Daniel Preda Biography - Model And YouTuber

Daniel Preda Biography 2021 - Model And YouTuber

Daniel Preda, born Daniel Christopher Preda, is a well-renowned actor in Hollywood. His outspoken personality and gorgeous looks have won the hearts of many people. In addition, the actor's works on movies and music videos are praiseworthy. However, he is mainly known for his role in Escape The Night.

The handsome actor is also a social media influencer. He is a proud member of the LGBTQIA community and advocates for them. Additionally, the Instagram star is also an ex-partner of actor Joey Graceffa. The latter is also a YouTuber, author, producer, and singer.

Here, we will go through Daniel Preda's biography and learn about his life, career, and current relationship status.

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Early Life And Family

The handsome actor was born on December 16, 1992, in Boston, Massachusetts. His dad raised him in a strict environment, which created the distance between the father-son pair. However, Daniel Preda's mother, Maria Preda, shared a different view of parenting than her spouse. The latter is also an extrovert and loves traveling and hiking. Additionally, Preda also has two elder brothers and a cute nephew named Luca.

Daniel Preda Mother

Daniel Preda's mom Maria Preda has accepted his sexual identity and supports him fully. Photo Source: Daniel Preda's Instagram.

The young Daniel came out of the closet at the end of his high school. His family didn't accept his sexual orientation at that time. In particular, Daniel Preda's father cut off his allowances and kicked him out of the house. Despite such an incident, the young guy toughened himself and moved to Boston. He also got a partial scholarship at the North Eastern University in Boston.

The actor also had a difficult time in the new city. He worked three jobs to put himself to school. Moreover, Daniel initially took pre-med due to his family's desires. But later on, he changed his major to communication.

Daniel Preda Net Worth And Career

The media personality has made his name in the film industry. Although few, he has given superb performance in his works. So, Daniel Preda's net worth mainly comprises his earnings from his acting career. Besides that, he also earns money from brand endorsements and modeling.

Moreover, the actor also operates a YouTube channel. However, the model hasn't come forward with his income to the public.

Speaking of Daniel Preda's ex-boyfriend, Joey Graceffa, he has accumulated a fortune from his career. He is a fantastic actor who was also awarded Streamy Award for Best Actor in a Drama. Alongside acting jobs, Joey has two YouTube channels dedicated to blogging and video gaming. Thus, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Graceffa's net worth is $12 million.

Earnings From Acting Career

Daniel Preda interned at the Wendy Williams Show and E Entertainment during his college yearsAfterwardhe got an opportunity to be cast in It Gets Worse in 2016. The film was a comedy horror and starred Shane Dawson, Cherami Leigh, and Sally LoMonaco. Moreover, Preda's then-boyfriend Joey Graceffa was also a lead cast member in the movie.

The film only made a moderate commercial success in the market. Still, the newcomer Daniel gained experience and recognition for his role. Furthermore, the star made his comeback on the television series Escape The Night. It was created by Joey Graceffa and had a theme of survival game show. In addition, the show has created a world mixing up both social media and fantasy.

Daniel Preda Acting Career

Daniel Preda worked as an actor and senior producer on Escape the Night. Photo Source: Daniel Preda's Instagram.

The adventure series continued up to four seasons ending in 2019. Furthermore, Preda was also a senior producer of the show. He worked both on the screen and during the post-production. Although he hasn't revealed his salary from the series, Danie Preda must have made a good income from his works.

The artist has also been featured in Kim Petras's music video Malibu. Alongside him, Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato, Jonathan Van Ness, Jessie J, Charli XCX, Madelaine Petsch, Benito Skinner, etc., are also present. In addition, Preda has also acted on Joey Graceffa's self-titled reality television series.

Income From Brand Endorsements

Daniel Preda has also ventured into the modeling industry alongside acting. His handsome appearance and fashion styles make him one of the best choices among other models. As such, he has modeled for many notable brands and designers. In addition, he promotes different products and brands on his social media accounts.

Daniel Preda Net Worth

Daniel Preda is an ambassador for the clothing brand Boss and earns a considerable sum as a model. Photo Source: Daniel Preda's Instagram.

At present, the media personality is signed under A3 Artists Agency and Select Management Group. He is also an ambassador for Boss. As a result, Preda has done photoshoots representing their clothing items.

Daniel has also collaborated with Justin Teodoro under #Bossxjustinteodoro. In addition, the model is also endorsed by DE CEA, Sandro Homme, Fresh, Tempo, Sunday Riley, etc.

With multiple endorsement deals in his bag, Daniel Preda's net worth might have increased over the years.

Income From YouTube Channel

Furthermore, the model started his YouTube channel in April 2016 under the name Mister Preda. His channel has 318K subscribers and more than sixteen million video views. Moreover, the artist mainly posts vlogs, challenge videos, reaction videos, and daily life videos. In addition, he also uploaded the YouTube series Unmess depicting his life issues.

According to Social Blade, Preda's channel makes between $290 - $4.6K monthly and $3.5K - $55.6K yearly. His channel is doing well and undoubtedly help increase Daniel's fortune.

Relationship And Dating

Aforementioned, Daniel Preda began his relationship with Joey Graceffa in 2014. The duo started chatting through DMs and soon became more than friends. However, the couple only confirmed that they were dating in 2016 through a YouTube video.

The pair had great chemistry and understanding with each other. Both also shared similar views and hobbies. Moreover, fans also adored their relationship.

However, sadly, the lovebirds announced their breakup in July 2020. It was a shock for all because there was no betrayal and no drama involved. After six years of being together, both Preda and Graceffa mutually decided to separate but shared a house for three more months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daniel Preda Boyfriend

Daniel Preda and his ex-boyfriend Joey Graceffa separated on good terms with no drama involved. Photo Source: Social Media.

Still, Daniel Preda has no bad blood with his ex-beau and wishes him best. He is currently single and has not mentioned reconnecting with his ex-partner. Still, on his Twitter post on July 2, 2021, the YouTuber has talked about missing being in love.

Feud With Gabbie Hanna

While Daniel's relationship with his ex-boyfriend is amicable he was recently involved in a feud with his former co-worker of Escape The Night, Gabbie Hanna. It all started after Gabbie posted a video explaining her experience on the set of Escape The Night. She mentioned being bullied by other cast members and apologized for her rude behavior on the stage.

The incident triggered Daniel to speak up about his own experiences regarding the actress's claims.

In his hour-long YouTube video, the media personality has spoken about Hanna's tardiness, unprofessional behavior on the set, and badmouthing to a production assistant. In addition, Preda tweeted how he apologized on her behalf to the cast and other associated personnel. However, he also considers her apology half-baked and advises her to seek professional help for healing.

Gabby Hanna did reciprocate back on her Twitter account. However, other members Alex Wassabi, Joey Graceffa, and Rosanna Pansino, also gave their own input regarding the drama. As of July 2021, Daniel Preda has stopped talking about the issue and put it down.

Nonetheless, we wish Daniel all the best for his future and hope he finds love again.

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Trivia and Facts

  • Daniel Preda has 858K Instagram followers and 240.8K Twitter followers.
  • He owns several dogs, with Monty being his oldest.
  • He loves designing his own home.

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