Simon Aboud Biography - Filmmaker And Mary McCartney's Husband

Simon Aboud Biography 2021 - Filmmaker And Mary McCartney's Husband

Simon Aboud is an English writer and director, widely known for his work in movies such as Comes a Bright Day and This Beautiful Fantastic. The artistic and imaginative director involved in various projects, including multiple feature-length movies, promotional materials, writing books, has also worked as an agency creative director prior to working in feature-length movies. Aboud is popular for his decorative and aesthetic style of movie making and exquisite storytelling in most of the projects he's been involved in.

Aboud is also popularly recognized as the husband of Mary McCartney, a British photographer and Global Ambassador for Green Monday and Meat Free Monday, and daughter of Paul McCartney. Simon has also worked with his sister-in-law, Stella McCartney, in Comes a Bright Day. So let's imbibe some more about the son-in-law of rock and roll legend and a member of The Beatles.

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Early Life, Parents, And Education

The brilliant writer and director Simon Aboud was born on the 29th of June of 1965. The filmmaker was born in Liverpool, England, and is a massive supporter of Liverpool FC since childhood. Although the personal details about actors and filmmakers are mostly public, the Liverpool-born filmmaker is very secretive about his life. 

Simon Aboud parents.

Simon Aboud's parents must have supported him a lot during the early phase of his career. Image Source: Simon's Instagram.

Despite being quite active in social media, Simon has not disclosed much information about his parents, siblings, or childhood. However, a few tidbits about his family he has revealed include the fact that Simon has a younger sister. The writer/director has successfully kept a secret about his private life but did post a picture of his parents on Instagram, stating his grief and sadness caused by his mother's Alzheimer's and how he loves his mum boundlessly.

Simon Aboud was born and raised in Liverpool, and the filmmaker still resides in Liverpool along with his wife and children to this day. He completed his high school in Liverpool and attended the University of Birmingham after his high school graduation. Simon was interested in movies since his early youth and the creative process behind changing a page or a book into a picture and story on a screen.

The interest in the art and creation of movies has shaped Simon Aboud's career into what it is now.

Net Worth And Career

Considering how extremely talented he is, it won't be mind-boggling if Simon Aboud's net worth is exponential. He has amassed a considerable sum from his career as a director, writer and also from a few books that he has written.

Simon Aboud's career started as a director of Enchantment, a short movie made in 2004. However, the director got immense recognition from the audience and critics for directing his first-ever feature film, Comes a Bright Day, in 2012. While the movie aided Mary McCartney's husband, Simon, in making a name for himself in the industry, it managed to earn only $1,142 worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.

Simon Aboud net worth

Simon Aboud mostly earns from his profession as a filmmaker. Image Source: Simon's Instagram.

Simon Aboud has since written and directed multiple other movies, including All You Need Is Me, Come Here Today, and one of his largest and most successful projects, This Beautiful FantasticThis Beautiful Fantastic, a contemporary fairy tale starring Mia Farkasovska, Jeremy Irvine, and Tom Wilkinson, is the movie that helped Simon gain the reputation of artistic and visionary director in Hollywood.

As the son-in-law of music legend Paul McCartney, Simon Aboud has directed two music videos for the star. In 2013, Simon made Paul McCartney: Queenie Eye, and in 2018 he made Paul McCartney: Fuh You. With more than 10 credits as a director, writer, and producer in movies and tv series, there is no doubt that Aboud has gained recognization and success in the entertainment industry. Through all of these works, Simon Aboud's net worth must be quite a significant amount.

Additionally, Simon Aboud has written three books as well. His first one that he co-wrote with Paul Wilson Told: The Art of Story, published in 2009, is priced at £38.02 or $52.6. Similarly, The White Horse that Simon co-wrote with his wife is priced at £39.95 or $55.27, and Simon's standalone book, Mary McCartney: From Where I Stand, is £19.95 or $27.6. All these book sales would surely add a huge chunk to Simon Aboud's net worth.

Mary McCartney's husband, Simon Aboud, has also worked in strong cinematic pieces of alcohol brands, Beefeater Gin and Highland Park Whisky. He might have earned a sizable amount of money via these projects. So, undoubtedly, Simon Aboud's net worth would be a massive amount altogether.

Throughout his career, the riches Simon has gathered would allow Simon Aboud's wife and Simon himself to live a lavish and fulfilling life.

Married To A McCartney And Multiple Kids

 As mentioned before, the artistic director and writer is a married man. Simon Aboud's wife, Mary McCartney, is a British social media personality and a photographer. Mary was born on 28th August of 1969 in London, England. The London-born photographer is the eldest daughter of singer/songwriter and former vocalist and bassist of the music band, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, and photographer and musician Linda McCartney.

Simon Aboud wife Mary McCartney and in-law Paul McCartney

Simon Aboud is also very close to his wife, Mary McCartney's family. Image Source: Simon's Instagram.

On the 11th of August 2008, Mary McCartney gave birth to Sam Aboud with her then-boyfriend, Simon Aboud. Two years later, Simon married Mary in a private ceremony in London at the Marylebone Register Office, the same location where Mary's parents got married, without letting Paul McCartney know about the ceremony. After their marriage, the couple gave birth to their second child, Sid Aboud, on 3rd September of 2011. Though the couple has two kids, Mary McCartney also had two kids, with Alistair Donald, her former husband. Mary had Arthur Alistair Donald, born on 3rd April of 1999, and Elliot Donald, born on 1st August of 2002, prior to her relationship with Simon Aboud.

Even though the director is very private about his personal life, Simon Aboud's children appear consistently on his Instagram and social media handles. Along with this, Simon routinely shares pictures of his lovely wife, Mary, on his profile and professes his love for her in captions. Both Simon Aboud and Mary McCartney are well-versed in the life of a celebrity, so they actively choose to keep much of their private moment unknown from the media. Nevertheless, we hope to know more about the Aboud family and wish well upon the director and his family.

Trivia And Fun Facts

  • Simon Aboud was nominated for Best Film in the Berlin International Film Festival for his movie, Comes a Bright Day, in 2012.
  • Simon was nominated again for the Best Film category in 2017 in Edinburgh International Film Festival and Emden International Film Festival for his movie, This Beautiful Fantastic.
  • Simon has more than 2.6K Instagram followers.

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