Tim Zinnemann Biography 2022 - Former Filmmaker

Tim Zinnemann Biography - Former Filmmaker

Tim Zinnemann is an American film producer, photographer, and former assistant director. Image Source: Social Media.

In the world of cinema and movies, Tim Zinnemann is no stranger. He is an American film producer, photographer, and former assistant director and has produced several projects over the years. Similarly, Tim is widely recognized for his performance in the films The Long Riders, The Running Man, The Cowboys, and The Island of Dr. Moreau. Moreover, he also comes from a movie background, with his dad being none other than the established and successful film director Fred Zinnemann

Having served in the entertainment industry for over three decades, Tim has worked hard to establish his identity as a film producer. As many people may not be familiar with his struggle and hardships, we provide you with this article covering all essential details regarding Tim Zinnemann's professional career and personal life, as his story surely deserves a fair chance to be known to the world. 

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His Father Won Four Oscars 

The prolific filmmaker was born on April 15, 1940, in Los Angeles, California, U.S. He was welcomed into this world by his father, Fred, and his mother, Renee Bartlett. As mentioned earlier, Tim Zinnemann's father, Fred, was a renowned name in the American cinematic field. He had won four Academy Awards for producing and directing films in several genres. Unfortunately, Fred passed away on March 14, 1997. 

Tim Zinnemann's Father Fred Zinnemann

Tim Zinnemann's father, Fred Zinnemann, won four Academy Awards for producing and directing films. Image Source: Social Media.

Furthermore, Tim has aspired to work in the entertainment industry since early childhood. Talking about his educational background, he attended Columbia University, but to work as a film editor in Italy, he left before graduation. 

Tim Zinnemann Net Worth And Career 

Having come from a household involved in the entertainment sector, Tim following in his father's footsteps was expected by many. And he did produce several projects at a young age. So, now let's learn more about Tim Zinnemann's net worth and career. 

Fred Zinnemann's son began his career as an assistant director on the movie Harlow (1965). His early films include Cast a Giant Shadow (1966), What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? (1966), Bullitt (1968), and The Happening (1967). In addition, Tim's other assistant directorial credits include The Reivers (1969), The Great White Hope (1970), Cinderella Liberty (1973), Farewell, My Lovely (1975), The Day of the Locust (1975), and Smile (1975).

Zinnemann then went on to become a line producer. Some of his producing credits are Straight Time (1978), The Long Riders (1980), A Small Circle of Friends (1980), Impulse (1984), Street Fighter (1994), and Lies of the Twins (1991). Furthermore, his last credit as a producer was The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996). Likewise, Tim directed an episode of Miami Vice in 1985, which is his only directing credit to date. The filmmaker has focused entirely on photography since 1992, working for various publications. 

Now, let's look at some of Tim's projects alongside their box office collections. 

Movies Box Office Collections
Impulse $2,773,433
Fandango $91,666
The Running Man $38,122,105
Street Fighter $99,431,786
The Island of Dr. Moreau $49,627,779

Table Source: Box Office Mojo 

After being part of some commercially successful movies, Tim's salary must have been immense. Furthemore, a person working as a film producer on average in America makes around $69,935 annually. Similarly, he also must have amassed massive wealth from his photography career. Nevertheless, with an incredible filmmaking career of over forty-five years, we can expect that Tim Zinnemann's net worth is significant. 

Has Been Married Four Times Altogether

Tim did share a successful career in the late 90s; however, luck doesn't seem to be in his favor regarding marriage and relationships. As a result, the former assistant director has had four unsuccessful marriages. Tim Zinnemann's first wife was Sharon M. McLaglen, whom he married in 1967; unfortunately, their wedding only lasted for four years, and they divorced in June 1972. He then tied the knot with Paula Reddish in 1972. However, the ex-duo called it quit in 1982.

Then, the photographer got hitched to famous American-Canadian actress and writer Meg Tilly in 1983. Unfortunately, just like his first two marriages, his third marriage also ended in divorce in 1989. However, his marital relationship with Meg garnered a lot of media attention as she was twenty years his junior. Tim Zinnemann's ex-wife, Christine Walton, was his fourth spouse whom he wedded in 1995. The ex-duo separated in 2001.

Tim Zinnemann's Ex-Wife Meg Tilly

Tim Zinnemann 's ex-wife, Meg Tilly is an well-renowned actress and writer. Image Source: Meg Tilly Instagram.

After all these failed marriages, has Zinnemann married again? Or there are chances that he wants to keep his life low-key and stay away from public attention. Now that he is very old, will fans and followers again be familiar with Tim Zinnemann's wife in the future? 

All About Tim Zinnemann's Children

With his first wife, Sharon, Tim has welcomed one child. During his marital years with Meg, the ex-couple welcomed two children; one daughter and one son. Tim Zinnemann's daughter, Emily Zinnemann, was born in 1984, while his son, David Zinnemann, arrived in 1986. They are living with their mother, Meg, and step-father Don Calame

Furthermore, Tim is also the father of two from his fourth partner, Christine. Even though the details of most of his kids haven't been revealed on the Internet, we can believe that Zinnemann has been a loving and supportive dad to all of them. In addition, Tim Zinnemann's children also must be working hard to make him proud of their achievements. 

Nonetheless, the accomplished producer and notable figure in the entertainment world must be happy and enjoying a very content life. Though he is no longer working in Hollywood, his devotion to the industry is certainly inspiring. We hope to hear more of Fred Zinnemann's son's story in the coming days. Finally, we wish Tim and his entire family further success, wealth, and prosperity. 

Trivia And Facts

  • Tim isn't active on social media sites as he prefers to maintain his life low-key. 
  • His late dad, Fred, made 25 feature films in his career of 50 years. 

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