Judy Goffman Cutler Biography - Museum Director

Judy Goffman Cutler Biography 2021 - Museum Director

Judy Goffman Cutler is not a new name in the art world. She is the co-founder of The National Museum Of American Illustration, a first-ever national museum created to feature American illustrations and artworks. Moreover, the museum houses the collections from The "Golden Age Of American Illustration"(1895-1945) to modern art.

The art dealer always had an eye for good art and painting. As a result, she began collecting artworks from artists and showcased them at her workplace. Moreover, the collector knew the art's intrinsic value, which wasn't realized by the public at that time. Her belief and determination have made her one of the greatest art collectors of all time.

Here, we will get to know about Judy Goffman Cutler's personal and professional affairs.

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Early Life And Family

The art lover was born in Woodbridge, Connecticut. She was born into a loving family with supportive parents. Additionally, the American art dealer was passionate about collecting paintings from a young age. She might have got that trait from her father or mother. However, there isn't much information regarding Judy Goffman Cutler's siblings.

Cutler completed her formal education in her hometown. She then enrolled at the University Of Pennsylvania for further studies. Moreover, the dealer received her Bachelor's degree in American Civilization. She also graduated with a master's degree in Education.

Judy Goffman Cutler Early Life

Judy Goffman Cutler is an early collector of original poster art, magazine covers, etc., who later collected art prints, advertising arts, and limited edition prints. Photo Source: Social Media.

Judy's scholarly background in fine arts made her realize the significance of American Illustration. Combining her love for art, she quickly began to collect many paintings. Furthermore, other dealers encouraged the businessperson to sell her art purchases and make a career out of them.

As a result, she eventually opened a small gallery and later became the art dealer of a national museum.

Judy Goffman Cutler Net Worth And Career

The art enthusiast has been part of the art world for more than four decades. On her journey, she interacted with many artists and sold more than thousands of artworks. So, Judy Goffman Cutler's net worth mainly comprises her earnings from her art dealings. Besides that, she has also worked as a museum curator, which adds to her total income.

Cutler has also written and co-authored over sixty exhibition catalogs and art books in her life. The sales of books also sum up her total worth. However, the art dealer hasn't revealed her income to the public.

Earnings From Art Career

Aforementioned, Judy Goffman Cutler was advised by dealers to begin an art dealer career in the 1960s. As a result, she opened an art gallery in Pennysylvania initially. Later, the curator founded the American Illustrators Gallery in 1965 in New York City. Moreover, it quickly began buying, selling, and exhibiting the illustrations right after its establishment.

During the 1960s and 1970s, many art critics didn't consider illustrations as art. As a result, there weren't many galleries that sold the illustrators' works. However, Judy was fascinated by the visual interpretation of text or concepts. As such, she began buying pictures from the art directors of the Saturday Evening Post.

The illustrators didn't care about their works after it was published in magazines. However, despite having no use, the media house's director saved their illustrations which Judy Cutler later bought. Furthermore, the latter also bought drawings from auctions, artists, and art dealers.

Judy Goffman Cutler's initial collections were from Howard Chandler Christy, Charles Dana Gibson, James Montgomery Flagg, Norman Rockwell, Howard Pyle, etc. Eventually, the gallery owner co-founded the National Museum of American Illustration with her partner in 1998.

Judy Goffman Cutler Net Worth

Judy Goffman Cutler established the National Museum of American Illustration to safeguard the historian illustrators works. Photo Source: Social Media.

The museum's major attractions are work from Maxfield Parrish, N.C. Wyeth, J.C. Leyendecker, Elizabeth Shippen Green, Violet Oakley, etc. Most of these artists' illustrations are in high demand among the customers. Moreover, the museum owner sold Rockwell's The Rookie for $699K in the 1990s, which was resold for $22.5 million in 2014. She also earned $7.6 million for Parrish's Daybreak in 2006.

However, at present, the curator has decided not to sell any of Rockwell's and Parrish's paintings. She has also transferred ownership of many illustrations from her gallery to the museum. Additionally, none of those works are up for sale.

Thus, Judy Goffman Cutler's net worth must have increased with the sales of these art pieces over the years. Moreover, she is also the director of the American Illustratos Gallery. Therefore her salary must be substantial.

Income As An Author

Aforementioned, the art enthusiast has also authored many art-related books in her career. She has also collaborated with other writers. Moreover, Judy Goffman Cutler's books depict the history of early American illustrators. They also feature the artworks of mentioned artists. Additionally, Judy's works are published by Bison Books, Brompton Books, Gramercy Books, Thunder Bay Press, Wellfleet Press, etc.

Cutler has published more than sixty printed works. Some of the books' prices are listed below.

Books Prices
Norman Rockwell & His Contemporaries $125.10 Paperback
Maxfield Parrish (Fine Art Series) $22.64 Hardcover
J.C. Leyendecker: American Imagist $39.95 Hardcover
Norman Rockwell's America $19.98 Paperback
Norman Rockwell's America...In England $30.45 Paperback

The author's books are famous for their detailed research on historic illustrators. They also make good sales in the market. As such, Judy Goffman Cutler's total worth must have risen alongside her books' popularity.

Married And A Loving Mother To Her Children

The art dealer has also been successful in her marital life alongside her career. However, her first marriage with late Alan M. Goffman was a failure. Additionally, she found a perfect partner who shares similar interests as her on the second try. As a result, after the divorce, Judy Goffman Cutler tied the knot with Laurence S. Cutler in 1995.

The latter is a Harvard graduate in architecture and urban design. In addition, he is the CEO of the National Museum of American Illustration.

The pair grew up together in Woodbridge and have known each other their whole lives. But their friendship only turned into a romance later. Moreover, Judy Goffman Cutler's husband, Laurence S. Cutler, wasn't interested in illustration artwork. But, he was inspired by his wife's efforts and love for the art and joined her.

Judy Goffman Cutler Husband

Judy Goffman Cutler's husband, Laurence S. Cutler, has co-written many art books alongside her. Photo Source: Social Media.

The American dealer also has two children from her previous marriage. Judy Goffman Cutler's daughter, Jennifer Paige Goffman, graduated from Trinity College in Hartford. Furthermore, she is married to Jon Greenawalt Jr.

The art lover is currently enjoying a comfortable life with her spouse Laurence S. Cutler. She is still supervising the artworks in the museum and gallery. Even after all these years, Judy Goffman Cutler is still passionate about art, paintings, and illustrations.

Trivia And Facts

  • Judy Goffman Cutler is the co-founder of The Alliance for Art and Architecture.
  • She is an advisory director to ARTShows and Products, Corp.(ASaP).
  • She is a close friend of actress Whoopi Goldberg.

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