Alexandr Misko Biography 2022 - Russian Musician And Fingerstyle Guitarist

Alexandr Misko Biography - Russian Musician And Fingerstyle Guitarist

Alexandr Misko is an exceptional guitarist, composer, and arranger from Russia. Image Source: Alexandr Misko Instagram.

A brilliant new generation of contemporary fingerstyle guitarists, Alexandr Misko, draws inspiration from the musicians who pioneered and popularized this guitar technique. Misko has reached new heights while never losing sight of the underlying music. He has released five solo albums and performs with passion and vigor in performances worldwide.

With an organic strategy, Alexandr's work has garnered more than million fans and has got over 200 million views on music video platforms. Misko is an exceptional guitarist, composer, and arranger with much to offer to the musical world. Hence, to learn more about his personal life and his professional career, and what makes him an accomplished artist, stay with us till the end of this article.

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Was Born In Russia 

The prolific artist was welcomed into this world on November 28, 1997, in Krasnodar, Russia, by his parents. Similarly, Alexandr has kept the information about his father and mother discreet.

However, when he was just eight years old, Alexandr Misko's parents bought him a concert guitar with the thought that he would do something other than play video games. He first studied classical music before learning by ear his first Red Hot Chilli Peppers riffs. His musical preferences are broad, encompassing death metal, rap, new age, and minimalist compositions by Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

The musical tale of Alexandr is both astounding and easy to understand. At the age of 12, he studied classical guitar with a private instructor for three years. Later, Misko started to master the 'Fingerstyle' modern guitar playing technique on his own after learning about it online. 

Furthermore, the artist hasn't shared much regarding his upbringing. He did reveal that he was pursuing a Bachelor's degree in linguistics. Hopefully, we will learn more about Miska's family in the coming days. 

How Did He Garner Popularity? 

With much effort and dedication, guitarist Alexandr Misko rose to tremendous heights. On YouTube, he has amassed millions of subscribers, and as a touring musician, he has given many shows worldwide. 

Due to his reputation as a talented guitarist, Misko is a sensation on his own YouTube channel. He is a dynamic individual who learned new skills through the internet, such as 'finger-tapping,' and his fandoms now regard him as an exceptional fingerstyle guitarist. 

Moreover, in 2015, Alexandr's video with the original tune 'Guitar & Pen Tapping Song' received over a million views, which led to an invitation for him to perform on the popular Russian equivalent of an American TV talk show, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!.' Now, let's get to know more about his professional career and other achievements in the following subheading. 

Alexandr Misko Net Worth And Career

Alexandr is one of Russia's talented guitarists and musicians. He has been actively performing worldwide with solo shows, teaching, and recording music since 2016 and has now released five albums.

Furthermore, after receiving over 30 million views on Facebook for his cover of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' in January 2017, Alexandr Misko took his first significant step into the international guitar scene. He was then able to share the stage with legendary guitarists like Jon Gomm, Guthrie Govan, Tobias Rauscher, and Maneli Jamal at the Guitar Summit showcase in Germany.

The first track from Misko's second album, 'Beyond the Box,' 'Careless Whisper' by George Michael, gained more than 80,000,000 views on Facebook and YouTube within a month. Alexandr's YouTube channel is gaining subscribers exponentially and already has more than 826K subscribers.

As per Social Blade, the composer's YouTube channel's estimated earnings is $135 - $2.2K monthly and $1.6K - $26.2K a year. Moreover, he also owns an online shop where various items such as accessories, albums, guitar tabs, and clothing are available. Now, let's see the prices of some of the products down below: 

Product Price
Guitar Tabs Bundle  $34.99
Unisex organic sweatshirt $33.00
Unisex Hoodie $34.00
White glossy mug  $14.00

Table Source: Alexandr Misko Official Website

Alexandr's merch sales must also be adding to his income. Thus, such professional ventures must have improved Alexandr Misko's net worth.

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Is The Guitarist Dating Anyone?

When it comes to love life, Misko has maintained complete secrecy from the eye of the public. Therefore, the information regarding Alexandr Misko's girlfriend has not been revealed yet. 

Misko doesn't seem to have been associated with any other person in the past or the present. Also, through his Instagram, Alexandr posts more about his music and musical shows and seems to be a workaholic. As he shares a strong passion for art and music, could it be he is entirely focused on his career now?

Alexandr Misko Partner

Alexandr Misko seems to be entirely focused on his musical career now. Image Source: Alexandr Misko Instagram.

Moreover, the guitarist has not been vocal regarding his kids. It is pretty understandable that he has different priorities now, and we should respect that. Hopefully, we will hear more about Alexandr Misko's partner in the coming days. 

Overall, Alexandr's music is approachable to any listener thanks to a distinctive style, a very musical and technical presentation, and innovative pieces. His music speaks a universal language that is accessible to listeners everywhere. He is the future of acoustic guitar, and several people look up to him. We hope he is living a happy and content personal life as well. Our best wishes go along his way. 

Trivia And Facts

  • Alexandr has a massive following of 300K followers on his Instagram account.
  • He has a solo event scheduled on October 22, 2022, at Lisinski, Zagreb, Croatia.
  • He is a lefty.
  • Misko shared he was fond of all genres, including metal and rap.

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