Jamie Grace Biography 2024 - Contemporary Christian Musician

Jamie Grace Biography - Contemporary Christian Musician

Jamie Grace is a singer, songwriter and producer who makes music about her faith and life. Photo Source: Aaron Collin's Instagram.

Jamie Grace, also called Jamie Grace Harper, is not an unknown name in the music industry. She is known for her Contemporary Christian music with a fusion of pop, folk, and hip-hop. Jamie is also a famous YouTuber and began her singing career from that platform. Moreover, the songwriter is also known for being a Grammy nominee.

The singer is also an advocate for mental health and has spoken about anxiety, stress, and trauma. Her experiences regarding this are also depicted in her lyrics. Besides singing, Jamie can also play banjo, guitar, and other musical instruments. Let's go through some of the actual events of Jamie Grace's life.

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Early Life And Family

The pop singer was born on November 25, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. She was born in a Christian household to James Harper and Mona Harper. Furthermore, the artist also has an elder sister, Morgan Harper Nichols, a singer and songwriter, and brother-in-law, Patrick Nichols. Moreover, Jamie Grace's parents are also the pastors and co-founders of Kingdom City Church.

Jamie Grace Early Life

Jamie Grace grew up in a Christian household and also has musical background. Photo Source: Jamie Grace's Instagram.

The songwriter was passionate about singing from a young age. She got inspiration from her family to pursue a career in music. Jamie Grace's father, James, is a drummer, and her mother, Mona Harper, loved to sing with her grandmother. The whole family also used to write songs together.

Their mother homeschooled Jamie Grace alongside her sister Morgan. The singer shared her parent's faith in Christ from a young age. So, she chose her major as Children's Ministry and graduated from Point University. Unfortunately, the life of young Jamie Grace wasn't always so smooth. She was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of eleven. She later also developed ADHD and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Jamie Grace Net Worth And Career 

Jamie Grace began her career at a young age. She started by composing and writing songs and uploading them to her YouTube channel. That being said, Jamie Grace's net worth mainly comprises earnings from her music sales and concert performances. Her social media accounts also benefit her income. Besides that, Grace also has her own merchandise for the additional payment.

Earnings From Music Sales

Aforementioned, Jamie Grace began her musical journey from YouTube, where she uploaded her songs. After five years, Jamie was contacted by Christian hip-hop artist TobyMac, who has been an inspiration for the singer from her childhood. She then signed to Gotee Records the same year.

Jamie Grace debuted with her EP Hold Me on February 22, 2011. The songs of EP consist of different music genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and contemporary Christian music. Grace's single Hold Me featuring TobyMac ranked 1st on Christian Hot Songs. Later the same year, Grace released her first full-length studio album, One Song at a Time which received favorable reviews from music critics.

The artist has also been commercially successful from her albums being sold out. Below is the list of the albums and singles along with their prices:

Album Prices
Hold Me $3.08 (Audio CD)
One Song At A Time $6.23 (Audio CD)
Ready To Fly $9.49 MP3
91 $9.49 MP3
The Happy Song $0.99 MP3

Jamie Grace writes songs using her own life experiences without mentioning any of them. As a result, Grace's lyrics are open for interpretation, and anyone can relate to them. Furthermore, the singer has displayed her ability by transforming her physical disability from Tourette into a skill. Her acceptance of her physical self inspires other people as well.

Moreover, the songwriter has also done compilations with other artists. She has featured alongside her sister Morgan Harper Nichols's single Verge. In addition, Grace has done a duet with TobyMac, Joanne Cash, and GabeReal. She has also gone on tour alongside Britt Nicole, Group 1 Crew, and Hawk Nelson.

The singer also made headlines after being nominated by Grammy. Her collaboration with TobyMac for Hold Me received a nomination for Best Contemporary Christian Music Song in Grammy Awards. Furthermore, the artist was also nominated for four Dove Awards, among which she won one.

Looking at music career success, we can assume Jamie Grace's net worth might have steadily increased throughout the years.

Income From YouTube

Just like other artists, Jamie Grace's earnings also come from her YouTube channel. The channel has 363K subscribers and more than 118 million views. The content uploaded are Jamie's music videos, lyric videos, and audio videos. Moreover, the artist also uploads vlogs, comedy videos, cover songs, and random videos.

Jamie Grace's YouTube channel is famous for her daily life contents, which also feature her family members. According to Social Blade, Jamie Grace has estimated monthly earnings of $157- $2.5K and yearly earnings of $ 1.9K- $30.1K. Indeed, the artist can be considered a successful YouTuber. 

Besides her own YouTube channel, Jamie Grace also has a second channel with her husband, Aaron Collins. It has 27K subscribers and more than one million total views.

The income from the YouTube channels certainly gives Jamie Grace's fortune a boost.

Income From Movies

Alongside singing, Jamie Grace is also known for her acting career. She first appeared in the television series Get Your Own iPhone in 2009. The musician made her silver screen debut with the movie The Perfect Companion in 2010 as a dancer. The film was a comedy horror. Furthermore, Grace had also acted in the sci-fi movie Rumors of Wars, and the documentary Let the Lion Roar in 2014.

Besides that, Jamie Grace has also acted in musical films. Her movie Grace Unplugged was a massive hit with a box office collection of $2.5 million worldwide. The actress is also a host of her comedic television series The Jamie Grace Show. She is joined by her sister Morgan Harper Nicolas in it.

The actress has acted on iShine KNECT, Rachel's Pitch, Next Level, The Beverlys, and The Dab Off. In the case of the latter, Jamie was also a composer, director, and writer. The movies of Jamie Grace received praises and positive criticisms. Looking at her films' fame and commercial success, Jamie Grace must have indeed been paid well.

Earnings From Podcast And Merchandise

At present, Jamie Grace is hosting a podcast titled The Jamie Grace Podcast, which can be listened to on Apple Music and Spotify. She talks about pop culture, Christian music, and pop music on her podcasts. Besides that, Jamie also advises love, life, religion, friendship, and mental health. Her podcasts are famous for being both informative and entertaining.

Jamie Grace Net Worth

Jamie Grace talks about music and life in her podcast. Photo Source: Aaron Collin's Instagram.

Besides that, Jamie Grace is also a businesswoman and owns a media company ninety1. Here, she conducts classes about singing, songwriting, recording, and podcasting. Moreover, Grace's company also creates merch for sale. Their items are mainly clothing such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, pants, and joggers. Additionally, the company also sells books, journals, stickers, and wall art.
Even though she hasn't disclosed her income to the public, we can assume Jamie Grace's net worth to have increased over the years.

Living a Blissful Life With Her Husband

The Christian pop singer is already married. Jamie Grace's husband, Aaron Collins, is a model who loves working out in the gym. The pair got married after five months of dating on April 14, 2018. They are very much in love with each other and don't shy away from PDAs. Jamie celebrated her 3rd anniversary with her husband Aaron Collins this April 14.

Jamie Grace Husband, Aaron Collins

Jamie Grace is happily married to her husband Aaron Collins. Photo Source: Aaron Collin's Instagram.

Jamie Grace also gave birth to her daughter Isabella Brave-Harper Collins on June 7, 2019. Moreover, Jamie Grace's baby Isabella is homeschooled by herself. She is also present in the YouTube videos of her mother. Grace is living a blissful life with her husband and daughter in Phoenix, Arizona. The family is very much active in social media and even young Isabella has her own Instagram accounts. Despite having hectic schedules, Jamie Grace never misses memorable events such as anniversaries, birthdays, and other important days.

From her beginning till now, her musical journey has its ups and downs, but it has undoubtedly helped the singer prosper more in her career.
Trivia and Facts

  • Jamie Grace has 349K followers on Instagram and 41.7K followers on Twitter.
  • Her daughter Isabella Brave Harper Collins has 20.8K followers on Instagram.
  • Jamie Grace has written a book titled Finding Quiet.

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