Erik Chandler Biography 2022 - Musician And Former Bowling for Soup Bassist

Erik Chandler Biography - Musician And Former Bowling for Soup Bassist

Erik Chandler is a former bassist of the hit band Bowling For Soup. Image Source: Erik's Facebook.

Erik Chandler is a famous American musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. Erik's fame is mainly attributed to his affiliation with the renowned indie rock band Bowling for Soup. He was a bassist alongside band members Jaret ReddickChris BurneyGary Wiseman, Lance Morrill, and Rob Felicetti.

Erik rolled with the band he helped form for over twenty-four years before leaving the group on good terms to focus on his solo music career. The musician is a Grammy-nominated artist and has helped his band to produce hit albums such as Bowling for Soup, Rock on Honorable Ones, Let's Do It for Johnny, Drunk Enough to Dance, A Hangover You Don't Deserve, Sorry for Partying, Fishin' for Woos, Drunk Dynasty, etc. Let us know more about Erik Chandler's biography and net worth.

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Early Life and Family

Erik was born on December 22, 1974, in Henrietta, Texas. He was raised alongside his sister by his parents, whom the singer has not revealed any information about yet. Though his fame has skyrocketed since his band formation, the singer has been very secretive about his family and has decided to keep them away from the spotlight.

Erik Chandler Biography And Family.

Erik Chandler loves to spend time with his family. Image Source: Erik's Instagram.

However, the bassist has also expressed how his profession has kept him away from his family, attending tours and concerts throughout his career. Despite the physical distance between them, Erik loves them more than anything and has also shared pictures of his father on his Instagram. He attended Henrietta High School in his native hometown in Texas. He played instruments while still in his school alongside his friend Chris Burney and later joined Bowling For Soup, which earned him wide fame and fortune.


A music enthusiast from a young age, Erik Chandler quickly rose to prominence with his musical talent. In his early days, he formed a band with his friend Chris called the Folkadots before forming Bowling for Soup. Erik performed as a bass player and backing vocalist for the band while also playing acoustic guitars. He started performing fully with the band in 1993, playing in various venues across Texas. The band was officially formed in 1994 and produced many hits albums and songs, which increased Erik's fame. 

The bassist was able to credit himself with some hit albums alongside Bowling for Soup and has also been nominated for a Grammy. Erik produced ten studio albums, two live albums, 3 EPs, and 18 singles. His music career has helped Erik have a steady income. Their album A Hangover You Don't Deserve has been certified gold by RIAA and silver by BPI alongside their 2002 music album Drunk Enough to Dance which has also been certified silver by BPI. As mentioned before, Erik produced 18 singles with Bowling for soup. Here are some of their hit singles alongside their peak chart positions in different countries.

Single Year Album Certifications US UK AUS
Girl All The Bad Guys Want 2002 Drunk Enough To Dance
  • RIAA: Gold
  • BPI: Gold
64  8    -
1985 2004 A Hangover You Don't Deserve
  • RIAA:2× Platinum
  • BPI: Silver
23 35 22
Almost 2005 A Hangover You Don't Deserve
  • RIAA: Gold
46 100   -
High School Never Ends 2006 The Great Burrito Extortion Case
  • RIAA: Gold
97 40   -

Erik's success with the band has helped him earn widespread fame and fortune. Following their singles' success, Erik worked with his band on various soundtracks for many hit TV shows, commercials, animations, and films. It wouldn't be an understatement to think that at least everyone who watched TV in the early 2000s has heard at least one of their songs.

Erik, along with his band, developed various soundtracks and theme songs for shows like Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Malcolm in the Middle, Drew Carey Show, Scooby-Doo 2, DisneyMania 3, Sky High, Ice Age 2, Phineas and Ferb, Shrek Forever After, Get Ed The Movie, etc.

Erik Chandler Biography And Net Worth.

Erki Chandler was a member of the band Bowling For Soup for over 24 years. Image Source: Erik's Facebook.

Erik's contribution to such hit shows and movies has undoubtedly added to his fortune. In 2019, Erik left the band on good terms after spending almost two and half decades with the Texan group. He went on to release his one solo album called The Truth with thirteen songs.

Erik Chandler's Net Worth And Earnings

Well, there are multiple sites that suggest Erik Chandler's net worth to be of a grand sum.  According to Net Worth Post, Erik Chandler has a net worth of $300K. However, other sites suggest his wealth to be over a million dollars.

The musician has sold hit songs with his band's lead singer Jaret Reddick, Gary Wiseman, and Christy Darlington called "SUV" and "Girls + Summer = Fun!" which were released digitally. The indie band has sold over a million albums throughout its career. Listed below are some of their albums alongside their respective prices listed on Amazon.

Albums CD Mp3
Drunk Enough To Dance $22.85 $9.99
A Hangover You Don't Deserve       - $9.99
Bowling For Soup Goes To The Movies $24.99 $9.99
Sorry for Partyin'       - $9.99
Some People Actually Liked $16.42 $8.99
Lunch Drunk Love $969 $9.49
Let's Do It For Johnny $18 $9.99
Drunk Dynasty $20.74 $8.99
High School Never Ends $12.99 $1.29
Fishin' For Woos $32.99 $8.99

Aforementioned, Bowling For Soup has sold over a million albums which have undoubtedly helped Erik Chandler get his fair share of the total earnings. His contribution to Bowling for Soup for 24 years must have certainly increased his income. Alongside their album and singles sales, music bands also receive royalties from other corporations' use of their music. Though Erik is no longer a band member, we can be sure that the talented musician will continue to make hits. 

It is certain that the group members receive a certain amount of money to this day from their past projects. As stated earlier, many sites online have determined Erik Chandler's net worth but have failed to present any factual data. However, with such an active history and passion for music, we can be sure that the musician has earned a lot of money throughout his career. 

Relationship and Children

Erik Chandler's relationship history has been a mystery for his fans. However, the American bassist has shared pieces of his family pictures on his social handles. For now, the musician seems to be in love with his secret partner but has decided not to reveal her to the spotlight. As many people know Erik as a humble and awesome person, we are sure his significant also thinks the same. He updated his relationship status on Facebook on April 7, 2019, which reflects on his newfound love.

Erik Chandler Relationship and Children.

Erik Chandler loves to spend time with his family and daughter. Image Source: Erik's Facebook.

Furthermore, Erik also shares a daughter with his secret wife, who is named Abby Chandler by the couple. The musician also has her name tattooed on his arm and has shared it on his Instagram. Erik loves his bundle of joy, who is now a married woman herself and seems to have a perfect relationship with her. Erik Chandler's daughter, Abby Luig, is married to Ryan Luig, who is a coffee enthusiast. 


  • Erik also performed with a side band called Malibu Classic alongside Bowling For Soup.
  • He has 3.3K followers on his Instagram but has not been active lately.
  • He currently resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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