Annie Bakes Biography 2022 - Former Model And Dennis Rodman's Ex-wife

Annie Bakes Biography - Former Model And Dennis Rodman's Ex-wife

Annie Bakes is a popular former adult model best recognized as the ex-wife of Dennis Rodman. Image Source: Social Media.

Basketball fan or not, the name Dennis Keith Rodman, aka Dennis Rodman, needs no introduction. Rodman, who is known for his on-court defensive and rebounding abilities, has solidly anchored himself in the hearts of his admirers. However, apart from his very successful career, the NBA star has also been shoved into the media for his troublesome behavior and failed relationship with Annie Bakes.

Dennis Rodman's ex-wife is an American former adult model and author. However, Annie is best recognized as the ex-spouse of an NBA player, actor, and wrestler. With her beautiful looks and impressive physique, Bakes has attracted a large following. 

Naturally, many people are curious about Annie Bakes' whereabouts, which is precisely what we shall be doing in this biography.

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Annie Bakes' Childhood And Family

Born on February 26, 1965, Ankica Bakes was raised by her parents in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Bakes' family frequently moved when she was a child, making it difficult for her to make friends. However, apart from this tidbit, information regarding Bakes' childhood is non-existent. 

Annie Bakes' Childhood.

Annie Bakes has kept a low profile when it comes to her childhood, consequently little is known about her upbringing and early life. Image Source: Social Media.

Moreover, the model has been tight-lipped about the identities of her parents. Consequently, the whereabouts of Annie Bakes' parents and family are unknown. Similarly, there is little to no information on whether she has any siblings.

Rodman's ex-wife did begin her modeling career at a considerably young age. So we can assume that Annie's parents were supportive of their daughter and that she was raised in a loving family.

Similarly, the model's family and parents must be pretty proud of her achievements. We hope that as time passes, Annie Bakes will reveal some, if not all, details about her early life.

Annie Bakes Net Worth and Career

As mentioned before, Annie Bakes began her career at a very young age. Annie started modeling for printing companies at the age of 16, but as soon as she turned 18, she switched to adult modeling and began posing for lingerie and swimwear.

Annie became the most sought-after model in a short period, owing to her exquisite looks and incredible physique. Unfortunately, while at the height of fame, the model was involved in a car accident, leaving her with injuries and scars. Consequently, following the accident, her modeling career came to an end in 1986.

Nonetheless, the model started working at nightclubs as a means to earn a living. Unfortunately, little is known regarding Dennis Rodman's ex-wife's earnings while working in nightclubs, but based on her appearance and fitness, we may infer she was well compensated.

Annie Bakes' Net Worth After Her Divorce

Furthermore, following her divorce from the former professional basketball player, the former NBA wife appeared on Pawn Stars in 2012. She sold Rodman's jersey for $4,300 in the episode, down from its original worth of roughly $8000, to help pay for her daughter's tuition. As a result, there's a chance Bakes' net worth wasn't as significant as most people imagine.

Let us take a look at the clip where the ex-wife sells her former partner's belongings.

In addition, the stunning model published a book in 1997 called Worse Than He Says He Is: My Walk On The Wild Side With Dennis Rodman. However, the title of the book was later changed to White Girls Don't Bounce.

The book currently sells for $5.99 on Amazon and has received a lot of positive feedback. So naturally, while it might come as a surprise to many, Annie Bakes' net worth is composed of more than simply her earnings as a model and nightclub worker.

Where Does Annie Bakes Work Now?

While most people would use the popularity that came with a tumultuous divorce from a well-known celebrity, Bakes preferred to disappear from the spotlight completely. Consequently, information regarding what transitioned after her split with the basketball player is unknown. 

However, according to Bakes' Facebook profile, she currently works for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Based on the job position, employees at PETA are paid anything from $32,013 to $68,310 per year, with the average salary being $61,556.

Annie Bakes' Net Worth

Annie Bakes' net worth from her profession as a PETA employee must be sufficient to support her and her daughter comfortably. Image Source: Annie Bakes Facebook.

However, given that Annie is raising her daughter on her own, we may expect Bakes' earnings to be sufficient to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Nonetheless, she might release another book or try her hand in a completely different sector in the future, which could boost her fortune. For the time being, we wish the former model all the best in her future endeavors.

Annie Bakes' Marriage With Dennis Rodman And Kids

Anyone familiar with the former model is very well aware of her relationship drama with the professional basketball player Dennis Rodman. The ex-pair met in a nightclub in 1987, where the former model instantly fell in love with the former NBA player. 

Annie gave birth to her first and only daughter Alexis Rodman in 1988, just a year after they started dating. Following the birth of her child, the former love-smitten pair tied the knot in 1992.

Annie Bakes' Ex-Husband Dennis Rodman.

Annie Bakes was previously married to Dennis Rodman and together they have a daughter named Alexis. Image Source: Social Media.

However, like most celebrity marriages, Bakes' marriage with Dennis Rodman was also short-lived, and only after a year of their marriage decided to separate. However, even before the divorce, the ex-couple were facing problems in their relationships. 

The former model claims that Dennis cheated on her and made her go through multiple abortions. Furthermore, after catching an STD from her ex-husband and Rodman denying to take an STD test, trouble multiplied between the two, leading to the divorce.

However, there were rumors that the two had reconciled for the sake of their daughter. Still, the stories were put to rest when Annie Bakes' ex-husband married Carmen Electra.

Who Is Annie Bakes' Dating Now?

While Annie was previously seen attending awards ceremonies with her then-husband, she has remained out of the spotlight following her divorce and has opted to live a calm life away from the media.

As a result, little is known about Bakes' dating life after her divorce. Nonetheless, sources claim that the former model is currently dating a policeman. Unfortunately, Annie has not made any comments about her relationship status, so she may be keeping her relationship away from the media.

Another celebrity wife who has chosen to remain away from the media following her divorce is Jill Diven.

While the model and author may or may not be dating anyone new, her ex-husband has been through two more divorces and is now a father of two, Trinity Rodman and DJ Rodman.

Regardless, we hope the rumors are accurate and that the former adult model has found her future husband. For the time being, Dennis Rodman's ex-wife is enjoying life with their daughter, and we wish them nothing but happiness.

Trivia and Facts

  • Annie is not a fan of social media and is only active on Facebook, which she rarely uses.
  • Bakes' ex-husband was once discovered in his car with a gun, which the basketball player subsequently explained was there so he could take his own life.
  • Her former spouse once attacked a cameraman during one of his games.

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