Claudio Carlos Basso Biography 2024 - Photographer And Monica Bellucci's Ex-husband

Claudio Carlos Basso Biography - Photographer And Monica Bellucci's Ex-husband

Claudio Carlos Basso is a renowned professional photographer, who is also known as ex-husband of Italian actress Monica Bellucci. Image Source: Social Media.

Claudio Carlos Basso's keen eye, mastery of detail, and immense aptitude to take stunning timeless photos made him a legend in fashion publishing. Well, to be precise, it's just the way he does things, the professional photographer brings out the artists within. Not to mention he is a known name in the fashion publishing world.

To say more, Claudio Basso is also known as the former partner of beautiful Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci. So let's get to know a little more about the professional photographer Claudio, who is famous for his excellent picture-taking skills.

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Claudio Is A Follower Of Buddhism

Claudio Carlos Basso was born in 1959 in Paris. After his birth, Claudio's parents moved to Argentina, then to Italy, where he spent his childhood in Portofino's little fishing community. Besides, the top photographer is a Buddhist and believes in scenic beauty. Growing up in a culture-rich country like Italy, indeed had a huge impact on the photographer.

On being asked, the fashion photographer said that his mother gave him a Russian copy of a 14 Rolleiflex camera for his fourteenth birthday. And, thus grew the passion of becoming a photographer.

Claudio Carlos Basso Net Worth & Career

Claudio Carlos Basso was approached by a seasoned racer who also happened to be a very famous fashion photographer. Thereafter, the artist moved to Milan and worked as an assistant for a tiny salary.

At the age of 21, the lensman received his big break. Alberto Nodolini, the legendary art director of Italian Vogue, mentored a number of outstanding photographers, including young Claudio. Subsequently, the photographist moved to Paris four years later. Next, he moved to London, then Monte Carlo, after making a name for himself on the pages of French fashion magazines.

According to research, photographers in France make up to $30K on average. However, it could go as highest as $46K. Hence, we can assume during his initial years Claudio's earnings also might have been the same.

Monica Bellucci's ex-husband's work appeared on the covers and pages of American Vogue, New York Woman, French Elle, Italian Vogue, Vanity, Bazaar, Amica, and Grazia. To say Claudio's life was high-paced would be an understatement. Claudio Carlos Basso's net worth was not only surrounded by big dollars but also attractive celebrities.

Claudio Carlos Basso Net Worth

Claudio Carlos Basso, also recognized for being Monica Bellucci's ex-husband has his work flaunted on the covers and pages of American Vogue, and Italian Vogue. Image Source: Social Media.

To take a break from fast-driven life, the Paris-born artist went to Australia and ended up staying there for five years. Later he dropped his skilled profession and took a deep dive into the film world. Moreover, Claudio won the International Mobius Award for Outstanding Creativity. 

Eventually, adding to his plate, Monica Bellucci's ex-husband launched Renovance, a series of fashion photography courses that gathered ambitious artists from all over the world. To elaborate a little, this was the program with the span of 2 days. Its charges were stated to be around $599 inclusive of breakfast, and lunch. Hence, we presume it must have helped his earnings to rise more.

Moving further, the artist credits his trip to Westport, Connecticut, as a deep influence on his perspective of leading a life. As Claudio was astonished by looking at the beautiful scenarios that nature has to offer. Hence, he also explored the artistry world of portraits and fine arts.

For his nature collection, the portrait lover chooses to work in a monochromatic color scheme. According to him, the lesser the colors, the more would be the emotional connection with the photos.

Nevertheless, we believe the nature lover artist Claudio Carlos Basso's net worth would be as influential as his portraits are. 

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Was Married to Italian Model And Actress Monica Bellucci

Cut to the chase, it is not officially revealed, how the former partners met. But since Claudio is a fashion photographer, and Monica Bellucci was a model, there are good chances, the pair would have met each other during one of the photoshoots.

Before moving any further, you might already be familiar with Monica Bellucci, whose birth name is Monica Anna Maria Bellucci, the Italian actress and, model, with a net worth of $45 million. She began her career as a model, worked for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Dior, before moving on to Italian films, and then American and French films.

Anyways, It seems, things sparked between the gorgeous couple which resulted in the union of two beautiful souls.

The Italian duo tied the knot on 3rd January 1990. However, it seems, with the speed their love had blossomed, in a similar way it faded out as well in no time. Hence the pair called it quits, just after eighteen months of getting married. Alike any other celebrity couple, the former partners too kept everything low profile and didn't disclose the reason for their separation.

Later, Claudio Carlos Basso's met her second husband, Vincent Cassel, the French actor with a net worth of $40 million. The model met him on the set of the film The Apartment. The couple tied the knot three years later after dating in 1999. Nevertheless, the pair have also parted ways.

Moreover, Claudio has kept his personal life hidden from the public eye. He has not stated whether or not if he has remarried following his divorce from Monica Bellucci. Claudio has likewise remained silent about his girlfriend or the fact that he is single.

Did Claudio Basso Have Any Child With His Ex-Wife?

It is worth noting that, during the time of being together, the now estranged duo never had any children. Though the actress didn't have any child with her first husband, Claudio's ex-wife gave birth to two children with Vincent Cassel. Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel's daughters are Deva Cassel and Leonie Cassel.

Claudio Carlos Basso' former wife Monica Bellucci's Children

Claudio Carlos Basso's ex wife Monica Bellucci is a mother of two daughters with her former husband, Vincent Cassel. Image Source: Social Media.

Claudio is a minimalist who appreciates nature's calm beauty, a far change from his previous life of glitz and grandeur. He continues his search for truth and beauty in nature and in his art, content with his existence as a Buddhist.


  • Claudio is a proficient speaker of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English.
  • He seems to be less active on social media.

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