Dave Canterbury Biography 2022 - Survival Expert

Dave Canterbury Biography - Survival Expert

Dave Canterbury is a survivalist expert, author, and television personality. Photo Source: Dave Canterbury's Instagram.

Dave Canterbury is a famous reality star of America. Those who watch Discovery Channel are certainly well aware of the survivalist. Moreover, the media person came into the limelight after starring in Dual Survival. The show features survival experts overcoming the challenges in predetermined scenarios such as being stranded in an arid desert, lost in the jungle, abandoned in a deserted island, etc.

The survival expert showcased his bush crafting, outdoor self-reliance, and primitive skills in the reality program. Additionally, he also shares his knowledge with the interested students in his school. However, Canterbury was initially a commercial fisherman in his hometown. He led a simple life before appearing on television.

So, how did Dave Canterbury became one of the respected survivalists from a fisher; let's get to know in this biography.

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Early Life And Family

The reality star was born, David Michael Canterbury, on September 19, 1963, in Florida, U.S.A. His father was an adventure seeker who enjoyed hang gliding and diving. Moreover, the latter also used to take his son on his adventurous journey, which engraved his love for nature.

Later, Dave Canterbury's parents divorced, and his mother remarried. His stepfather was a woodsman with a love for hunting and fishing. As such, the survivalist was exposed to the concept of coping in extreme situations from a young age. In addition, he learned about living in a woodland environment.

Dave Canterbury Childhood

Dave Canterbury learned camping, hunting, and fishing at a young age. Photo Source: Dave Canterbury's Instagram.

The American personality completed his formal education in his hometown. After finishing high school, he joined U.S. Army in 1981. There, David acquired the importance of discipline, work ethic, and hardships which later became the foundation of his career. He served in the military for six years and retired in 1987.

After returning home, the former Sergeant worked in many fields. He operated a Commercial Reptile Farm and worked as an Animal Control Officer. Additionally, the veteran also served as a net diver on a Commercial Fishing Vessel in Florida. Afterward, he moved to Indiana and began studying primitive skills.

Canterbury enrolled in Frontier Christian University and later got a Bachelor's degree in Wilderness Ministry. He also got certification for Wilderness First Aid/CPR and Advanced search and rescue. Moreover, the scholar also received basic and intermediate certificates from the International School of Herbal Arts and Sciences.

Dave Canterbury Net Worth And Career

The survival instructor is known for his television appearances. Alongside that, he also coaches many people on self-reliance and survival techniques in his school. So, Dave Canterbury's net worth mainly comprises his earnings from reality television programs and private classes. Besides that, he also makes a considerable sum from his endorsements and sales of his survival gears.

The former diver also runs a YouTube channel, where he provides guidance to the audience. Additionally, he is a New York Times bestselling author and has published several books. So, combining all his sources, Dave Canterbury's total worth must be a significant figure.

Earnings From Survival School

Aforementioned, Dave Canterbury loved exploring the woods and nature. However, while doing that, he realized living in the jungle was too complicated. It also made the former soldier question the chances of one surviving if they are lost or abandoned. As a result, he decided to explore survival skills and techniques.

The adventurer discovered that one needs survival abilities rather than carrying excessive items while going in the woods. It's like premedieval times when there was no modern equipment except for individual skills. So, the survivalist experienced first-hand existing in the forest by making shelters, starting a fire, sleeping outside with no navigation, making bows, etc.

After gaining knowledge, he decided to open his own school and founded The Pathfinder School. The survival school coaches its students on the 5Cs of Survivability. It includes a cutting tool, cover, container, cordage, and combustion device. Additionally, it passes the tribal knowledge of outdoor self-reliance and endurance to its pupils.

Moreover, the institution also provides both basic and advanced courses to its participants. For example, it gives training on bushcraft, wilderness first aid, knife making, etc.

Dave Canterbury Net Worth

Dave Canterbury focuses on primitive survivability methods and techniques in his classes. Photo Source: Dave Canterbury's Instagram.

Dave Canterbury's main motive behind his teachings is to prepare people for any possible case scenarios. Our future is unpredictable, and we are not entirely sure whether we can afford modern scientific gadgets later on. So, Canterbury suggests everyone to be prepared rather than regretting it after it's too late.

The Pathfinder School was listed on the U.S.A. Today's list of the top twelve survival schools in America. Its popularity is soaring each day. As a founder, Dave Canterbury's net worth must have risen over the years.

Salary From Television Show

David Canterbury made his television debut with Dual Survival in 2010. He starred alongside Cody Lundin, the modern wilderness survival instructor. The duo demonstrated many survival skills in the show, from starting a fire, treating injury without medicines, hunting, gathering food, etc. Dave's talent made him a popular television figure, and he was again cast in the program's second season.

However, the reality star had initially lied about his military achievements in the series. He fabricated tales about being part of a survival scout, airborne training, ranger, etc., in the army. After the producers found it to be false information, Dave was let go from the Dual Survivors.

Dave Canterbury Net Worth

Dave Canterbury faced extreme survival case scenarios in Dual Survivors. Photo Source: Dave Canterbury's Instagram.

The television personality made his comeback in a new show titled Dirty Rotten Survival, airing on the National Geography Channel. He teamed up with John Littlefield and Dick Strawbridge to reinvent the great American road trip in the series. Additionally, Dave is featured in the documentary Four Days.

Although his tv career was short, the survival expert appeared in some of the popular programs. As such, Dave Canterbury must have made a considerable amount of money from his performances.

Income From YouTube Channel

Alongside teaching at the institution, Dave Canterbury also shares his field of expertise on his YouTube channel. His channel has 696K subscribers and more than 112M total video views. Moreover, the YouTuber posts instructional videos on hunting, fishing, building tools, camping, etc. He also shares tips about self-sustainability and emergency preparedness in his videos.

The survival-themed channel is popular among many users. His viewers love its clear instructions and realistic featuring. So, according to Social Blade, Dave Canterbury's monthly earnings amounts to $241- $3.9K, and his yearly income ranges between $2.9K - $46.3K.

Thus, looking at the statistics, Dave Canterbury's total worth also benefits from his YouTube channel.

Earnings From Endorsements And Merchandise

As a survival expert, many people are curious about Dave Canterbury's favored tools and gears. He has created his own brand of merchandise available in his store, Self Reliance Outfitters. Furthermore, the brand supplies various sets of merch such as T-shirts, knives, blankets, survival kits, training courses, etc. Dave himself customizes the items.

Some of the products and their prices are listed below:

Products Prices
Pathfinder T-Shirt $14.99
100% Wool Queen Blanket $245
Campfire Survival Cooking Kit $76.95
Mountaineer by PKS $149.95
Scorpion XL by PKS $131.95

Alongside selling his own equipment, the survival expert is also endorsed by numerous brands and companies. He is a brand ambassador of Morakniv. In addition, Canterbury is supported by Helikon-Tex, Grayl, Silky Saws USA, LedLenser, GPCA, iKamper, etc. He promotes their products on his Instagram account.

Thus, Dave Canterbury's salary also includes his commissions from his brand endorsement deals and merchandise sales.

Income From Books

Aforementioned, Dave Canterbury has authored many books throughout his career. His books depict his experiences and knowledge of his two-decades-long survival career. Furthermore, the author also appeared in Backwoodsman Magazine, New Pioneer, American Frontiersman, Trapper's World, and Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine. He has also shared his learnings in many conventions and educational shows.

The scholar has published several books on the theme of survival. Some of their prices on Amazon are tabulated below:

Books Prices
Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival $8.47 Paperback
The Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild $13.59 (Paperback)
Advanced Bushcraft: An Expert Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival $10.25 (Kindle)
Bushcraft Illustrated: A Visual Guide $13.52 (Hardcover)
Survivability For The Common Man $9.09 (Kindle)

Dave Canterbury's books are known for being an excellent guide for beginners. They have received good ratings from the buyers and are making good commercial sales too. Therefore, his fortune must have increased from the earnings from the book sales.

Dave Canterbury Wife And Children

Alongside teaching survival instincts and techniques, a former television presenter is a family man. He married his partner Iris Canterbury in 2002. Moreover, Dave Canterbury's wife, Iris, is interested in survival projects and works alongside her husband. She also accompanies him on his escapades to the jungle and adventurous journeys.

The couple is adoptive parents to their son, Jameson. As per Dave Canterbury's wife's Instagram, Jameson is her brother's son, and the Canterbury couple raised him as their own.

Moreover, Google suggests that Dave has two children named Skylar Canterbury and Omere Canterbury. However,  there are no further details regarding them, and Dave himself has never talked about his kids.

On the other hand, Iris is a mother of two, Aaron Rayburn and Sierra Adams. Both of them have their own sets of children and are involved in Dave's business. Moreover, Dave Canterbury's grandson, Jax Conley, has autism and can not communicate with others verbally.

Dave Canterbury Wife, Iris Canterbury

Dave Canterbury's wife and children are involved in the same field as him. Photo Source: Dave Canterbury's Instagram.

Dave Canterbury suffered a tragic incident in May 2020. His house caught fire, and it took two hours for it to be put out. As a result, the Wilderness survival coach lost all of his belongings and a puppy. Still, he and his family have coped up and moved on from the tragedy.

Trivia And Facts

  • Dave Canterbury has 222K Instagram followers.
  • He owns two chihuahuas named Maggie May and Rocko.
  • He drives a Jeep Gladiator.

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