Marc Provissiero Biography 2022 - Producer

Marc Provissiero Biography - Producer

Marc Provissiero is a talent agent turned executive producer who has been able to take on a number of really good projects. Photo Source: Lisa Vidal's Instagram.

All over the world, people relish watching movies and series or have enjoyed at least a few. However, movies would not exist without the producers as they are the ones who look for and find the projects interesting enough to garner an audience. One such producer who has extensive knowledge of what's suitable for the audience is Marc Provissiero.

Marc Provissiero is a very talented producer who has been able to bring many great stories to life. Moreover, the executive can look for awesome projects that will be successful and find people suitable to play different characters. He has his own company and works individually as a producer.

Many know about the talented man's jam-packed schedule and professional achievements. But here in this biography, along with his career, we will be talking about Marc Provissiero's personal life.

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The Childhood Of A Producer

Saying that Marc Provissiero is a private man pretty much sums up how little we know about his life. The executive has refused to let any personal information be known to the world. His family members and their identities have been well-hidden from the public to maintain their privacy. What the producer does to ensure his family lives a peaceful life away from the limelight is very commendable.

However, it is well known that the Hollywood executive was born on the 14th of September 1966. Other than that little tidbit of information, there are no details about where and how he was raised. Although, we do hope that Marc Provissiero had a happy childhood surrounded by his loved ones.

Marc Provissiero Net Worth And Career

As a Hollywood executive, Marc Provissiero's net worth is undoubtedly substantial. However, due to the privacy screen on the producer's life, not much is known about his finances or his lifestyle. But since a number of his projects have been highly successful, they must have helped him earn millions.

With the ability to scout great projects and bring them to life, one can say that the executive producer has managed to entertain a vast audience. From movies like Girlfriend's Day, Happy Anniversary, and the latest hit Nobody, to TV series with a massive following like Pen15 and W/Bob and David, Marc has taken on incredible projects and delivered. 

The movie Nobody was able to garner $56.7 million in the box office. It was a colossal hit, and thus, Marc must have earned quite a big sum. To date, the producer has managed to work on eleven projects all of which have found immense success. 

As a result of his great endeavors in projects, the producer left William Morris and formed Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment. Founded in 2009 by Marc Provissiero and actor Bob Odenkirk, the company has produced 49 projects so far.

Some other producers who have also established their own company are Robert Krantz and Michael Greenburg.

Marc Provissiero Net Worth

Marc Provissiero, who was previously a talent manager, opened his own production company named Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment with actor Bob Odenkirk. Photo Source: Caitlin McGee's Instagram.

Prior to him becoming a producer, Marc Provissiero was a talent manager. As a result, he has been professionally involved with several celebrities. He was a talent manager for around a decade before venturing out to take on projects for movies and TV series. His days as an agent must have certainly helped him become a good producer and allowed him to separate the good projects from the bad.

Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment has planned to take on several projects in the future. Thus, fans have been on the lookout for the announcement of new movies or TV series. The company has been putting out quality entertainment since its inception, and we hope that we see many more awesome shows and movies in the years to come.

And with the increasing demand of the company and its projects, there is no doubt that Marc Provissiero's net worth will rise to new heights in the coming days.

Marc Provissiero Is A Divorcee

With fame comes fans, and with fans comes hundreds of strangers with a sudden interest in your personal life and private affairs. From a person's health to the number of people one has dated, fans want to know it all. And a person with fame is sure to have specific details about their relationships leaked to the public despite their efforts to keep things under wraps.

Marc Provissiero is a very private person. He prefers to keep himself far from social media for the most part and does not want to air his dirty laundry and let the entire world see it. However, despite his tight-lipped nature, people have managed to uncover some things about the producer's life.

It may come as a surprise to some, but the executive was previously married to an actress. Marc Provissiero's ex-wife is none other than the gorgeous Nadine Velazquez and the pair got married in 2005. However, it seems their relationship did not survive the test of time and the former couple got divorced six years later, in 2011.

Marc Provissiero ex-wife Nadine Velazquez

Marc Provissiero was previously married to actress Nadine Velazquez but they separated in 2011, after six years of marriage. Photo Source: Nadine's Instagram.

During the course of their relationship, Nadine Velazquez and Marc Provissiero had decided to not have children. As a result, neither of them has a kid of their own, even from their relationship with other individuals.

Since their divorce, the exes have moved on with their lives and found happiness. Nadine had previously stated that the tumultuous marriage and divorce were learning experiences for her. Moreover, Velazquez had to grow into the person she is now as she had lost herself due to the separation. The actress is currently very content in her life and getting good projects to work on.

In contrast to his ex-wife, Marc Provissiero has refrained from speaking anything about his previous marriage. Furthermore, it seems like the former manager has not been romantically involved with anyone since his divorce. However, due to his privacy preference, it may be the case that the Nobody producer is protective of his girlfriend's identity.

Single or not, Marc Provissiero has not let anything affect his line of work. The projects taken on by his production company are doing great and he, in turn, is earning a good livelihood for himself. We hope to see the producer take on more significant projects in the future and provide us with quality entertainment.


  • Marc Provissiero was nominated for an Emmy in 2021 for his series pen15.
  • The successful film, Nobody starred his business partner, Bob Odenkirk.

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