Thomas Hooper Biography - English Tattoo Artist

Thomas Hooper Biography 2021 - English Tattoo Artist

Thomas Hooper is a famous tattoo artist in the world. His tattoo designs are unique and phenomenal in their own way. Moreover, Tibetan iconography, nature, decorative art, and traditional woodcuts influence the tattooist's style. They also feature the themes of death, the cosmos, and our natural surrounding.

The tattoo artist hasn't only limited his inking skills to the human body. He has also shown his artistic talents on the canvas. As a result, Hooper is one of the well-known artists in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, his artwork has been displayed at numerous galleries over the years.

So, let's get to know more about Thomas Hooper in this biography.

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Early Life And Family

The tattooist was born in Hastings in East Sussex. He was born into a single-parent family, so life was difficult for him in his childhood. However, the situation taught Thomas to be independent early in his life. Moreover, Thomas Hooper's motherMary Purfield, encouraged him to pursue an art career that later shaped his future.

Likewise, Thomas Hooper's brother Peter Hooper and sister Eleanor Hooper have always supported his tattooist journey.

Thomas Hooper Family

Thomas Hooper's family has always respected and supported his career choice. Photo Source: Thomas Hooper's Instagram.

The English artist completed his high school in his hometown. Afterward, he did a two-year course in engineering at college. However, the tattooist didn't want to become an engineer after his graduation. He then did two-year studies in film and photography but didn't see his future in the field. Furthermore, after his mother's advice, Thomas took an art course for a year to create his foundation in art and design.

Soon after, Thomas Hooper enrolled in the London Institute of Art and Design and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Drawing. He began tattooing during his college years and later turned it into his whole career.

Thomas Hooper Net Worth And Career

The Hastings native has been working in the art industry for more than two decades. As such, he has earned himself wide recognition and wealth. So, Thomas Hooper's net worth mainly comprises his earnings from his profession. Besides that, he also makes income from his paintings and artworks.

Income As A Tattoo Artist

Aforementioned, Thomas Hooper began tattooing in 2001 during his college days. The famous tattoo artist Jim MacAirt taught him in his hometown. Additionally, the latter also inspired the English artist to pursue a career as a tattooist. He worked in Into You for a short period before moving to the U.S.A.

Thoman joined Saved Tattoo in New York City after his shift. There he developed his artistic skills and gave them his own signature touch. Moreover, Hooper learned from excellent fellow tattooists such as Scott Campbell, Chris O'Donnell, Stephanie Tamez, Virginia Elwood, and Seth Wood. After working in the tattoo studio for two years, he moved to Texas.

Hooper joined Rock Of Ages in Austin, Texas. He became a partner of the owner Steve Byrne, who was also his close friend. Furthermore, the duo expanded its business and made it one of the best tattoo shops in Texas. After working for eight years, Thomas Hooper parted ways with the company and returned to his hometown in 2021. He is currently a tattooist at the Two Snakes Tattoo.

Thomas Hooper Net Worth

Thomas Hooper's designs are detailed with geometrical patterns, scientific illustrations, and mystical elements. Photo Source: Thomas Hooper's Instagram.

The tattoo artist's tattoos are inspired by the natural forms, mathematical and geometric patterns, and eastern religious images. They also have Tibetan and traditional Japanese themes. Furthermore, Hooper wants his design to be detailed, meditative, and pure in form. He tries to reflect his client's reasons behind their tattooing decisions on his work.

The tattoo guy's inking style provides a splendid visual. After working in many places, he has made himself a household name in the tattoo industry. As such, people from all around the globe visit Thomas to get tattooed.

The price of tattoos varies following their design, size, and types. The artist also charges his client as per the time it took to complete the inking. So, although Thomas Hopper hasn't revealed his tattoo cost, it must be pretty high considering their distinctive pattern and time limit.

Thus, Thomas Hooper's net worth must have increased over the years alongside his prospering career.

Income From Artworks

Aforementioned, the tattooist is also a well-known artist. His artworks reflect his individualism, artistic perception, and belief. Moreover, Thomas feels less pressure working on a canvas rather than human skin. He has the freedom to do anything he wants without having to think about the results.

Thomas Hooper's paintings have been shown in many art exhibitions over the years. They are also available for purchase at the Raking Light Projects. Some of their prices are listed below:

Products Prices
Infinite Death Thomas Hooper Letterpress Print $375
Relocation Thomas Hooper Original Artwork $600
Infinitum Set Thomas Hooper Hand-Embellished Serigraph $500
Untitled Thomas Hooper Original Artwork $1500
Untitled Thomas Hooper Original Artwork $1000

Most of the painter's arts have been sold out completely. In addition, they are also high in demand among the customers of the shop. As such, Thomas Hooper must be making a good income from his paintings.

Loving Wife And Children

Alongside a successful art career, the English man is also a family man. He is a loving husband to his partner. Additionally, Thomas Hooper's wife Kimberly Hooper is from America; as such, the pair initially settled down there. She also gives her input regarding her husband's drawings and sketches.

Thomas Hooper Relationships

Thomas Hooper is a responsible father and a loving husband. Photo Source: Thomas Hooper's Instagram.

The couple is also bestowed with an adorable son. Thomas is a hands-down father and often takes his kid to school. In addition, he also makes time for his child out of his hectic schedules. Moreover, Thomas Hooper's son also accompanies him in his tattoo studio. He also draws alongside his father.

The long-haired tattooist aspires to become an excellent example to his son. He teaches his child about finishing the job despite having failures in the journey. Furthermore, Thomas Hooper is constantly exploring new ways to improve his skills. He believes a tattoo artist has to be conscious of their work and how it might contribute to the surrounding world of tattooing.

Trivia And Facts

  • Thomas Hooper has 166K Instagram followers.
  • He takes inspiration from Alex Binnie, Andreas 'Curly' Moore, Xed Le Head, Tomas Tomas, Jondix, etc.
  • He has a book published named Inward: The Art Of Thomas Hooper.

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