Selah Marley Biography 2023 - Emerging Model And Singer

Selah Marley Biography - Emerging Model And Singer

Selah Marley is the new rising star in the field of modelling and music. Image Source: Selah Marley's Instagram.

If you are a celebrity child, you too are somehow prone to the media limelight. And it is the same case here. Selah Louise Marley, more commonly known as Selah Marley, is a fashion model and vocalist from the United States. She is the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley.

Speaking of Selah, she has appeared on the covers of Wonderland, Flaunt, the UK Sunday Times, and L'Uomo Vogue. She has also modeled for Chanel, Ivy Park, Telfar, and Michael Kors ads. Furthermore, she was named to the Maxim Hot 100 list in 2017. Let's find out what the rising star has been doing.

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Name With A Spiritual Meaning

On November 12, 1998, Selah was born in Miami, Florida, United States. As aforementioned, Selah Marley's mother is Lauryn Hill, the most successful female rapper and singer-songwriter of her time. Her father, Rohan Marley, is a Jamaican entrepreneur and former football player. 

It is worth mentioning that despite being together for 15 years, Selah's parents never took their relationship one step forward. In addition, she is the granddaughter of legendary reggae musician Bob Marley.

Selah Marley's mother Lauryn Hill

Selah Marley is the daughter of eight- time Grammy winner Lauryn Hill. Image Source: Selah Marley's Instagram.

Between her parents, Marley has multiple siblings and half-siblings. She claims that her upbringing was complicated and, at times, painful. As far as her education is concerned then, she has studied science and spirituality. She is a student of NYU Gallatin school.

Apart from that, if you are curious if her name holds some specific meaning, then yes. According to the Bible in Psalms, Selah is a Hebrew name that means "meditational pause." Somehow Selah relates her name with her persona as she believes, it is a reminder to keep calm and slow down her overthinking nature.

Selah Marley Net Worth & Career

Selah has made a name for herself in the modeling world, having walked in Kanye West's Yeezy Season 4 show and causing a stir. She's been featured in Vogue, starred in Beyonce's Ivy Park campaign, and has been the face of Miu Miu's lookbook. Let's admit it is not something that happens every other day, and being part of Kanye West's and Beyonce's projects in itself is a huge accomplishment.

So without a doubt, Selah is making some really good earnings. Not to mention she is the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley with a net worth of $9 million and $20 million respectively. And, there is a possibility she might also inherit the legacy of her parents, be it in terms of art or wealth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Selah's granddad, Bob Marley, had a net worth of $32 million, during the time of his demise. Furthermore, even after his death, thanks to his music and image rights, his estates still garner millions of dollars even today. And it has been estimated that Bob Marley would be worth well over $200 million if he were still alive. So, being one of his grandchildren, Selah too might benefit from it. 

Not only this but, she was designated one of 'Fashion's New 'it' Kids' by The New York Times in 2016. Moreover, Marley was also a model for Dior Beauty. Well, we can say she can flex about her achievements in such a smooth manner, as it is not something anyone can achieve. Having been appeared in such prestigious magazines and being the face of renowned brands is sure to skyrocket Selah Marley's net worth in coming years.

Earnings From Music Sector

Selah admits that she is passionate about music. Maybe this is something that runs in her blood. In her freshman year at NYU, she cut her teeth as a producer, with the track "Don't Look Back." In addition, she once said that the thought of doing traditional jobs, never once came into her mind. This was something she had desired to do, from long before.

Moreover, Star Power, Marley's first official EP, was released recently. She raps on growing up in the shadow of fame, exerting ownership over her body in a society that values the male gaze, and the power of reclaiming one's identity in this very personal project. Though, she has also come up and featured in singles such as Breathe, Wait, 500 days. However, this was her first project containing four tracks.

That being said, such creativity as a vocalist and rapper, would also help Selah Marley's net worth to expand even more. 

Selah Marley's Net Worth and earnings

Selah Marley is a model and a singer with expectantly quite a good net worth. Image Source: Selah Marley's Instagram.

And still, she laments how she hasn't done anything big yet, well, we doubt that. As in Selah's initial career only she has demonstrated so much of her talents. We wonder how much she is gonna start earning when she will release her back-to-back albums. 

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Is Selah Dating Someone?

At present, it seems Selah is only focusing on her career. She doesn't seem to be dating anyone and neither there is any sort of link-up rumors, that gives a few hints about her seeing anyone. Even going through her social media profile, there is nothing to make a guess about who Selah Marley's boyfriend is. 

Well, even if Selah is dating anyone, then we wouldn't mind her preference of keeping it private. Nevertheless, whoever would it be, we can say, Selah Marley's partner would be one lucky person.

Sister To Eight Of Her Siblings

It is no new fact that Selah's siblings are in a huge number. as she has multiple brothers and sisters from both her parents, though separately. Selah Marley's brother Zion Marley is the eldest of all. He is already a father of a son. Her other brothers who are younger than her are Joshua Omaru Marley and John Nesta Marley.

Selah Marley's sister Sarah Marley who once made her appearance with her mother during a show totally stole her thunder. Hence it wouldn't come as a shock if she too plans on modeling and singing in her later years like her elders. 

Selah Marley's brothers and sisters

Selah Marley has eight siblings, where four are her biological ones and other four are her half-siblings. Image Source: Selah Marley's Instagram.

Selah's father Rohan has a wife Barbara Fialho, who has also given birth to a daughter Maria Fialho Marley. Hence we can say, there is a new addition to her siblings' list, apart from her biological ones. Likewise to her other stepmom, Geraldine Khawly, she has two half-siblings, Nicolas Rohan Marley, who is a former football linebacker, and Eden Marley. Similarly, the youngest child of her mother is Micah Hill, though the information about the child's father is being kept private.

Selah is all prepared to take over the fashion industry. Despite the fact she is the little darling of huge personalities such as Bob Marley, Rohan Marley, and Lauryn Hill, we are now assured that Selah Marley, on the other hand, is a completely unique individual. And is making her name on her own.


  • Selah is the second child of her mother, Lauryn Hill. In other words, she has six siblings from her mother's side in which she is the second kid.
  • In an interview, Selah said that she wants to take a DJ class.
  • Miss Marley loves wearing heels.

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