Eliza Butterworth Biography 2022 - The Last Kingdom Star

Eliza Butterworth Biography - The Last Kingdom Star

Eliza Butterworth is a television star known for her role in The Last Kingdom. Photo Source: Eliza Butterworth's Instagram.

If you are a follower of historical novels and their movie adaptations, you would have heard of The Last Kingdom. It is a tv series based on The Saxon Stories novels. Moreover, the show premiered on BBC channels and is now available on Netflix. It features several incredibly talented individuals, one of whom is Eliza Butterworth.

The actress portrays the role of Queen Aelswith in the drama. Her realistic acting and voice impersonations have increased her fandom. Furthermore, the media personality has worked on several other television series. In addition, she has done voice acting for a video game.

So, let's find out more about this emerging actress in this biography.

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Eliza Butterworth Graduated From A Drama School

The television star was born on July 24, 1993, in Lincoln, England. Eliza Butterworth's father is a British native, and her mother is an Italian American due to which she holds dual citizenship. Both have always believed in their daughter's dreams and encouraged her wholeheartedly.

Butterworth completed her formal education at Lincoln Minster School. She acted on a few school plays and fell in love with theatre during those years. As a result, she enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).

Eliza Butterworth Parents

Eliza Butterworth's parents believed and supported her acting career from earlier on. Photo Source: Eliza Butterworth's Instagram.

The actress received much knowledge regarding classical texts and theatre acting techniques in college. She also applied her skills while performing on many theatre productions. Some of her notable performances include The Daughter in Law, The Witch of Edmonton, etc.

Alongside acting, Eliza learned singing, ballroom and flamenco dancing, and playing percussion. Eventually, she graduated with a BA Hons in Acting in 2014.

Eliza Butterworth Net Worth And Career

The television personality has begun from her humble theatre background to become a top star. She has taken many acting lessons and attended workshops to prepare for her role. Moreover, the actress' efforts have made her a top choice for directors in the film industry. Hence, she now has more than half a dozen acting projects under her credentials.

Alongside new works, Eliza must have earned a vast amount from her acting career. The average salary of an actress is $44 an hour and $91,401 yearly. Therefore, the artist's income also must be around the same range.

Eliza Butterworth Net Worth

Eliza Butterworth's net worth comprises her earnings from her acting gigs. Photo Source: Eliza Butterworth's Instagram.

Hence, Eliza Butterworth's net worth must be a notable figure from her acting profession. Another actress who has made an impressive wealth from her career is P-Valley's star Shannon Thornton.

Butterworth's Earnings From Acting Career

The RADA graduate made her film debut with WPC 56 in 2015. Although she only appeared in a single episode, she prepared seriously for her role. For instance, she mixed up her theatre knowledge and character requirements in her first screen role.

Eliza's acting credits include DCI Banks, (A Very) Ham Fisted Stake Out, Say Your Prayers, etc. She also did voice acting for the English version of a Japanese video game, Star Ocean: Anamnesis.

The actress finally got her breakthrough after starring in The Last Kingdom in 2015. She joins Alexander Dreymon, Arnas Fedaravicius, Millie Brady, Emily Cox, and others. In addition, she has been a regular cast for the show from season one.

Let's watch the trailer of The Last Kingdom's fourth season below:

The tv star portrays an older character who is a wife, ruler, and mother. Her role helps in the protagonist's journey of uniting all of England's kingdoms into one. Furthermore, Butterworth's character has evolved over the seasons alongside the plot. From becoming a hated character, she has started redeeming in season four.

Aside from the series, the performer appeared on one episode of The North Water in 2021. She starred alongside Jack O'Connell, Colin Farrell, Sam Spruell, and others.

Although the artist has enjoyed a successful career, she still has a long way to go. Likewise, Eliza Butterworth's net worth will also increase alongside her career progress.

Who Is Eliza Butterworth's Boyfriend?

As a public figure, it is nearly impossible to evade media scrutiny. Alongside them, the fans are also curious to know more about their idol's life. Moreover, they are especially interested in learning about relationships and dating life.

Eliza's personal affairs have also received much attention over the years. She has been romantically associated with many of her co-workers over the years. For instance, fans speculate Butterworth to be the girlfriend of her The Last Kingdom co-star, Alexander Dreymon.

The supposed duo aren't on good terms in the series. Both also aren't romantically connected. However, contrary to their screen roles, in real life, Eliza and Dreymon are pretty close. They also often pose together on social media together thus fueling the rumors.

Eliza Butterworth Boyfriend

Eliza Butterworth has good chemistry with her co-star Alexander Dreymon, causing them to be mistaken for being a couple. Photo Source: Eliza Butterworth's Instagram.

The media personality has proven the speculations to be false after revealing her real-life partner, James V. Moore. She occasionally shares pictures of their travels and dates on her Instagram account.

Eliza Butterworth's boyfriend, James V. Moore, doesn't work in the film industry. Nonetheless, he must be supportive of his girlfriend's budding television career.

Butterworth is constantly showing her improvements in each of her new projects. She is soon returning in the fifth season of The Last Kingdom, which will be released in 2022. Hopefully, fans will enjoy her acting and show support for her upcoming series.

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Trivia And Facts

  • Eliza has 185K Instagram followers.
  • She wore a seahorse costume for Halloween in 2021.
  • There have been many rumors of her weight loss surgery, but none of them have been verified.

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