Anna Loginova Biography 2022 - Model And Bodyguard

Anna Loginova Biography - Model And Bodyguard

Anna Loginova was a famous Russian model who, later became a professional bodyguard. Photo Source: Social Media.

Anna Loginova was one of the famous Russian models of all time. She was known for her beautiful physical appearance and glamourous look in the media. Moreover, the media personality posed for notable brands and companies throughout her career years. She was featured on the covers of many magazines.

The model was also known for her entrepreneurial journey in Russia. She opened a security firm staffed with female bodyguards in the early 00s. Furthermore, the company provided security to all of the clients with a primary focus on women. As a result, many celebrities hired bodyguards from the company over its running course.

Here, we will go through Anna Loginova's life events.

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Early Life And Family

The social personality was born on September 3, 1978, in Vladimir, Russia. She was born into a humble family in a small village. Moreover, Anna Loginova's mother mainly raised her whereas, her father was an alcoholic who left his family. Likewise, she seems to be the only child of her parents.

Anna Loginova Mother

Anna Loginova's mother always supported her career choice. Photo Source: Social Media.

The businesswoman received her formal education in her hometown. Although she grew up in a low economic family, she had big dreams of becoming a successful person in the future. However, the media personality only began her modeling career in her late twenties. Still, she made her name as one of the top models in a short period.

Anna Loginova Net Worth And Career

The bodyguard gained wide recognition in both the modeling and the business world. As a result, the fashionista earned both fame and wealth. So, Anna Loginova's net worth mainly comprised her earnings from her fashion and entrepreneurial career. It included her income from photoshoots, runway walks, salary, and commission fees.

However, the Russian native hadn't revealed her income to the public. Still, with such wide popularity, she must have made a fortune from her career.

Earnings From Modeling Career

Aforementioned, Anna Loginova began her career as a fashion model. Despite having a late start, she was extremely hard working and serious about her work. Moreover, the artist was initially stiff on her photoshops as a newcomer. But, she quickly became adaptive to her new surroundings.

The gorgeous model's agency assigned her a fashionable and charismatic image. As such, her photos mostly depict her sharp facial features and rarely show her smiles. Furthermore, the Vladimir native quickly became popular in the media after few photoshoots. She was both talented and humble, which resulted in her gaining the audience's admiration.

Many popular Russian brands hired Anna Loginova for their advertisement campaigns. She became a brand name for Chanel and BMW. Moreover, the model worked hard to get success in the industry. For instance, she took an advanced driving course while advertising for BMW.

Loginova also adorned the covers of men's magazines in her career. For example, she posed for the Russian version of Maxim in their December issue. Additionally, Anna's photos went viral after the publication due to her little clothing. Afterward, she quit modeling and went on to open her own agency.

Although her fashion career was short, the Russian beauty was one of the top models of her time. As such, Anna Loginova's net worth must have had risen throughout her modeling career.

Income From Business

Aforementioned, the former model was inspired to open her security firm during her modeling years. She realized her passion for guns and fast driving at the shooting range. Afterward, the fashion icon became determined to learn those skills professionally. She was further encouraged by her friend to set up a bodyguard agency.

In the aftermath, Anna Loginova took courses and opened her agency called Stilet in 2005. It means dagger in Russian and also partly indicates stiletto heels. Moreover, the businesswoman's motive behind opening the all-women bodyguard firm was to outsmart the attackers in a dangerous situation. She was sure that a woman would be a hidden weapon who can use her charm to distract the criminals and disarm them.

Loginova recruited and trained her employees herself. She also worked as a bodyguard herself. Furthermore, Stilet quickly gained recognition in Russia. It was hugely successful in its ideology as women bodyguards are less noticeable than their male counterparts. As a result, many billionaires and celebrities hired female professionals to guard their wives and mistresses.

Anna Loginova Net Worth

Anna Loginova looked unharmful but was a strong bodyguard, who could disarm attackers within minutes. Photo Source: Social Media.

The security guard worked with many famous personalities as a professional bodyguard. One of her alleged clients is Kostya Tszyu, the Russian-Australian former pro boxer. Moreover, the rumor surfaced after Anna was photographed behind the athlete carrying a samurai sword and guarding him. However, the information's credibility isn't precisely known.

Still, as a professional security force, the media personality's reputation was considered one of the best in Russia. Moreover, she was a courageous and strong person. So, during her business career, Anna Loginova must have made a good income.

Anna Loginova Relationship And Children

Before modeling, the fashion model was busy with her family responsibilities in her hometown. Moreover, Anna became a mother earlier in her life. Therefore, she spent few years raising her son before traveling to Moscow to become a model. Furthermore, Anna Loginova's son Kiril was left with his grandmother during that time.

Anna Loginova Son, Kiril

Anna Loginova always made time for her son Kiril, despite having a busy schedule. Photo Source: Social Media.

There is no mention of Anna Loginova's husband in the media. She might have been a single mother. In addition, Anna was more focused on her career and her son's upbringing, so she rarely dated anyone. There was also no news of her alleged boyfriends in the media.

The media person often visited her family in her free time. She also used to send letters and gifts to her son on many occasions. Despite being far from her child, Anna Loginova was very dedicated to his well-being.

Anna Loginova's Tragic Ending

The socialite had a prosperous career going on in the late 00s when suddenly a tragic incident occurred. She drove her Porsche Cayenne to purchase a cat from a particular place on January 27, 2008. However, when the bodyguard stopped at a crossing, she was suddenly dragged out of her car by a stranger. Furthermore, the carjacker drove off the car with her clinging to its door handle.

Afterward, the former model gave a chase for several meters before eventually releasing her hands. At that time, she hit her head on an asphalt road and died of severe head injuries. Her body was later found in the evening by the officers. Moreover, the Porsche was later found abandoned in southeast Moscow.

It was not the first carjacking incident for Anna Loginova. Few months before her demise, the businessperson's car keys were nearly stolen by a thief. However, she instinctively performed jujitsu and slammed him down on the ground. Sadly, Loginova wasn't lucky the second time.

In Russia, carjacking was an ordinary crime, and thieves stole many cars daily in the early 00s. Therefore, it was hazardous to drive expensive cars on the road. Moreover, many people were victims of car robbery during that period. Unfortunately for Anna Loginova, the crime cost her life.

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Trivia And Facts

  • Anna Loginova's life story is depicted in Mark Ames' book The Life And Murder Of Anna Loginova.
  • Her demise made headlines in Russia and internationally.
  • After her tragic ending, she was often criticized for choosing her car over her life in the Russian media.

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