Randy Mearns Biography 2023 - Retired Lacrosse Player

Randy Mearns Biography - Retired Lacrosse Player

Randy Mearns is a former professional lacrosse player who is now coaching a college lacrosse team. Photo Source: Social Media.

Box lacrosse's origin dates back to Canada. So, it's no wonder that the sport is heavily dominated by Canadian athletes. Moreover, many of them have enjoyed a successful career in indoor lacrosse. And one individual from the bunch is Randy Mearns.

The sportsman began his playing journey in Canadian box lacrosse before debuting in National Lacrosse League. He had an incredible career with many wins and honors. Furthermore, even after retiring, the player remained active in the lacrosse field. He currently coaches the St. Bonaventure men's lacrosse team.

So, let's learn more about this lacrosse figure's background, career, and private affairs in this biography.

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Randy Mearns Comes From A Supportive Family

The former lacrosse pro was born on May 28, 1969, in St. Catharines, Canada. He comes from a supportive family who taught him about work ethics from a young age.

Randy Mearns' father, Art Mearns, and mother, Helen Mearns, influenced him never to give up, which he put into practice every day. Likewise, his older brother, Robbie Mearns, also played an essential role in shaping his career.

The sportsman rarely opens up about his family in the media. But, when he does, it is always filled with gratitude and respect.

Randy Mearns Family

Randy Mearns' parents and older brother supported his lacrosse passion from earlier on. Photo Source: Social Media.

The athlete began his playing journey with St. Catharines Athletics. He was versatile and played defense, offense, and other positions on the team.

The young guy had colossal potential and led the St. Catharines to win the 1990 Minto Cup in the junior section. He also assisted the team in winning five national senior titles consecutively.

Randy Mearns Net Worth And Career

Since beginning his lacrosse journey in high school, the sportsman advanced to play professionally in NLL. He then devoted himself to playing for nearly a decade.

Even after retiring, Mearns is still actively involved in lacrosse and is coaching young talents. His expertise in the sport has allowed him to enjoy a successful coaching career.

So, Randy Mearns' net worth mainly comprises his earnings from his playing and coaching career. Another individual who has earned popularity and fortune from his lacrosse career is Jay Jalbert.

Randy's Earnings From Playing Career

The athlete expanded his lacrosse skills to newer levels at Canisius College. He thrived as an offense for the team and led them to many winnings in his college years.

The lacrosse player also set new records with his incredible scores. For instance, he became Canisius' all-time leader in assists and ranked second in career scoring.

Eventually, Randy graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance in 1992. Later, he also obtained a masters' degree in sports administration in 2002.

Buffalo Bandits picked the college lacrosse star at the 1992 NLL Draft. He was also part of the group's victory in the 1993 Major Indoor Lacrosse League Championship.

Randy Mearns Net Worth

After playing lacrosse in high school and college, Randy Mearns made his professional debut with Buffalo Bandits. Photo Source: Social Media.

The NLL player then joined Rochester Knighthawks in 1995. He was the team's captain and led them in making four NLL Championship appearances in 1996, 1997, 1999, and 2000. In addition, he also assisted the team in capturing the 1997 NLL Championship.

After playing professionally for nearly a decade, Mearns decided to retire. He hasn't played in NLL since 2002 and instead pursued a new career.

Although the former lacrosse pro has quit, he must have earned a considerable amount. Lax Weekly states the average salary of an NLL player to be $19,135. Hence, Mearns' income might have also been around the same range.

Thus, Randy Mearns' net worth must have been a notable figure during his playing years.

Mearns' Income From Coaching

The former professional lacrosse player showed interest in developing and coaching field lacrosse during his playing years. He initially coached Canadian junior and senior teams.

The coach's most notable result was leading the national team to win the 2006 and 2014 World Lacrosse Championship. He then came back to his alma mater and worked as their coach for eighteen years.

Randy Mearns Net Worth

Randy Mearns coached for eighteen years in Canisius College before switching to St. Bonaventure. Photo Source: Social Media.

Randy currently serves as the head coach of St. Bonaventure's men's lacrosse team. Although he hasn't revealed his salary, he must be paid generously considering his experience.

ZipRecruiter estimates the average salary of a lacrosse coach to be $25 an hour and $51,328 yearly. Mearns' income might be similar or more than the given range.

Is Randy Mearns Married?

As a well-renowned sports personality, Randy has enjoyed support from many fans. His followers are always eager to find out more things related to him. So, we often find searches related to Mearns' partner in the media.

Speaking of the head coach's love life, he is currently married to his spouse, Connie Mearns. The latter has been his number one supporter from the beginning.

The pair hasn't precisely revealed when they first met or began dating. There is also not much information on when both got married. But, the Mearns couple likely has been together for more than a decade.

Randy Mearns Wife Connie Mearns

Randy Mearns' wife, Connie Mearns, is very supportive of his lacrosse career. Photo Source: Randy Mearns' Twitter.

Randy Mearns' wife, Connie Mearns, was battling cancer in 2019. She must have received support from her husband and family members during her recovery process.

The duo often shares photos of their travels and celebrations on Twitter. Both seem to be enjoying a happy life with each other.

Mearns Is A Father of Two

Alongside having a gorgeous wife, Mearns is a father of two sons. Randy Mearns' firstborn, Tanner Mearns, is following in his footsteps and playing lacrosse at Drexel University. In addition, he is majoring in civil engineering.

Unlike his elder sibling, Mearns' youngest son, Owen Mearns, has stayed away from the limelight. Nonetheless, he might also be interested in sports.

Randy Mearns Sons

Randy Mearns' elder son, Tanner Mearns, plays lacrosse at Drexel University. Photo Source: Randy Mearns' Twitter.

Randy Mearns' children must also be very proud of his lacrosse achievements. Hopefully, we will learn more about the Mearns family more in the future.

Trivia And Facts

  • Randy has more than 2K Twitter followers.
  • He is an inductee of the Canadian Lacrosse, Ontario Lacrosse, Rochester Knighthawks, and Canisius College Halls of Fame.
  • He served as the color commentator for Buffalo Bandits' radio broadcasts.

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