Lisa Stelly Biography 2022 - Entrepreneur And Jack Osbourne's Ex-wife

Lisa Stelly Biography - Entrepreneur And Jack Osbourne's Ex-wife

Lisa Stelly is an entrepreneur and founder of cake ingredient company Fancy Sprinkles. Photo Source: Lisa Stelly's Instagram.

Lisa Stelly is a model and actress from Los Angeles. Many people also know her as the son of singer Ozzy OsbourneJack Osbourne's ex-wife. Besides that, Jack is also an actor and a reality television star. The pair were a perfect married couple and shared deep affection between them. However, their sudden divorce made headlines in the media.

Furthermore, Lisa Stelly is also an entrepreneur. She owns a company named Fancy Sprinkles which supplies edible sprinkles, glitters, and other confectionery items. In addition, the actress is also a social media influencer and has an impressive fandom.

So, let's go through Lisa Stelly's biography to get to know her better.

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Early Life And Family

The model was born on March 4, 1987, and raised by loving parents who always supported her. However, information about her hometown seems to be shrouded in mystery. Some site suggests that Lisa Stelly is from Lousiana, while others say that she is a Los Angeles native. Moreover, Stelly also has three siblings with whom she shares a deep bond.

Lisa Stelly Early Life

Lisa Stelly was born and brought up in California. Photo Source: Lisa Stelly's Instagram.

The American model completed her high school education in her hometown. Unfortunately, there is not much information about her college education. But, from one of her Instagram posts, we can see that Lisa Stelly was a cheerleader in her former years. Moreover, the gorgeous actress began her career as a model and was featured in popular magazines. She also did some runways for fashion shows.

Lisa Stelly Net Worth And Career

While she started her career as a model, Lisa Stelly got more recognition after appearing in the music video of 21 Guns by the rock band Green Day in 2009. In the video, she pairs up with the actor Josh Boswell. The song was commercially successful and was also nominated for a Grammy.

The American actress also worked on several other Green Day music videos as well as few shows. These works have undoubtedly helped her earn a considerable sum. Moreover, after she separated from Jack Osbourne, she started her own business. This has aided in the increase of Lisa Stelly's net worth.

Earnings From Business

Aforementioned, after the divorce, Lisa Stelly tried to uplift herself and pursue a career related to her hobby. As a result, she opened a cake ingredient shop, Fancy Sprinkles. She realized that there are fewer varieties of cake sprinkles or glitters available on the market. Moreover, the traditional glitters tasted awful and lacked flavor. That's when she got the business idea of opening a shop specializing in making edible cake decorators.

The company made good sales within the two months of its establishment. It also started getting more customers. As a result, Jack Osbourne's ex-wife moved her company into a more significant place and created new products. At present, Fancy Sprinkles supplies its items for professional bakers and famous cake shops.

The company has also launched different collections throughout the years. Some of the featured cake ingredients of the shop with their prices are listed below:

Products Prices
Summer Full Set   $65.00
Sweet Nostalgia Set   $36.00
Classic Set (Vegan) $32.00
Daydream Cocktail Set  $40.00
Summer Easy Candy Set $32.00

The success of Fancy Sprinkles might have increased Lisa Stelly's net worth over the years. We can assume she might have amassed a fortune from her career.

Lisa Stelly's ex-husband Jack Osbourne is also fairing well in his career. He has hosted many programs and appeared on reality television series. In addition, the television personality has also worked on the production and directing. As a result, Jack Osbourne's net worth is $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Earnings From Acting

As mentioned above, Lisa Stelly ventured into the filming industry before her marital years. She made her debut in the entertainment industry with a short movie Passed Over in 2009. The film had an estimated budget of $12,000 and presented the dysfunctions of a family in a comedic way. In addition, the actress has also acted on the television series Howard Stern on Demand. She appeared on one episode of the series in 2011.

Moreover, Lisa Stelly has acted on Green Day's eighth studio album 21st Century Breakdown. She was featured on three music videos of the album 21 Guns, Last of the American Girls, and 21st Century Breakdown. Moreover, the songs received positive criticisms from the music critics. As a main cast of the songs, Lisa Stelly must have been paid well for her performance.

However, Jack Osbourne's ex-beau Lisa Stelly focuses more on her entrepreneurial career and has kept her acting career on hold.

Was Married To Jack Osbourne And Has Three Children

Alongside her career, Lisa Stelly's relationship has also been the focus of media. Aforementioned, the blonde-haired model came into the limelight after confirming her relationship with the reality television star Jack Osbourne. He was already well-known in public. 

Furthermore, Jack Osbourne's family was happy about his relationship and supported them. After dating for three months, Lisa Stelly became pregnant with their first child. And Jack Osbourne's daughter Pearl Clementine Osbourne was born on April 24, 2012.

The former couple got married on October 7, 2012, in Hawaii. It was a relatively small ceremony with only close family members' attendance. In addition, Jack Osbourne's mother, Sharon Osbourne, and father, Ozzy Osbourne, were also present in the ceremony to give their blessings.

Lisa Stelly Married Life

Lisa Stelly married her ex-husband Jack Osbourne after a year of dating. Photo Source: Social Media.

Lisa Stelly became pregnant for the second time in 2013. Sadly, she suffered a late-term miscarriage on September 5, 2013. Despite having such tragedy, the duo was still supporting and affectionate towards each other.

After two years, the former model gave birth to her second child Andy Rose Osbourne on June 13, 2015. Furthermore, the couple welcomed their third baby Minnie Theodora Osbourne on February 3, 2018.

As of 2021, the businesswoman's older children Pearl Osbourne and Andy Rose, are enrolled in school. Lisa Stelly's daughter Minnie Osbourne is still a toddler, accompanying her mother at home and work.

Separation From Jack Osbourne

Lisa Stelly's marital life looked perfect on the outside, but many troubles were lurking underneath. Jack and Lisa's initial married years were filled with happiness and satisfaction. But after five and half years together, the pair finally decided to separate. It was Stelly who filed for divorce in L.A. County. 

Jack Osbourne's ex-wife also asked for spousal support and joint custody with their three children. The estranged couple officially divorced on March 5, 2019.

Jack Osbourne had denied making payment for spousal support. But, he agreed to pay $1 million alimony to his ex-wife Lisa Stelly. In addition, the former actress also got full ownership of Raddestmom, LLC and Fancy Sprinkles. Moreover, Stelly also got the former couple's 2017 Audi Q7.

Even after the separation, the ex-pair co-parent their babies and seem happy with their situation. However, that changed after Jack Osbourne had a feud with Lisa Stelly's then-boyfriend Michael Gabel. According to TMZ, the television host went to talk with his baby mama and was confronted by her new boyfriend. He also allegedly punched Michael before leaving the house. However, the latter party pressed no legal charges.

Lisa Stelly Children

Lisa Stelly shares joint custody of her three babygirls with her ex-husband Jack Osbourne. Photo Source: Lisa Stelly's Instagram.

Since then, the television producer has moved on to a new relationship. Jack Osbourne's girlfriend, Aree Gearhart, is an interior designer. In addition, Jack is also a supportive father to his children and posts pictures alongside them. Furthermore, Lisa Stelly also confirmed her relationship with Pitch Perfect star Skylar Astin in 2020.

Moving On With A New Boyfriend

Aforementioned, the celebrity has moved on from her past marriage and got herself a new boyfriend. Lisa Stelly's boyfriend Skylar Astin is a well-known actor and singer. Moreover, Astin was also previously married to his Pitch Perfect co-star Anna Camp. 

Lisa and Skylar confirmed their relationship via an Instagram post on July 11, 2020. Since then, they are constantly showing off their love on their social media.

Lisa Stelly Boyfriend

Lisa Stelly found love again with her boyfriend Skylar Astin. Photo Source: Lisa Stelly's Instagram.

In addition, the couple goes on many vacations in their free time. Recently, in May of 2021, the lovebirds celebrated their first anniversary in Rosewood Mayakoba. Furthermore, Stelly's partner Skylar supports her career and loves her children wholeheartedly. He also posts pictures alongside Lisa's children. 

Besides finding love again, the entrepreneur is also prospering in her career by expanding her business. She is also a role model for her three girls. The determination and hard work of Lisa Stelly is admirable.

Trivia and Facts

  • Lisa Stelly has 109K Instagram followers.
  • She is a 5SOS fan.
  • Stelly also owns a grey-colored cat.
  • She is close with Hilary Duff and Dylan Lujano.

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