Paul Timman Biography 2024 - Tattoo Artist

Paul Timman Biography - Tattoo Artist

Paul Timman is a famous tattoo artist, who has tattooed A-list Hollywood celebrities. Photo Source: Paul Timman's Instagram.

Paul Timman is a well-known tattoo artist from America. His designs and art are detailed in a unique yet beautiful way. Moreover, the artist has worked with many celebrities throughout his career years. His work has made him one of the top tattooists in the entertainment industry.

Timman's art has been featured in many magazines in both U.S.A. and internationally. He has also won awards for his outstanding works. Furthermore, many people are familiar with the artist's designs; however, very little is known about his personal life.

So, let's look at some of the details of Paul Timman's life in this biography.

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Early Life And Family

The tattooist was born Paul Patterson Timman, on September 26, 1972, in Toledo, Ohio. He was born into a loving home with supportive parents. Moreover, Paul Timman's mother always encouraged him to pursue an art career. However, there isn't much information about Paul's siblings.

Paul Timman Family

Paul Timman's family are supportive of his art career. Photo Source: Paul Timman's Instagram.

The artist completed his formal education in his hometown. He loved skating and listened to hardcore and punk rock in his teenage years. Additionally, Timman dyed his hair blue, which made him stand out in his community. However, after moving to Los Angeles, he finally felt normal and settled down to begin his career.

The tattoo guy enrolled in the Cleveland Institute Of Art in the early 1990s. Initially, he had a difficult time in college and would call his mother to talk about quitting. But, soon, Paul got the hang of it and began improving his drawing. As a result, he graduated in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in glass sculpture. Additionally, Timman minored in painting and glassblowing.

Paul Timman Net Worth And Career

The tattoo artist is known for his bold tribal designs. He has been working as a tattooist for more than two decades. So, Paul Timman's net worth mainly comprises his earnings from his tattoo profession. In addition, the cost of Paul's tattoos varies according to their size and design. He charges different amounts for the entire sleeve, full back, and other body parts.

The tattoo price also varies, considering the time of inking. For large designs, it might take multiple sessions to complete. Moreover, Paul Timman charged $140 an hour in 2011. Now, after a decade, his charge must have increased than its original amount.

Earnings From Tattoo Career

Paul Timman didn't initially have a dream of pursuing a career in the tattoo parlor. Instead, he was encouraged by his friends to become a tattooist. As a result, the artist began his profession by tattooing his friends. Afterward, he got a job at the Toledo Tattoo Company. The latter is the oldest tattoo studio in Ohio. However, Timman only worked for a short period before moving to Los Angeles in 1997.

After relocating, Paul got the job at the Sunset Strip Tattoo. The latter is the LA-based well-known tattoo parlor in the world. Furthermore, it was established in 1969 and is continuing to this day. It also housed legendary tattoo artists including Robert Benedetti, Greg James, Cliff Raven, etc.

The tattoo studio's works have been influenced by Japanese art. So, Timman's works also have the touch of the traditional Japanese culture. Additionally, he makes enormous tribal designs that amaze the viewers at a single glance. The tattoo artist's motive behind his techniques is to make people see the world through his artistic vision.

Paul Timman Net Worth

Paul Timman's tattoo designs vary from simple sketching to intricate patterns. Photo Source: Paul Timman's Instagram.

Paul Timman's unique art perception soon got him huge clienteles in the studio. He has tattooed a tribal design on the lower back of Angelina Jolie. Moreover, the Ohio native is also the designer of Busta Rhyme's tribe tattoo on his back. Besides that, he has drawn a cross on Ben Affleck's biceps and a banner design on Mark Wahlberg.

The American artist has also designed body art for Pamela Anderson, Billy Bob Thornton, Tommy Lee, Drew Barrymore, Ozzy Osbourne, etc. He has also made television appearances in True Hollywood Story, VH1's All Access, The Star Treatment, etc. In addition, the tattooist has been featured in many magazines, commercials, shows, etc.

At present, the media personality is one of the famous tattoo artists in Sunset Strip Tattoo. Thus, Paul Timman's net worth must have increased over the years alongside his prospering career.

Income From Dinnerware Design

Aforementioned, Paul Timman's designs are beautiful with traditional Japanese, modern American, and tribal themes. As a famous icon, the artist was offered a partnership deal by Ink Dish in 2008. The company specializes in using contemporary designs in their porcelain dinnerware.

After the signing, the Cleveland Institute graduate began creating tattoo designs for dishwares. His art is based on the Japanese Irezumi style. Moreover, the sketchings are done in a dinner plate, bowl, plate, mug and features the traditional dragon, koi, and cherry blossom motifs. Paul's pattern Cherry Ink is one of the best products of the company.

The magazine, Metropolitan Home, included the tattooist's design in their Design 100 list in 2009. It is also sold in many stores and retailers in the U.S.A. They also have high ratings and make good sales. Thus, as the creator, Paul Timman's income must be benefitting from his collaboration with Ink Dish.

Paul Timman Wife And Children

Alongside the professional tattoo career, the Ohio native is also a family man. However, he hasn't revealed much of his relationships to the public. Still, from what we know, Paul is happily married to his partner.

Moreover, Paul Timman's wife is also supportive of his career and loves him wholeheartedly. However, she hasn't appeared in any of his Instagram posts and other public events.

The pair is also blessed with two lovely children, who were born two years apart. Paul Timman's adamant about only letting his kids get tattoos after eighteen. Additionally, he holds the same belief in his workplace and doesn't tattoo a minor individual.

Paul Timman Children

Paul Timman often posts pictures of his children on his Instagram account but, never shows their faces. Photo Source: Paul Timman's Instagram.

The tattoo artist himself is adorned with designs on most of his body parts. He has done ink sketchings on his left arm, rib cage, chest, calves, etc. They are done in traditional Japanese style featuring several elements such as wind, fire, earth, flowers, and waves. Moreover, the tattooist is always excited about getting a new design, and with his love for art, he might add more to his body collection.

Trivia And Facts

  • Paul Timman has 2,650 Instagram followers.
  • He is also a triathlete.
  • He owns a Belgian Malinois.

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