Matthew MacCaull Biography 2024 - Canadian Actor

Matthew MacCaull Biography - Canadian Actor

Matthew MacCaull is a well-known Canadian actor and writer who is famous for his role in Tomorrowland. Image Source: Matthew MacCaull Instagram.

Many of Hollywood's most well-known actors and actresses begin their careers on television. While it's difficult to comprehend our favorite celebrities as struggling actors, it is only a matter of time before the actors start to make their way to the big screen. However, some stars have a better chance of breaking out and building successful careers in their own right.

Matthew MacCaull is one of those actors who made one or more appearances as series extras before making it big in Hollywood. MacCaull is a Canadian actor known for his roles in series and movies such as Tomorrowland, Midway, Turner & Hooch, and Star Trek Beyond.

Even though Matthew began acting in the late 1990s, he started building a solid reputation as an actor in recent years. So, let us take a glance at how the actor went from being cast in guest roles to starring roles in award-winning series and films.

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Early Life And Family

Matthew MacCaull was born to parents Tony MacCaull and Julie MacCaull on April 4, 1978. Along with his sister Michelle MacCaull and brother Marc MacCaull, the actor was raised in a Christian home in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is the youngest of three siblings. 

Matthew MacCaull's family is incredibly supportive of him. Despite the actor rarely sharing about his parents on social media, he routinely does post about his siblings and the trio appears to be close.

Matthew MacCaull's Family.

Matthew MacCaull grew up in a Christian household and had an pleasant upbringing. Image Source: Julia MacCaull Instagram.

Nonetheless, Matthew MacCaull's mother has numerous photographs of her family. The actor's mom appears to be pleased with how far her son has progressed in his life and wishes him nothing but success. Even though Matthew does not post about his family, it is evident that they are an essential part of his life.

The actor grew up watching Disney movies with his brother and sister and developed an early interest in acting. As a result, he went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to study theatre. While studying theatre, Matthew discovered a passion for writing in addition to acting.

Prospering Career As A Professional Actor

Matthew MacCaull debuted his acting career in 1999 when he took on the role of one of the main cast in the comedy movie Exiles. The following year, the actor made a guest appearance on sci-fi family drama Mentors.

Similarly, for the next few years, Matthew appeared in numerous TV series and movies such as Migratory Bird, Heart of America, Jeremiah, Fatal Desire, and others. 

Matthew MacCaull's Career.

Matthew MacCaull has successfully earned a reputation in the entertainment world since his debut as an actor. Image Source: Matthew MacCaull Instagram.

Aside from acting, the star wrote and starred in an 8-minute film called A Thin Dry Roar. From there on, Matthew MacCaull's career only soared to new heights. In 2014, the actor was nominated for a Leo Award for his outstanding performance in the psychological thriller Black Fly.

In 2015, the actor made headlines when he got cast for the role of Dave Clark in Disney's Tomorrowland. Following his success in the movie, he was cast in the CW's iZombie.

The actor has also appeared in a number of our favorite series and films. Some of which are included here, along with his roles and the year they were released:

Title Role Year
Disrien Dante Virtu 2015
Vendetta Ben 2015
Stranger In The House Marco 2016
Star Trek Beyond Blue Shirt 2016
Woman On The Run Oscar 2017

Despite having a successful career in the entertainment sector, Matthew's breakthrough came from the television series DC's Legends of Tomorrow, where he guest featured in recurring roles from 2016 to 2018.

Even though the star was now making appearances on the big screens, he continued to take on minor roles and guest-starred in various shows and films. Some of his recent acting credits are in Midway, Welcome To The Circle, Debris, and Turner & Hooch.

Matthew MacCaull may not be an international superstar yet, but with all of the future projects that the star has lined up, he will undoubtedly build a reputation for himself in the profession.

Matthew MacCaull Net Worth And Earnings

From a little theatrical artist to a Hollywood actor, the Canadian personality's fame rose quickly. The actor has been involved in the acting business for over two decades. At present, the star has almost seventy acting credits under his name. As a result, most of Matthew MacCaull's net worth must have derived from his career as a professional actor.

However, the outstanding actor has not disclosed his earnings to the public. Nonetheless, the average hourly wage for a Canadian actor is $20.69, with yearly earnings ranging from $24K to $214K. Given how experienced and well-known the star is, Matthew MacCaull's salary must be much more than the average earnings.

Matthew MacCaull's Net Worth,

Most of Matthew MacCaull's net worth is derived from his long and successful acting career. Image Source: Matthew MacCaull Instagram.

In addition, MacCaull had a big role in Disney's Tomorrowland, which grossed more than $209 million at the box office. Although the earnings of the cast members have not been revealed, one may infer that Matthew was compensated generously for his performance in it.

Similarly, the actor has taken on numerous other roles in many series and films. Consequently, Matthew MacCaull's net worth must have significantly profited from all of his acting credentials.

Furthermore, the actor appears to be very fond of traveling and frequently uploads pictures of him visiting different countries and partaking in extravagant activities. Going through his social sites, it is evident that the star is enjoying a comfortable lifestyle and having a blast. Clearly, Matthew MacCaull's fortune is substantial enough to afford such a lavish lifestyle.

MacCaull has made a strong reputation in his profession, but he still has a long way to go. Nevertheless, with additional projects on the way, he may become a more fabulous star in the future and surpass his current net worth.

Is Matthew MacCaull Married? 

Apart from his acting career, Matthew MacCaull has also been in the limelight due to his personal life. Many admirers, especially ladies, are curious whether the actor is single because of his stunning appearance. Unfortunately for the females, the handsome man appears to be dating his long-term partner, Alix Lane.

Matthew MacCaull's girlfriend, Alix is an actress and aerialist, prominently known for her work on Big Sky, Play the Flute and Black Pumpkin. The couple must have bonded over their love for acting and writing. Although it is not revealed when or how the two met, looking through their Instagram, it is evident that the duo started dating back in 2019. 

As mentioned above, the actor is not someone who flaunts his private life on social media, so, unsurprisingly, there are not many photos of his girlfriend on his Instagram. However, unlike him, Matthew MacCaull's partner is quite open about being in a relationship with him and has shared several photos of the two with extended, loving captions.

Matthew MacCaull's Girlfriend.

Matthew MacCaull is currently in a relationship with actress and aerialist Alix Lane. Image Source: Matthew MacCaull Instagram.

Nonetheless, this was not the first time the celebrity's personal life made headlines. In 2015, Matthew dated a travel writer, Chloe, and the ex-couple spent a lot of time going around different places and countries. Both Matthew MacCaull and his ex-girlfriend enjoyed traveling, and the two became acquaintances due to their shared interests in both travel and writing.

While the pair were together, there were many speculations about them being married. However, there is no evidence that the ex-lover ever tied the knot, so the notion that Chloe was Matthew MacCaull's wife was just that: a rumor. 

While Matthew's relationship with Chloe did not last, we hope that the actor will marry his current partner Alix Lane one day.

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Trivia and Facts

  • Matthew MacCaull has a dog named Pepperoni.
  • Matthew stands at a towering height of 5 feet and 11 inches.
  • The actor is quite fond of surfing.

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