Carol Held Knight Biography 2022 - Neil Armstrong's Second Wife

Carol Held Knight Biography - Neil Armstrong's Second Wife

Carol Held Knight is best known for being Neil Armstrong's second wife . Image Source: Flickr.

Carol Held Knight is one of the most renowned and popularly talked-about women of all time. She is well known for being the second wife of astronaut Neil Armstrong. Carol's late husband was the first man to walk on the moon, making him one of the most famous astronauts in history.

Many people are familiar with Neil Armstrong's journey and life story, but how well do they know his second wife?

So let us take a peek at Carol Held Knight's career and lifestyle today.

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Early Life and Family

Carol Held Knight was born to Victor Held and Rosario Cota on April 20, 1945. Carol was raised in Ohio, America, and is thought to be a single kid, as there is no record of her siblings. Because Carol prefers to stay out of the limelight, little information about her family has been made public.

Carol Held Knight's Family

Carol Held Knight was raised in a safe and happy environment by parents in Ohio. Image Source: Flickr.

There is not much information about Carol Held Knight's family on social media as she tends to stay away from it. However, it is known that Carol's mother was unwell when she first met her now-deceased husband, Neil. As a result, she left her first date with the space traveler earlier than she planned to care for her mother.

So, even though there is no concrete information about her childhood, there is no doubt that Carol was raised in a caring environment by her parents.

Carol Held Knight Net Worth and Career

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon and one of the most well-known astronauts whose mission made him a media sensation. So we have no questions about how his second wife, Carol Held Knight, was pushed into the spotlight since it is usual for celebrities' families to be featured in the news.

As Carol Held only became the talk of the town after her marriage with the astronaut, not much about her early life career has been revealed to the public. She does, however, manage her family's company, as previously stated. But, apart from that, what Carol does for a living now is unknown. 

Carol Held Knight's Net Worth.

Carol Held Knight's career and net worth prospered once she became famous as Neil Armstrong's wife. Image Source: Flickr.

Carol's late husband, on the other hand, was an active person who worked as an astronaut, engineer, and naval officer in addition to being an astronaut. Neil Armstrong served in the US Navy for a year. He also qualified as a navy aviator and was made the VF-51's youngest officer. Carol's now-deceased husband must have had a considerable net worth, given his achievements and contributions to the country.

Consequently, Carol Held Knight's net worth is largely derived from an inheritance she received following her husband's death. When Carol's late spouse died from complicated heart surgery, his family was outraged. They filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Mercy Health–Fairfield Hospital, which was settled for $6 million in November 2014.

However, Carol refused to get involved in the lawsuit. But as the second wife of Neil, she must have received a certain amount from the settlement.

For now, Carol has opted to live a private life away from the public spotlight at her Ohio house that she formerly shared with Neil Armstrong. She is now enjoying a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle in her Drake Road home, valued at over a million dollars. Carol Held Knight's net worth is clearly capable of supporting her lifestyle.

Has Been Married Twice

Many people know Carol as the second wife of Neil Armstrong. However, before marrying Neil, the lady was married to another man. Carol's first husband, Ralph Knight, was killed in an aircraft accident in 1989. Given that Carol's children Molly Knight and Andrew Knight, were teenagers when their father passed away, it seems like Ralph and Carol Married young.

After the passing of her husband, Carol raised both of her children single-handedly and simultaneously managed her small family business, a Cincinnati-based construction company. Like the mother, both of Carol's children like to remain far from the public eyes. 

After almost a decade of Ralph's demise, Carol Held met her second husband on a blind date in 1992 at a golf event at a Cincinnati club. Their mutual friends Paul Christiansen and Sally Christiansen orchestrated Neil Armstrong's date with the lady. Carol was both nervous and eager to be sitting next to such an experienced astronaut that she barely spoke to him on their first date. 

Carol Held Knight's Husband

Carol Held Knight has been married twice and experienced the pain of losing both of her husbands. Image Source: Flickr.

When Neil met Carol Held Knight, he was still married to his first wife, Janet Elizabeth Shearon, but their marriage was in peril. Neil contacted Carol a few weeks after the event and even assisted her with removing a cherry tree.

When Neil's divorce from his first wife was finalized, the couple began dating, and two years later, tied the knot on June 12, 1994, in Ohio. Carol and Neil had two wedding ceremonies, one in Ohio with only a handful of their closest friends and family, and the other in California at the San Ysidro Ranch which was a huge ceremony. 

The couple bought their first house in California following their marriage and lived together until the death of Neil Armstong. Carol did not have any children with the astronaut. However, through her marriage, she did become the stepmother of Neil's sons Eric Armstrong and Mark Armstrong, both of whom are software engineers.

Trivia and Facts

  • Carol Held threw out most of Neil Armstrong's work as she never connected with it and even called it useless.
  • Molly, Carol's daughter, is married to an American sports executive and former agent, Brodie Van Wagenen.
  • Carol is 15 years younger than her deceased husband, Neil Armstrong.

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