not been too long, it seems Tyler found the one, As he made it official on his Instagram that he is dating Miracle Watts. Tyler Lepley's girlfriend, Miracle is an actress and model. Even though rumors about their affair circulated here and there, nothing was confirmed. However, the couple has shared a beautiful picture of them sitting together and made it Instagram official. 

Tyler Lepley's Girlfriend, Miracle Watts

Tyler Lepley has made his relationship with actress and model Miracle Watts Instagram official. Image Source: Tyler Lepley's Instagram.

Though many Tyler Lepley's fans must have been heartbroken with this news, let us not forget they have their personal lives too. So, at last, we hope and wish the couple to last long and to tackle every turn of life together.


  • Tyler Lepley loved to play football, basketball, karate, and boxing as a child.
  • When he first started out in showbiz, rumors about Tyler's sexuality were all over the media. However, in an interview, Leppley denied that neither he nor his co-star, Tyler Perry were gay.

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