Barrett Doss Biography 2024 - Station 19 Star

Barrett Doss Biography - Station 19 Star

Barrett Doss is an American actress and singer who is most known for her appearances in Station 19, Iron Fist, Grey's Anatomy, and Marshall. Image Source: Barrett Doss Instagram.

Barrett Doss is a well-known American actress and singer who has climbed through the ranks of the entertainment industry to establish herself as one of the most prominent actresses of the era. Barrett is mostly known for her role as Victoria Hughes in the ABC drama Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy.

Because the actress has been in the spotlight for so long, people are naturally interested in learning everything there is to know about her. So, in this biography, we'll take a look at Barrett Doss's career and lifestyle.

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Grew Up With An Identity Crisis

Barrett Chelsea Doss was born to parents Kelly Skalicky and Karl Doss on March 20, 1989. Even though the actress was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she spent most of her childhood in Chicago.

Barrett Doss's mother is Caucasian, while her father is of African American ancestry and was raised in a non-traditional home. Doss attended private schools with mainly white students, so she was often confused about her own identity.

Nonetheless, over time she grew to embrace who she was and learned to be at ease in her own skin.

Barrett Doss' Parents Divorced When She Was A Kid

When Barrett Doss was only six years old, her mother identified herself as gay. So, naturally, her parents got divorced. Following their separation, Barrett went on to live with her mother. Later, Doss' mom, Kelly, got married to her long-term partner Veronica, and both of them took the responsibility of raising the actress.  

Despite being bullied as a child due to her mom's sexual identity, the actress grew up to love and accept her mother for who she is. Barrett considers her mama to be her role model, and the mother-daughter pair is very close. 

Barrett Doss's Childhood

Despite the fact that Barrett Doss' parents divorced when she was a child, the actress has a wonderful relationship with both of them. Image Source: Barrett Doss Instagram.

Similarly, Barrett Doss' father married Pamela Doss when she was seven years old, and the two relocated to Richmond, Virginia together. Her dad is currently the deputy director at the legal services corporation of Virginia. Barrett became the half-sister of three siblings from her father's new marriage: a brother, Donovan Doss, and two sisters, Natalie Doss and Faith Doss

Even though the actress grew up with her mother, she believes she is pretty similar to her father in some aspects, and the two still have an excellent relationship. Similarly, she is also close with her half-siblings and even attended one of her sister's graduations.

Talking about graduation, the actress herself graduated from the Professional Children's School in Manhattan. Afterward, she moved on to New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study to further her education. In 2010, Doss's dad congratulated his daughter on his Facebook, for graduating. It is evident just how much her dad is proud of her accomplishments.

Currently, Doss is regarded as one of the most talented actresses in the entertainment industry. Barrett Doss's parents must be ecstatic with how far their daughter has progressed in her life.

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Barrett Doss Net Worth And Career

Barrett was first exposed to musical theater at the University of Chicago Lab School's theater department, where she auditioned for her first stage musical. It was around this time that Doss discovered her passion for performing and singing. Consequently, the actress did several stages and broadway works and appeared in plays like An Octoroon, Burned, and Good People. But it wasn't until much later that she seriously considered acting as a career option. 

Nonetheless, her journey has not been an easy one, and at one point, Doss even considered giving up. However, her passion for acting was fueled by her rejections, and she never gave up. And now, with nearly a dozen acting credits under her belt, the actress has made a name for herself in the industry. Therefore, Barrett Doss's net worth has undoubtedly improved as a result.

The actress first made her television debut as a guest star in the NBC comedy series 30 Rock. Following this she appeared in television shows such as Person of Interest, Bull, and Girls. She then landed the recurring role of Danny Rand's personal assistant Megan in Netflix's superhero series Iron Fist.

Barret Doss's Net Worth

Barret Doss has been an actress for most of her life, and her successful career is the reason behind her massive fortune. Image Source: Barret Doss Instagram.

However, the actress got her big break after being cast as one of the lead characters in ABC's action series Station 19. She worked alongside talented personalities such as Jason George, Grey Damon, and Jaina Lee Ortiz. Soon, Station 19 crossed over with the famous American drama Grey's Anatomy, where the actress appeared regularly in the sixteenth season. 

Ellen Pompeo, whose husband is Chris Ivery, plays the main character, Meredith Grey in the series and reportedly makes $575,000 per episode. Patrick Dempsey, who plays Derek Shepherd made $400,000 per episode before quitting the show. Barrett Doss has been a member of the show for about a year, so her fortune must have increased significantly due to her involvement.

The average income of actresses in the United States is $58,201. However, the range frequently falls between $48,001 and $71,101, depending on factors such as schooling, certifications, additional talents, and experience. Barrett Doss's net worth must have increased tremendously after working as an actress for over a decade.

With her star power rising by the day, it's safe to predict that the actress will continue to land more roles in prominent television shows and films. As a result, Barrett will undoubtedly continue to succeed and make a more significant name for herself in the future, surpassing her existing fortune.

Who is Barrett Doss's Boyfriend?

Barrett Doss has been in the public eye for quite some time, so, understandably, fans are curious about her personal life, particularly her love life. Therefore, it is no surprise that "Who is Barrett Doss's boyfriend?" is one of the most commonly asked questions about the actress.

Well, anyone who has followed the actress through her journey knows that she has been in a long and healthy relationship with actor Austin Durant. That being said, Barrett was not always open about her romance and preferred to keep it under wraps until she decided to go public about her connection with the actor through Instagram in 2017. 

Barrett Doss's Boyfriend Austin Durant.

Barrett Doss' boyfriend, Austin Durant is also an actor, so the two must have bonded over their mutual love of the theater. Image Source: Barrett Doss Instagram.

Since then, Barrett Doss's boyfriend, Austin Durant, has been a constant face on her Instagram. The lovely couple has been going out for a while and is undeniably smitten with each other. However, Doss's beau is reserved and tries to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.

So then, who is Barrett Doss's partner, exactly? Her boyfriend, like the actress, is a Broadway actor best known for his performances in films and television shows such as The Good Fight, Search Party, and Succession. The couple must have bonded because of their shared love of performing.

Even though the duo has been dating for years, there has been no indication of their relationship proceeding to the next level. Perhaps Barrett and her boyfriend are currently focused on their own careers and have no plans to marry anytime soon. Doss also does not have any children yet.

Nonetheless, given how deeply in love the two are, it's safe to assume that the lovely couple will get married sooner or later. So, for now, we wish Barrett and Austin well and hope they succeed in their chosen fields.

Trivia and Facts

  • If not an actress, Barrett Doss would have liked to work as an interior designer.
  • The actress is proficient in American sign language communication.
  • Barrett saw The Lion King for the first time on Broadway.

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