Alex Niedbalski Biography 2023- Businesswoman And Wanda Sykes' Wife

Alex Niedbalski Biography- Businesswoman And Wanda Sykes' Wife

Alex Sykes and her wife Wanda Sykes have been happily married since 2009. Photo Source: Social Media.

Alex Niedbalski, aka Alex Sykes, is a French-born businesswoman and well-known homemaker. Alex Niedbalski became famous after the reveal of her relationship with American actress, comedian, and writer Wanda Sykes. The lesbian couple has been married since 2008 after dating for two years.

Alex's partner, Wanda Sykes, is famous for her work in movies like Bad moms, Evan Almighty, Rio, Over The Hedge, and Ice Age: Continental Drift. Alex also accompanies her wife to award ceremonies and various TV shows as well. The couple has been together for more than a decade. Though Alex is getting more popular every day, much about her life is still unknown to the public. Keep reading further to know more about Alex Sykes's personal life.

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Early Life, Family, and Education

Alex Sykes was born on 19 February 1974 and raised in France. Though she is already famous, Alex has not shared much information about her parents and their relationship. The French national has shared her story on Instagram about her confession to her father about being gay. Alex recalls her father being so upset that he stopped talking to her for years. Furthermore, she explained how her father's behavior devastated her until he finally apologized and accepted his daughter's path. Today Alex is happy and living a successful life with her wife, Wanda Sykes.

Alex Sykes, Wanda Sykes' wife

Alex Sykes and her wife Wanda Sykes are both gay and have been happily married since 2008. Image Source: Instagram.

Alex Sykes finished high school and soon even got her Master's Degree in business and marketing from ISEG, Paris, Business School in France before migrating to the U.S.A. 

Wife and Mother Of Twins

Wanda Sykes was married to music producer Dave Hall from 1991 to 1998. We can assume that her divorce must have been because of her sexual orientation. Wanda met Alex Niedbalski in 2006. She first noticed Alex on a ferry before seeing her again, when one of her friends introduced them personally. The couple has been inseparable ever since their marriage two years later. 

Alex married Wanda Sykes in 2008 in Las Vegas with a very selective list of guests. The duo has been together ever since and love each other deeply. In 2009, Alex gave birth to their twins' children. The twins are growing up and are being raised well by their parents. The family also visit their grandparents and other family members in France often and are both fluent in the French language.

 Lucas Claude Sykes, and Olivia Lou Sykes

Aforementioned, Alex Sykes and Wanda Sykes have twins children. Their daughter's name is Olivia Lou Sykes, while the son's name is Lucas Claude Sykes. The adorable twins have inherited much of their genes from Alex Sykes. The twins are of fair color and also speak the French language more often. Well, we can be sure that the twins are in good health and loved plenty by their parents. 

Wanda Sykes has shared many of her moments during talk shows about her children and beautiful wife, Alex Sykes. The couple also loves taking their kids to Alex Sykes's hometown in France. Alex Sykes loves to spend her time with Wanda Sykes and her children. She has shared a lot of pictures of the kids, including snowboarding down a hill, on her Instagram account.

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Like every parent, there are always moments when Wanda jokes about her side of the story in dealing with two kids. The actress has appeared on The Ellen Show and shared some funny experiences she has to face every day.

Career And Fortune

Alex Sykes started her career by working for the Women Tennis Association as a press assistant and later went on to work as a Sponsorship and Marketing Assistant for the French National Basketball Association. Her dedication to her work has made Alex Sykes a successful businesswoman.

Alex Sykes has been very busy throughout her career, She also went on to work for a company called Leavnatina Group, a natural stone extracting company. As a marketing professional, Alex Sykes worked for the Spanish company from 2003 to 2007. The French national is now the VP of sales at Polycor, a building material processing company. As a senior in the field of marketing, Alex has also been inspirational for the young and junior workers of the company.

Alex Sykes is a professional when it comes to the business world. Wanda's life partner has worked for various companies in her career. As stated earlier, she used to work for the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) and the French national basketball association (FNBA) as well. Throughout her career, Alex Sykes has worked under some big corporations in the business world but has kept her earnings a secret.

Alex Sykes's net worth is still unknown to the public. But because of her presence in the business world and her relationship, It's okay to say the businesswoman has a fortune of over a million dollars. As for her wife, Wanda Sykes has a net worth of $10 million. Wanda is also very careful not to disclose any of her wife's secrets to the media as Alex doesn't like being in the spotlight. However, she has also found recognition through her work, doing interviews, and sharing ideas for the business world.

Alex Sykes has an amazing stage presence of her own and is a motivational speaker as well.

Alex Sykes, American actress, comedian, Wand Sykes,

Alex Sykes net worth is estimated to be more than a million dollars. Image source: Instagram

The couple lives together with their children in their beautiful house in Media, Philadelphia. They also share much of their time in Los Angeles and France.

Supporter Of Same-sex Marriage

Alex Sykes is very supportive of Wanda Sykes and her career. Furthermore, the lesbian couple has been together for more than a decade and have participated in rallies and protest for gay rights. Wanda Sykes disclosed her sexuality in a pro-gay rally in Las Vegas on November 15, 2008. The couple has been open about their relationship ever since. Alex and Wanda Sykes have also participated and showed their support for the gay community through various fundraisers and promoting same-sex marriage. The Hollywood couple were totally against Proposition 8, a law intended to stop the numbers of same-sex marriage in California.

Alex Sykes On Social Media

Alex has kept her social life well hidden from the cameras. Wanda Sykes' wife only uses her Instagram to share pictures of herself and her adored family and has over 19.2k followers on Instagram. She shares small moments of joy with her loving partner and has also been politically active through it. The first social post Alex Sykes made on her social media account was a video clip of Wanda Sykes making fun of her at The Ellen Show. The couple has since received more love from their fans and wishes them to be together for more years to come.

Alex Niedbalski Sykes is a successful businesswoman and loving wife of American actress and comedian Wanda Sykes. Alex married Wanda in 2008 and are happy ever since. Opening up about their feelings had been a problem in both their lives but the duo have accepted themselves and each other as they are. Unlike Alex, Wanda had been married to David Hall for many years, where the actress had to hide her sexuality. Now, being proud parents of twins and having each other in their lives, we can be content with the love Wanda and Alex are sharing in this world. 

Fun Facts and Trivia

  1. Alex Sykes is open and proud about her relationship.
  2. Alex Sykes gave birth to twins in 2009.
  3. Alex Niebaldski loves drinking champagne with her wife, Wanda Sykes.

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