Ruby Ashbourne Serkis Biography 2024 - Aspiring Actress And Andy Serkis' Daughter

Ruby Ashbourne Serkis Biography - Aspiring Actress And Andy Serkis' Daughter

Ruby Ashbourne Serkis is an emerging British actress, known for her roles in La Cha Cha, The Serpent, and The Letter For The King. Image Source: Social Media.

The actor, producer and director, Andy Serkis, and his wife Lorraine Ashbourne are one of the most loved and powerful couples in English cinema. The duo has been together for almost two decades now. In addition, the ideal couple together is the proud parents of their three adorable children. 

Hence, in this article, we will not talk about Andy and Lorraine, but about their absolutely gorgeous child Ruby Ashbourne Serkis. There is no denying that Andy Serkis' daughter Ruby is as beautiful as her name indicates.

Not only her beauty but her talent also might have been her lucky charm and the reason she is making herself more known with every passing year. So, why not get to know more about this emerging young actress.

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Ruby Belongs To A Family Of Successful Actors

Ruby was born Ruby Leilani N. Ashbourne Serkis, in 1998 but her exact birth date has not yet been revealed. She was raised in North London, England. Though details about her education are under wraps, we do know she was a student at the City of London School for Girls.

Looking at Ruby being passionate about her work, we assume the gorgeous actress must have been a diligent student in her school. And the all-rounder kid also must have participated in extracurricular activities like acting at school.

As it has been mentioned earlier, Ruby is the darling daughter of Andy and Lorraine. Ruby's father, Andy Serkis, needs no introduction, as he is a huge name in the movie industry. Nor is Ruby's mother, Lorraine Ashbourne lagging behind, as she is also a well-known actress, having worked on some 81 projects.

Speaking of Ruby's relation with her father then, her real-life dad Andy Serkis acted as her reel dad as well in the TV series The Letter for the King. Andy Serkis stated that it was fun to act with his daughter, as there were times when the actor did embarrass his little girl, but that was all that made their time together fun.

Here is a little glimpse of the father-daughter duo having fun and sharing their experiences in the set of The Letter for the King.

Thanks to Ruby's parents, she got the art of portraying characters' emotions on screen. Well, the list doesn't end here, as she has many more family members who are also exploring the same. Ruby Ashbourne Serkis's siblings Sonny Ashbourne Serkis and Louis Ashbourne Serkis are also just behind, who are making their name in the same field.

Like Ruby, Sophia O'Neill is also an emerging actress and daughter of another renowned American actor, Ed O'Neill.

Ruby Ashbourne Serkis Net Worth & Career

Just like other celebrity kids, Ruby too started her career from smaller roles. She was only 12 years old when she first faced the camera in the movie Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. She then appeared in many more projects.

However, it was the 2015 movie Cider with Rosie, which gave her noteworthy recognition. Ruby was appreciated for her performance in the movie. Andy Serkis' daughter blew everyone's mind as the sassy Rosie.

The following year in the Channel 4 miniseries National Treasure, she played a youthful version of Susan Lynch's role. 

The average salary of actors in the UK is estimated to be £23,803, which is equivalent to the $31K. Hence, we assume these annual amounts might have contributed to Ruby Ashbourne Serkis' net worth in her initial years.

Some of the movies in which Lorraine Ashbourne's daughter Ruby appeared in, with their jaw-dropping collections are given below:

Movie Name Worldwide Collections
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll $1 million
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey $1.017 billion
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies $962 million

As the above data suggests, it is indeed a big deal to be a part of such enormously hit movies. Hence, we can assume, The Hobbit actress also might have taken a good portion of the money to her home.

The rising actress also starred in the TV series The Letter for the King. And as mentioned earlier, she shared the screen with her dad in some of the scenes. But, apart from all the rapport, Ruby must have had a great time learning from her multiple award-winning father, who has a net worth of $18 million. 

Well, that's how we can be sure that the same efforts and hard work will be visible in Ruby Ashbourne Serkis' net worth and work.

Moreover, as IMDB states, the British actress's upcoming project, The Greatest Beer Run Ever, has yet to hit the silver screen. So it is a relief to know a big chunk of wealth is waiting to be credited by Ruby Ashbourne Serkis.

Is The Darling Daughter Of Andy Serkis In Love?

Ruby Ashbourne Serkis is still finding her feet in the world of show business, which is why there isn't much of a distraction in the shape of a relationship in her life. However, a review of the actress' Instagram pictures reveals that she is seen kissing a girl, although she has never stated otherwise about her sexual orientation. On the other hand, some of the sources assume she is lesbian. But as said earlier nothing has been sure.

It might be a friendly gesture or a sisterly bond. Hence without jumping to any conclusion about the British actress' relationship, let's wait for her to come up in the media and confess it herself. If the La Cha Cha actress is happy with the person she is with, many of her well-wishers are waiting to welcome Ruby Ashbourne Serkis' boyfriend or girlfriend.

Ruby Ashbourne Serkis Boyfriend/Grilfriend

Speculations have been made about Andy Serkis' daughter Ruby Ashbourne Serkis seeing someone, though nothing has been confirmed by the actress herself. Image Source: Social Media.

Moving further, let's hope the gorgeous actress is in love and is being loved if only so is the case.

As per sources, the talented actress is busy with her other projects. So we wish Andy Serkis' daughter all the very best for her upcoming movies. And hope she would take her parents' legacy to a new height.


  • In the film La Cha Cha, Ruby and Ruby Ashbourne Serkis' brother Sonny portrayed siblings.
  • Ruby stated that she would want to play a strong female character like Lavinia from The Letter For The King again in the future.

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