Florence Welch Biography - Singer And Songwriter

Florence Welch Biography 2021 - Singer And Songwriter

Florence Leontine Mary Welch, most notably known as Florence Welch, is a successful singer, songwriter, lead vocalist, and primary songwriter for the indie rock band Florence and the Machine. The creative and rocking singer behind hits such as Dog Days are Over and Drumming Song comes from a family of writers and academics from England, who carved her way into the success that she's had the privilege to be associated with.

The red-haired British songstress is well known for her charismatic stage appearance and mystic and soothing voice. Assuredly one of the greatest musicians in the music industry in recent times, Florence possesses an exceptional voice built for giant open-air stadiums and artistry, which channels an innate emotional mysticism.

Ever since her emergence into the music scene, Welch's steady rise to stardom and fame has been truly well deserved considering the massive scale of her musical talents in songwriting and singing. In a short span of her career, Florence has amassed an ardent fan following, including Beyonce, Adele, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga being a part of her fandom.

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Early Life, Family, And Education

Florence Welch was born on the 28th of August, 1986, in Camberwell, a town in London, England. As mentioned earlier. Florence is from a family of writers and academics from England. Florence Welch's father is Nick Russell Welch, an advertising executive. Similarly, her motherEvelyn Welch, is an American immigrant from New York City who was educated at Harvard University and the Warburg Institute of the University of London. Evelyn is currently a professor at King's College London.

Additionally, Welch is the niece of comedian and satirist Craig Brown via Welch's aunt and Brown's wife, Frances Welch. Furthermore, Welch is the granddaughter of Colin Welch, former Daily Mail parliamentary sketchwriter and former deputy editor for The Daily Telegraph.

Florence Welch childhood

Florence Welch was interested in music since her childhood days. Image Source: Florence's Instagram.

Welch is among the three kids of Nick and Evelyn Welch, who got divorced when Florence was thirteen. Florence Welch's sister is Grace Welch, and her other sibling's name is J J Welch. The singer with both US and British citizenship, courtesy of her mother, was encouraged by her Scottish paternal grandmother to pursue her singing and performing talents. Welsh has since dedicated various songs for her deceased grandmother.

Speaking of the singer's education, Welch attended Thomas's London Day School and later went to Alleyn's School in South East London. She then studied at Camberwell College of Arts. However, she left to focus on music. The encouragement from her grandmother had developed an interest in music, which in change shaped Florence Welch's career to what it is.

Career In The Music Industry And Net Worth 

Welch's break in the music industry came in December of 2006. While being drunk at the Soho Revue Bar in London, Florence cornered the host, Mairead Nash of the DJ duo Queens of Noize, in the bathroom and sang to Etta James. Welch's amazing performance got her a chance to perform at the nightclub.

In 2006, Welch's performance alongside Isabella Summers in small London venues started to get noticed. In 2006, Florence recorded with a local band, Ashok, and released an album named Plans under the Filthy Lucre/About Records label. Later on, Florence started singing with her band Florence and the Machine in 2009. The group named the band as per a private joke that got out of hand among the group.

Florence and the Machine released Lungs, their debut album, on the 6th of July of 2009, in the United Kingdom. The album peaked at number one in the United Kingdom and was the number two album in Ireland. Subsequently, Florence Welch's career started gaining popularity along with her band. Following are some of the hits of Florence Welch:

Albums Details UK Peak Position US Peak Position Australia Peak Position Sales Certifications
Lungs Released on 3rd of July, 2009 from Island Records 1 14 3

Worldwide: 3 Million

US: 1.142 MIllion

BPI: 6× Platinum
ARIA: 3× Platinum
BEA: Gold
BVMI: Gold
IRMA: 4× Platinum
MC: Gold
RIAA: 2× Platinum
RMNZ: Gold
Ceremonials Released on 28th of October, 2011 from Island Records 1 6 1

World: 2 million

UK: 820k

US: 1.002 Million

BPI: 3× Platinum
ARIA: 3× Platinum
BEA: Gold
BVMI: Gold
IRMA: 3× Platinum
MC: Gold
RIAA: Platinum
RMNZ: Platinum
How Big. How Blue, How Beautiful Released on 29th of May, 2015 from Island Records 1 1 1 World: 1 million
UK: 364k
US: 290k
BPI: Platinum
ARIA: Platinum
BVMI: Gold
RIAA: Gold
RMNZ: Gold
High as Hope Released on 29th June of 2018 with Virgin EMI records 2 2 2

UK: 80k

US: 74k

BPI: Gold

According to Florence and the Machine's website, the albums, Lungs, Ceremonials, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, are on sale for £5.99 or $8.44. Her fourth album, High as Hope, is priced at £9.99 or $13.90. All the album sales, along with Welch's solo performances, concerts would surely generate a large amount which would contribute towards Florence Welch's net worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Florence Welch's net worth is estimated to be $28 million. The popular musician has accumulated that wealth throughout her career through multiple ventures in music and through endorsements.

Florence And Her Luxuries

Florence Welch spends a lot of her riches partying, having fun with friends, and purchasing properties. Welch has purchased a Georgian house in South London. The singer bought the house for an unknown price, but her charming house is just a ten-minute walk away from her mother's place.

Additionally, the singer-songwriter is quite a fashionista. Along with this, Welch has more than 12 tattoos on her body. She has writings on her forearms, a birdcage on her knuckle, a heart and an arrow on her elbow, a name, and a heart on her fingers. Florence does not have a body-covering tattoo but small and throughout her body.

All this wealth and luxuries would surely allow Florence Welch to live a lavish life with her partner.

Relationships And Bisexuality

Florence Welch is a beautiful and gorgeous woman, along with being a talented musician. Understandably, she would enjoy her life joyously, courtesy of her riches, and enjoy multiple relationships. Florence Welch's boyfriend or girlfriend is particularly unknown as the singer does not go out of her way to state her relationship status.

However, Welch was known to be dating James Nesbitt, an actor, in 2012, as the couple was seen together in public on several occasions. Reports suggested the couple split up in 2013, plus Florence Welch had also been rumored to be dating Felix White and, later, Andrew Wyatt after her breakup with James. Furthermore, Florence Welch was also said to have gotten engaged to her now ex-boyfriend Stuart Hammond.

Additionally, Florence Welch has voiced her support for the LGBT+ community, which has led to many speculations of the musician being bisexual. 

Florence Welch relationship

Florence Welch is a firm supporter of LGBT community. Image Source: Florence's Instagram.

Due to immense success and a drinking problem, Welch has dabbled with some anxiety and depression, which has resulted in her not being in a long-term relationship. As a result, Florence Welch has not been married and has no kids of her own. Despite this, the wealthy musician would surely want some children in the future and, if she does, hope she finds happiness in life due to it.

Trivia And Fun Facts

  • Welch is friends with Taylor Swift and Blake Lively.
  • Florence is not a natural redhead, unlike her stage persona.
  • Welch shared the stage with The Rolling Stones in 2016.

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